CDC’s Morlu Wants Officials Explain Their Ill-gotten Wealth

CDC Chairman, Mulbah Morlu: “Let’s remain hopeful, knowing that the man we elected President will not fail the mandate entrusted to his charge."

…Criticizes Weah’s appointment of ‘underachievers’

The Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Mulbah K. Morlu, has strongly criticized President George Weah’s appointment of people, which he considered “underachievers that would eventually undermine the government.”

Therefore, Morlu has demanded probe of officials, who he said have acquired real estate in the relative short period of time they have served in the government. Though, he did not name anyone in particular that has acquired ill-gotten wealth under this regime, President Weah has also been heavily criticized for acquiring and erecting real estate projects with no clarity as to where he got the money for such projects.

The CDC is a merger of three parties, including the National Patriotic Party (NPP) and Liberia People Democratic Party (LPDP).

As though Morlu appears no longer at ease with some of the party’s hierarchies, he wants an immediate investigation into the acquisition of real estate properties by officials of the Weah Administration.

He said investigating the acquisition of real estate properties would validate how appointed officials and other government employees acquired new properties, and assets so as to exonerate them from the reports cataloged in the corruption perception index.

Morlu believes that the governing party’s problems started on day-one when the CDC was excluded from crucial decisions leading to the formation of the current government.

“Sadly, this errant judgement led to the trooping, and intrusion of strange individuals lacking in the most minimal understanding of the ‘Pro-poor agenda; and even now, they continue to champion strange interests and ideas that are far removed from the vision and aspirations of the CDC,” Morlu told a news conference on Tuesday, December 10, 2019 at the party’s headquarters in Congo Town.

He said that it is foolhardy to think that the CDC-led government, which rose to political power on the mantra of change, will effect change while working with the same “political spoilers and corrupt policymakers that are most likely susceptible to the influences of the former government.”

Morlu believes that its is now appropriate for a radical shift, where the leadership needs to ensure that competent and qualified members of the tripartite coalition are fully reflected in the governance process of the country.

The inclusion of competent and qualified members of the tripartite CDC, Morlu said, will inject new energy and give a boost to the governing process since, in fact, “we bear the major responsibility for the implementation of the Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD).”

“To prioritize empowerment of qualified members of the coalition is necessary to ensure a robust response to the development challenges, as their inclusion would provide a fresh opportunity to champion the values, ethics, ideals, goals, and objectives of the PAPD,” Morlu added.

“It is embarrassing and shameful for the socioeconomic disparity to continue to widen between the haves and have-nots, while we are expected to remain silent. The CDC cannot, and will not remain silent if the problems it stood against yesterday begin to resurface in the governance corridors of today.”

To President Weah

Morlu then reminded President Weah that the existence of this government is a product of the many years of sacrifices, commitments and selfless resilience of millions of ordinary Liberians, who simply desire good governance, and a departure from the political excesses of the past.

“Amid the plethora of challenges taking place; our people still remain hopeful that we will rise to cease the moment, and make the difference for our people and country; let us not let the people down,” he declared.

He called on President Weah to commission a comprehensive audit of the current and past administrations so as to establish the facts surrounding the country’s resources, and how it has been used in recent years.

Morlu further underscored the need to prioritize civil servants’ timely salary payments, noting, “these are the people, who ensure that government functions properly.”

He called on President Weah to revisit the ‘harmonization’ process to ensure that there is equity, and parity in job classes and between jobs.

He also called on Weah to ensure that all public officials with the exception of the President, Vice President, Speaker, Chief Justice, Senate Pro-Tempore, and Deputy Speaker, attending government functions outside the country, be made to fly economy class, and that private trips using government funding be immediately aborted.

“Reinforce the existing protocol or give (priority) attention to the agreement establishing the CDC for a more effective cohesion of the three parties and allies; Recall all former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf-era ambassadors, and senior diplomats in foreign service, who may be working counter to the agenda of the government,” Mr. Morlu said.

