CECPAP Wants U.S. Gov’t Include Other Corrupt Liberian Officials on Public Designation Order

CECPAP's Executive Director, Charles Crawford

The Center for Conflict Prevention and Peace-building (CECPAP) has commended the government of the United States of America for its public designation order recently implemented against Matthew Wonplo but appealed that the order should be extended to other officials of government in Liberia who are equally guilty of extreme corrupt practices.

In a press release recently circulated, CECPAP’s executive director, Charles Crawford, said Liberia has suffered a lot of crises, including war and countless economic sabotages and, as such, helping the country succeed can be done through preventing the country’s looters from traveling and investing their stolen wealth in countries like America.

“The Center describes the U.S. Government public designation as harsh, robust, and a good strategy aimed at tackling the unbridled acts of dishonesty and corruption in the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)’s government. The Center thinks that such action signifies the U.S. Government commitment and resolve to fighting corruption, not only in Liberia but across the African continent,” Crawford said.

He added: “Recently, the United States Government through its Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, announced the issuance of public designation against Mr. Andrew Wonplo, former Passport director in Liberia, his wife, Denise Wonplo, and their children for what it calls significant corruption committed while he, Wonplo, served as Director of Passports. We welcome this decision and hope others, equally guilty as Wonplo, can also be penalized through same mean.”

The Center called on the US government to issue similar designations against senior and junior officials of the Liberian government that are engaged in the brazen looting of Liberia’s national coffers for their personal aggrandizement and by extension, include their immediate family members, too, who are benefiting from the stolen wealth.

“Corruption undermines peace and stability. Our country was plunged into a senseless civil war because of rampant corruption and lack of respect for the dignity of fellow citizens, mainly those at the lowest ebb of the belt. This must come to an end or Liberia will ever remain a rich but failed state,” Crawford further noted.

CECPAP said it is very unfortunate for Liberians to routinely see officials of government engaging in the luxury of corruption at the detriment of their country.

The act of corruption, according to CECPAP, is rampant in Liberia’s public sector; has increased the hardship and suffering of Liberians, and subsequently plunged the nation into a state of despair.

“The American government must help Liberians in the fight against corruption in Liberia. America’s partnership with Liberia in this fight can never be overemphasized if the nation must become corrupt free, and its rightful place among the comity of nations is secured, CECPAP’s executive director concluded.


  1. Some ACDL “patriots” were so full of righteous sagacity that they solicited foreign governments in destabilizing Liberia, yet when a quarter million people got slaughtered, the patriots lobbied the same foreigners for support in prosecuting the mercenaries they had hired. It brings me to this plea from one of the fifteen or more new civil society groups that have emerged since 2018. For Pete’s sake, Wonpoe was being tried when he fled, thus, the Pompeo designation alarmed U.S National Security concerns, not aimed at duplicating functions of our criminal justice system. However, American federal policing agencies can come to our aid in fighting corruption if we make a formal request.

    After all, in 2014, Obama offered help to President Sirleaf,l who had visited the White House to thank the American people for assisting with Ebola and had mentioned that corruption was undermining progress. She ignored it. Should in case Liberians want government ask for such assistance, GMW will comply. He didn’t hesitate appealing for U.S embassy’s input in the LD 16 billion case. Truth be told, until corruption is rightfully elevated to a national security threat, and deservedly prioritized by the three branches of government, progress and peace in Liberia will remain a mirage. That said, using Wonpoe’s allegation to without evidence scapegoat others is foolish, stupid, and must stop!

  2. CECPAP’s Executive Director, Charles Crawford, Liberia is neither a trust territory nor an overseas dominion of the USA, for which the USA would be so concerned about just whichever corruption in Liberia.

    America is too busy fighting its own share of the never ending war on corruption not confined to any one country.

    If Wonplo’s corruption which was his Wonplo’s criminal and secret selling of Liberian passports could not be of any threat to Americas national security, America would have never invoked the PROTECTIVE PRINCIPLE under international law…one of the five traditional bases of state jurisdiction. by erecting that public designation on Wonplo and his entourage.

    The PROTECTIVE PRINCIPLE is jurisdiction in the interest of state security.

    So, that idea of yours, as the one from Isaac Jackson, is simply laughable and totally lackadaisical.

    In short, if Wonplo’s criminal or corrupt act could not threaten America’s national security, Wonplo and his entourage may have by now be partying in the US with his Wonplo’s ill gotten proceeds from his criminal, corrupt, dangerous, and secret selling of Liberian passports, but to only be extradited from America to Liberia by which time the Liberian government would have obtained sufficient evidence for the completion of his prosecution and ultimate incarceration.


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