CENPID Pledges Support for CoC, Prez. Sirleaf


 The senior moderator of Liberia’s oldest intellectual center, the Center for the Promotion of Intellectual Development (CENPID), has pledged support for the controversial Code of Conduct in its totality, as well as the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold it as law. CENPID was established in 1992 as a social gathering and later became part of the civil society organization network in Liberia.

Anthony D. Lander, who made a special statement at the program marking the official gowning ceremony of Mitchell Jones, Board Chairman of the institution, said the Code of Conduct is law and as such, all citizens must abide by it regardless of their political differences.

“We want to use this occasion to call on all citizens to respect the rule of law that governs the state, and we also support the National Elections Commission’s (NEC) 10-year residency clause for all political aspirants,” Lander said.

The CENPID senior moderator also called on Liberians not to argue against the law because it disqualifies political aspirants from running for office in the upcoming elections.

Mr. Lander: “We want all citizens to remain within the confines of the law”

Lander also expressed CENPID’s satisfaction with statements emanating from NEC that it will fully enforce all laws, including the Code of Conduct.

He thanked President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for the 12 years of peace that the country has enjoyed and also for employing several individuals from the center to various positions in government.

“We wish to assure Madam President that we began the government together and will end it together,”Lander added.

In his statement of appreciation to the center, Mr. Jones thanked the members  for the honor bestowed on him.

“If you commit yourself to the uplift of this institution,  then provide good advice to the leadership, whatever leadership of today or the future, to do it right,” Jones said.

He added, “there is no one that will be respected, if that person does not respect others.”

“I am being honored because of how I respect others. I love CENPID and I have provided all of my services and will continue to do so, until death do us part,” Jones declared to a round of applause.


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