He added, “Ensure that those who contributed to the downfall of past governments, and have common reputations of being corrupt, be distanced from the hallowed halls of the presidency as they can in no way be Liberia’s domestic or international faces; and address the nation in line with the current economic emergency that led to the request of the President of the Legislature to return, reassuring all Liberians on the future direction of the economy.”

Mr. Morlu: Needless to say, the CDC will not hesitate to distance itself from officials of government, who will transgress from the popular mandate upon which we were elected.”

He said Liberians and supporters, while they firmly recognize and respect the democratic and constitutional rights of Liberian citizens to peacefully assemble, and to petition their representatives and government for the good of the state, it is also within the premise of the law that said rights come with enormous responsibilities.

He said while the government has shown unprecedented tolerance and has always created safe security corridors protecting ‘Peaceful protesters’, it cannot, however, be expected to permit a cruel exploitation of the democratic space to plunge the country into chaos, threaten the peace of the state and subject local businesses to peril of vandalism.

Mr. Morlu said “the CDC would have been reluctant to participate in this conversation, except for the fact that the plotting overthrow of a constitutionally elected government is evidently a scheme of right-wing extremism, growing within the higher ranks of several opposition political parties combined were defeated in the 2017 elections.”

The Opposition

He said this fact is even much more amplified by Liberia’s former Vice President Joseph Boakai’s endorsement of the opposition’s violent agenda to dethrone a constitutionally elected government.

“It is repulsive and shameful for Boakai to be a known mastermind of an unconstitutional act of plotted lawlessness against a democratically elected government that has barely spent two years in office; while he and former President Sirleaf had 12 years of uninterrupted tenure, irrespective of the astronomical peak of corruption and bad governance they so much patronized,” he said.

Mr. Morlu said while the organizers and leaders of the December 30, 2019 protest have the right to free speech, assembly, and protest, they are a subset of the larger society and their rights must not jeopardize the lives and well-being of non-participants.

Consequently, their planned action does not only constitute a flagrant violation of the rule of law but is also treasonable, as clearly outlined in Article 76 of the Liberian Constitution, which describes treason.”

He said irrespective of the complex socioeconomic hurdles associated with the democratic transition of 2018, the CDC-led government cannot take lightly the governance obligations cast upon its shoulders by the mostly underprivileged citizens, who look to the CDC for solution, “neither can we continue to proffer excuses while our people suffer. Whether the global economy is in a decline or not, offers no excusable justification for under-performance.

“We cannot forget so soon that the existence of this government is a product of the many years of sacrifice, commitment and selfless resilience of millions of ordinary Liberians who simply desire good governance and a departure from the political excesses of the past. Amidst the plethora of challenges across the country, our people still remain hopeful that we will rise to seize the moment and make the difference for our people and country; let us not let the people down,” he said.

He said some of the CDC officials were elected at a point where the economy was in a recession. “You made a conscious decision to delegate to us your maximum authority to help find lasting solutions. It is inarguable that in finding solutions to the common problems we have to take firm and strong decisions in your interest, and that is the best interest of our people.”


  1. Morlue’s assertion is certainly hilarious, because these are issues that have been discussed lengthily by the people. The chairman spoke like a “Rip Van Winkle”, who has just woken up from his slumber. Mr. Morlue, you can not “sing to the choir”! You are simply repeating what we have said, many times, therefore we are not impressed. You sound like a stranded prey, who is in search of rescue. We cannot be fooled!

    • This guy is funny , he’s a comedian, i wonder if he knows that he is on the top of the list of thief’s that falls into that category,

    • Well articulated, Paye,
      When did Morlu realize that his brand of CDC was excluded from decisions of the official leadership of CDC as a governing party? It’s comical and laughable that a Mulbah Morlu, who’s usually known for displaying flashy gold-chains, Rolex watch and extravagant lifestyle is now questioning his crimes-partners for acquiring massive properties in a relatively short time as leaders of the Nation. Could it be possible that Mr. Morlu has wasted his portion of the loots of the people’s money on his extravagant life-style and is now broke? Based on his confession, it’s indeed obvious that he’s longer in the photo. Hahahaha, the truth will eventually come out one at a time. All this criminal regime needs is pressure from the people. That’s how I see it.

