CENPID Challenges Liberians

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The leadership of a local pro-democracy group, Center for the Promotion of Intellectual Development (CENPID), has challenged Liberians to practice accountability and transparency to ensure maximum trust and confidence in their undertakings.

CENPID’s challenge was contained in a report the leadership submitted to over 500 of its members at a recent gathering in Monrovia in observance of its 23rd anniversary.

Mr. Anthony D. Lander, one of CENPID’s executive members said it is a known fact that corrupt practices permeate Liberian society resulting in flagrant violation of accountability and transparency measures whenever public funds are entrusted to those in leadership.

“History making is not how old one is or how long one has lived, but what actions one has or is currently undertaking particularly in this conservative generation that is full of indiscipline, coordinated by a deliberate culture of corruption,” Mr. Lander said.

He added that since CENPID’s new leadership took over four months ago, they have striven to exercise transparency and remain accountable to their members with a maxim borrowed from President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that “corruption remains public enemy number one,” adding that “it will have no place in CENPID.”

Mr. Lander said with such a promise, CENPID’s executive committee acquired its Articles of Incorporation, rewrote its Constitution, opened two separate bank accounts, one in the U.S. and the other in Liberian dollars, creating a website, among other actions aimed at demonstrating transparency.

Effective next academic year CENPID will start providing scholarships to its members, Mr. Lander announced.

“We thank all of our members for their individual and or collective efforts to keep the entity functional. We urge them to (continue to) strive for CENPID’s development,” he said.

He warned members against the habit of using CENPID’s services for free because “using services for free creates mistrust that could lead to the use of materials and monies intended for projects for personal aggrandizement.”

CENPID was established in 1992 as the first pro-democracy intellectual center. On the organization’s agenda of activities is serving as a platform for debates on national and societal issues as they relate to Liberia’s growing democracy.


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