Consider Liberia A ‘Common Denominator’

CENPID officials at the ceremony

CENPID urges Liberians

The leadership of the Center for the Promotion of Intellectual Development (CENPID) yesterday called on representatives of political parties to consider Liberia as their ‘common denominator’ that must come first above all else during and after the elections.

This phase, according to the CENPID release, means Liberians must remain united, taking into consideration the development agenda.

The CENPID call comes in the wake of the ongoing official campaign, which authorities at the National Elections Commission (NEC) declared officially opened on Monday, July 31, and will end at midnight on October 8.

The advocacy and intellectual group believes that as the representatives and presidential elections draw nearer, Liberians, especially the youth, should conduct themselves in an orderly manner void of confusion to determine the future of the country for the next six years.

The release said the creation of multiple political parties in the country is healthy for the country’s democracy.

While the group welcomes political pluralism, it warned that opposing parties should remain cognizant of the multiplicity of political parties, adding that multi-party democracy is a good sign for Liberia’s peace.

CENPID called on stakeholders, including the electorates, to avoid confusion and violence, which have the undertone of creating chaos during and after the elections.

The release said that as Liberia prepares to go to the polls, ” all citizens should be aware of their role as voters who are expected to vote their conscience and consider Liberia as the only beacon of hope.”


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