  2. @Morlu

    Do you remember what you said when Ms. Leyma Gbowee spoke at the July 26, Independence Day program? Instead of accepting her wise advice to the government, you and other CDCians criticized her speech.

    It looks like you are now only making this speech because you are beginning to understand that THE PEOPLE are tired of your mismanagement of the affairs of the Liberian state and the collapse of your government is becoming progressively probable on a daily basis.

    Your speech today is one that you should have delivered to the Weah-led administration on his inauguration day and every day thereafter. Where were you when Weah was misusing the people’s monies to construct apartment buildings all around the country?

    You hypocrite, why are you not telling George Weah to declare his assets?
    You hypocrite, why are you not tell George Weah that it is OK for him to allow THE PEOPLE to protest — just like the CDC protested during EJS’ administration?

    You hypocrite, the time is near for you and the rest of the incompetent phonies along with the war-criminals to leave the stage.

    You hypocrite,… To Be Continued

    • “Warningshot”, when the then Chairman of the then ruling party the Unity Party Varney Sherman was even more straightforward than Mulbah Morlu’s, WHAT HAPPENED? NOTHING! The same with the ruling party before them the NPP regarding Cyril Allen’s, what happened? NOTHING? SO, you are merely dreaming.

    • Yes, climate, context, or setting, matters. All ruling parties’ incumbent chairmen since 1944 did EXACTLY what this incumbent ruling party chairman has done. Anderson , Townsend, Allen, Sherman, and now Morlu. The only one who didn’t was Kpoto; because according to him, ” Doe had all the money, power, and in control of all the guns in the country.” Its no help for CoP. CoP is already opposed by the majority and the government. Its a mere style and tactics in the muddy waters of Liberian electoral politics.


  4. Morlu might have a point. To some people who are always critical of everything that breathes, Morlu’s call for introspection in the ranks of the country’s top brass is positive. It’s never too late to repent or set one’s record straight.

    Weah cannot escape criticism either. He’s always going to be blamed because he’s the president. The Liberian economy was steamless when Weah took the presidential baton from Johnson-Sirleaf. A president takes credit when his or her country’s economy is in a very good condition and gets blamed when the economy is in a tank. Trump is a very good example. Trump brags because the US economy is undeniably hot from coast to coast. Trump inherited a good economy from his predecessor, Barak Obama. Trump didn’t do a whole lot to energize the US economy when he took over. Why? Because we all know that the robust US economy was good when he took over. He’s being credited because the economy is good. If the economy were in a tank, he would get the boot! That’s similar to what Weah is going through. Of course, Weah has to fight in order to turn things around.

    Let’s face it. Many people in Liberia, especially government officials, the lawmakers and the top brass of the judiciary deserve to be viewed with extreme scepticism. Some funny things happen in the country. Example, the Minister of Education, Dr. Sunni, has his own private school. Yet, he is the Minister of Education. The gentleman pays attention to his private school as well as the nation’s public schools. If that’s not corruption, it’s kinda funny! Now, Sunni is educated. But, it would have passed the smell test if Sunni had been assigned another ministerial position in the government.

    What’s about the lawmakers? I am of the opinion that”some” people are fed up with me because I hammer unmercilessly at Liberia’s lawmakers because of their high salaries. I will not back down Irrespective of how my critics cry bloody murder! The egoistic Liberian lawmakers are blameworthy because they care less about the people of Liberia. Why should the world’s third or fourth poorest country continue to pay its lawmakers more money per annum than the developed countries of the Western world? Isn’t it about time that lawmakers’ salaries had been cut? That’s outrageous. So yes, Weah will be blamed! But all top government officials should be called to account.

    I don’t know Morlu. Never met him. I may never have any dealings with him. But his call for a check up within the party is a good start. Morlu is urged to continue. It is hoped that Morlu is not doing this as public stunt! Time will tell!

  5. It’s a confession at the highest level. Mr. Morlu has just confessed and admitted the malpractices and embezzlement of the country’s resources. This statement alone can condemn the CDC, knowing the role and rank of the person making it.

