Center Songhai Liberia Makes Steady Progress in Revitalization


In a bid to enhance agri-business in Liberia, the Center Songhai Liberia (CSL) has made some steady progress in its revitalization program at the entity’s Bensonville’s training center in Montserrado County.

This assertion was made on Monday by the National Program Director (NPD) in an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer at the Bensonville head-office of the CSL.

Mr. Christopher K. Fayia of the CSL was quick to point out that in order to jumpstart the vital agric-business program, the center needs US$1.7 million dollars to enhance extensive training.

CSL’s National Program Director made the disclosure after briefing the Chairperson, Mrs. Clavenda Parker, and her team at the Bensonville Head-office on the operations agric-business training center.

Already, Director Fayia disclosed that a huge portion of the CSL’s land had been brushed, burnt and cultivated for the planting of a variety of foods and cash crops.

“We are indeed facing daunting challenges and constraints owing to lack of funds to carry out structured plans crafted and designed for the training of Liberian farmers in several economic areas,” Director Fayia asserted.

He also disclosed that the CSL Board of Directors is enthusiastic about the economic and logistical empowerment of the agric-business training center in Bensonville, outside Monrovia.

Among the crops being planted is the famous and high yielding Nerica-8 rice multiplied at the Central Agriculture Research Institute (CARI) in Suakoko, Bong County.

Others crops under cultivation include, corn, beans, okra and many others that are essential needs of Liberians and foreign residents in all parts of the country.

Director Fayia intimated that the current program being carried out comes as an initial mobilization of funds by members of the CSL’s Board of Directors and other generous support partners in the country.

Some of the funds are being used to rehabilitate the prospective farmers’ dormitories for both men and women for the forth-coming training session at the CSL’s center in Bensonville.

Director Fayia also indicated that malfunctioned machines used three years ago for the training of outgoing farmers are been gradually rehabilitated for the up-coming training program at the CSL.

At the same time, the Director disclosed that the Center Songhai Liberia’s official activities are now being  handled by the regional Center Songhai in Cotonu, Benin as a matter of ensuring the viability of the program in Liberia in years to come.

He described agric-business as critical to Liberia’s socio-economic viability and sustained development, growth and progress in the country.

He extended thanks and appreciation to members of Board of Directors and other partners for the level concern and support to the ongoing program being carried out at the CSL in Bensonville.

Besides, Director Fayia indicated that Center Songhai Benin has posted two and professional trainers at the Bensonville’s CSL’s training Center in Liberia to buttress the current farming and capacity building initiatives in Liberia.

Earlier, during a tour of the current agric-business cultivated farm area, CSL’s Board Chairperson, Madam Clavenda Parker, urged staff and employees of the institution to fast-track the rehabilitation of some machines in order to generate money to run the program.

Chairperson Parker underscored the need for the encouragement in the staff and workforce of the CSL in order to ensure efficiency and effective coordination.

She promised to communicate and meet senior members of the Liberian Government and other relevant support partners in order to encourage them to place priority on the implementation of CSL’s programs in the country.

In closing, Chairperson Parker thanked the staff and employees for their level of commitment in ensuring the initial implementation of the current program at the CSL in Bensonville.


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