Celebrating God’s Favor at 64 and 80

Eminent sons of Crozierville, Reginald Holder and Kenneth Y. Best, gowned at the celebration by their children, respectively

Reggie Holder, Ken Best Celebrate Birthdays in Crozierville

Crozierville, the hometown of veteran Liberian journalist Kenneth Y. Best (KYB) and businessman Reginald Holder, was a scene of jubilation on Sunday, October 28, when several individuals, including family members and friends of Mr. Best turned out in their numbers to celebrate their 80th and 64th birth anniversary, respectively.

Immersed in the pool of love and God’s favor, KYB held the hand of his Church mate, Reginald Holder, whose birthday was on Thursday, October 24, in a highly spirited and grand celebration of their natal days at Christ Episcopal Church, Crozierville.

At the Church, the two honorees were blessed with the living word from the book of St. Mark 10:46-52, administered by The Reverend Father Slewion P. Lewis.

On the theme, “When Jesus Intervenes,” Fr. Lewis said: “As it was in the case of Bartimaeus, the blind man who received his sight by persistently calling on Jesus to intervene in his case, Best and Holder should continue to seek God’s intervention through Jesus Christ.”

In his direct admonishment to the celebrants, Fr. Lewis said their ages should not be seen as periods nearing extinction, but as moments renewed with agility, resourcefulness, and vigor to see them sail through many more areas of success.

“With Jesus’ intervention in your lives, you are heroes and countless battles you shall win and continue to win as you further impact the lives of your loved ones, and those who are even strangers to you,” he told them.

Fr. Lewis said that it is only God who will reward in fullness Messrs Best and Holder for their immense contributions to Christ Episcopal Church and the many people who came and continue to come in touch with them.

“Even though you are good, people still say the worst things about you. They gossip and tear you apart with their mouths, but God who is your strength and pillar is always ready to fill your cups from which your kind gestures have spilled to those in need but also silent enemies,” he said to the delight of the congregation that responded with resounding “amen”!

Fr. Lewis said that with Jesus’ intervention in the lives of Best and Holder, the transformation is always certain, and those who once despised them will bow at all times to both of them and God shall lift them high up.

Mr. Holder said he was short of words to express his gratitude to God for being in the company of Mr. Best, whom he referred to as a general and a winner of difficult battles.

In a related development, Daily Observer reporter Gloria Tamba, shares the October 28 natal day with Mr. Best, this being her 25th birth anniversary.

“I am so happy that my boss has come to see his 80th birthday in good health. I am also happy that, with all said and done, God is in control of his life and He will continue to support him even beyond the age of 100,” Tamba said.

About the coincidence of having her birthday fall on the same date as Mr. Best’s, Tamba said it is a blessing and a great privilege for her from God.

“Working with Mr. Best for the past six years means a lot to me. I have learned a lot and through his mentorship, I have been able to move forward, where I am glad that my life is improving at a very good pace,” she said.

Following the church event, the celebration continued with an outdoor reception at the grounds of the Crozierville Town Hall, and speeches from some of Liberia’s eminent personalities.

Among those present at Sunday’s ceremony, were Cllr. Winston Tubman; Senators Varney Sherman and Conmany Wesseh; former Press Union of Liberia president, James C. Dennis; former Minister of Education, Madam Etomnia David Tarpeh; former Minister of Finance, David Farhat; Madam Helen Togba; Charles A. Minor; Mother Edith N. Ricks; Mother Oretha T. During; Cllr. Pearl Brown Bull; Charles. B. Allen, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Willis Allen; Alex Weeks and Liberian Observer Corporation board chair, C. T. O. King, to name but a few.

The wives of the two honorees, Mrs. Julia Holder and Mrs. Mae Gene Best were behind the scenes ensuring that everything was going according to plan. Reginald Holder and KYB were later gowned by their children, respectively.

The ceremony was climaxed with a treat of a sumptuous meal, followed by a dancing competition led my Mr. Best’s elder sister, Muriel Best and veteran Liberian photojournalist, Sando Moore.


  1. Happy birthday you two! May God’s grace continues to strengthen you, guide and prosper you for the remaining years of your lives.

  2. Happy birthday greetings to Bro. Best and Bro. Holder.
    I wish you many more happy and healthy birthdays with God’s Blessings.


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