    Thank you for your confession Sir. Beg them to stop, if not the entire country will suffer again. You should know the temperament of Liberians nowadays. Continuing in this way would be diabolic and consequentially horrific for the country.

    Beware, the ides of March!

  6. President Weah is facing a political dilemma with some citizens campaigning and calling him out to step down, the Chairman of his political party is even giving more political ammunitions to those calling out for Weah to step down by referring to the President as an ineffective leader to solve the country’s economic crisis which is responsible for the hardship citizens are facing. If George Weah was a professor and was doing a terrible job at it in the class for all to see, would the Chairman be wrong to point that out to the administrators of the college ? How about the students calling him out not to teach and that he should step down as their professor ? How wrong will the students be in demanding professor Weah’s removal from the class for playing around with their future ? We witnessed this very serious scenario at the nation’s highest university that saw the firing of its president. But one thing that President Weah has got going for him to serve out his political term, is that there is no replacement for President Weah according to the constitutional order of succession. And so he has the privileged to serve out his political term. The Vice President as his replacement is politically and ambitiously too self centered like President George Weah, apart from being a maneuver political figure who is also corrupt as George Weah. In short, educated but too self centered and corrupt. The VP is not a good replacement. How about the Speaker , too antagonistic politically and lacks leadership direction. At best easy to get angry and difficult to get along with others. Not a good replacement. The Pro-temp , once accused of being corrupt at his previous government post . A charged he has since denied. But in that country who is not corrupt ? It is fair to say that if Senator Sherman, the indicted criminal as Senator from
    Grand Cape Mount County was not in the Senate , the leadership of the Pro-temp would have been a political disaster. The Pro-temp is guilty of leadership performance in the Senate. Simply put, the constitutional order of succession is too corrupt and too self centered when it comes to financial improprieties and political power. President Weah presidency is saved, but the charges being leveled against him by the Chairman of his political party and the of citizens planning to protest against him to step down are all legitimate and fall within the scope of the constitution provision allowing freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. In short, the planned protest must take place with security protection. As there is no security risk to the presidency according to the constitutional order of succession. That area or order is very corrupt. The ballot box may help clean it up , comes 2023 .

  7. James Davis

    Chairman Morlu delivered a message for a caucus of CDC-led Coalition legislators and senior officials to another audience: Public. However, by no stretch is he “giving more political ammunition to those calling out for Weah to step down”. After all, he, unequivocally, said “their planned action does not only constitute a flagrant violation of the rule of law but is also treasonable, as clearly outlined in Article 76 of the Liberian constitution which describes treason…”

    Not surprisingly, those that contributed monies to Madam Sirleaf’s war hypocritically turned around lobbying for the establishment of war crimes court. And, once again, some of you living in relative peace abroad with wives, children, and grandchildren are goading a December 30 confrontation that could turn bloody and deadly. By the way, If I may, James, will you be home on December 30? Of course, not, yet hugging the intended action regardless of consequences.

    Needless to say, the Weah-StepDown is a premeditated destabilization. For following NEC’s announcement of his victory in the rerun election, Pan-Africanist duo Alfred Bombo Kladii and Moses Uneh Yemia wrote articles in the Perspective Journal and FPA about galvanizing a people’s uprising to ensure his government stays less than two years. And what was their declared motive: the CDC-led Coalition comprised Rebels and murderers. Apparently, that rebels served in the EJS’s government didn’t matter. In other words, Morlu’s allusion to a contemplated “treason” may not be farfetched.

    • my brother Sylvester, why weah can not speak for himself? have you ask the question? instead every other person speaking for the Liberian govt and people even a single party leader instead or all political parties. do you believe this is right? if it not Mulbah, it is Gray, or some unauthorize official of Govt that the people did not elect. have you ask when will our president man up?
      Sylvester, if your home is been threaten as a father, will you sit and allow your wife or just anyone to speak for you mostly where your wife and kids need words of hope that YES, the man of the home, our hero has spoken?
      Weah has never speak his Mind to national issues like this but go undercover, allow people to talk him up and he come out to say things becuz he is vex for what he was told in the secret room forgetting about the actual happening? (like he said, after his speech the last time it will be the last time Liberians protest against him)
      I told people Ebola was the most free campaign season for political people, when did you hear weah say publicly he advocated for Liberians base on his position as Senator or a world football star, was he speaking to situations? this was a sign to Liberians when he gets elected as president, that he will not be able to do anything nor speak to situation of challenges like the one we are face with now.
      lastly, who do you think a man like pres. weah is? keep the answer to yourself.
      I don’t support the protest, but Weah need to do or say something to give Liberians hope, work towards it. Again I pray that the protest will not hold but this is wrong don’t support weah. God is watching you also my friend.

    • Well. Weah can’t speak because he just doesn’t know what to say or do. He is just not competent for the job. “Loving” your country or having a “kind heart” is different from competence. Here is a guy who can barely read, what do you expect him to do? Perform miracles, in this day and age? Please.

      • woo, my man, you don’t need to say any more to answer the questions, you have given the best answer. thank you for such a good respond. I hope others can see the light about my big brother president weah. you just said some major facts and truth about weah which he himself knows. if you are in Liberia, hope you be able to tell him, but again I am worry about your life and safety becuz people don’t like to hear the truth nor for others to speak the truth about people they are died heart to.
        Any way again, I pray all goes well come Dec and that people make the right decision 2023. long live mama Liberia.

  8. By the eyes of faith and to be very honest, I this guy is a con artist or a very evil young man to say this to Liberians. why will he be saying this at this time. My God and the God of the faithful few Liberians will judge Mulbah beginning now for this evil that he’s now realizing they are doing to Liberians and using our taxes.

    This is evil, O God, you see the heart and said suffer not the evil to live, may your will be done.

    The idea behind this speech is for 7 reasons or maybe more. I challenge mulbah to tell me I am lying than I will say God is not real. Either one or all of these are what his is doing under pretense, accept I am praying to the God that is not alive. This is evil in nature and Liberians must watch out for people like Mulbah. the reasons are: Mulbah is trying to:
    1) create a cover up for weah and his group
    2) fool Liberians and the world that they are also angry about corruption but instead they are laughing at Liberians. that’s how people were fool to vote for weah 2017
    3) make the x-vice president bad for speaking the truth, (the XVP should watch out, hope he has very good security protection in Liberia)
    4) start up counter-protest and discourage the Dec. protest planners
    5) use the pay he received from weah to confuse cdc partisans who don’t know what to do but stay following weah with broken hope
    6) afraid of the protest outcome becuz this time weah will not have any support from outside to stop the protest from happening, if he will get support by now the support would have been coming.
    7) they have not only fail Liberians but the very cdc partisans that follow them

    watch and see the down fall of weah and his men or followers. Weah will never go free becuz he knows what they are doing is wrong. Weah and I are from the same home town in Grand kru. I don’t hate him but I told many people that he will do worst, now it is coming to pass. Oh how I wish I had the opportunity to advice him not to be president but vice of something else. He worked hard to earn his character but it is getting bad inside and outside Liberia.

    I don’t support the protest nor the organizers because they too are all the same. trying to use the vulnerable people to get famous. when they are entrusted will power they will do the same or even more corruption.

    I don’t desire for any man to perish but pray that when the time comes, weah will have the heart to take the situation if he don’t change, stop or do the right thing, follow his heart, and stop listening to people. Weah has a good heart for people. He just don’t know what to do as president becuz those around him are causing problems and he is not able to control them.

    I pray that God help us so the Dec. protest can not be held or if it goes on that it ends without anyone getting kill. mostly likely it will not change anything but worsen the situation.

    May God save our country Liberia from 95% corrupt population to at least 20% – 35% corrupt population.

  9. What’s new? This is Liberia where the ole acronym always applies: you chop, I chop (CIC). Bonssway!!… Corruption is as Liberian as pepper soup, gbassaajamma and tobborgee. People are always in government to steal money, build houses and have plenty dehdeh den (women). Will this ever Stop? Your guess is as good as mine. I pray that future generations of patriotic Liberians will draw the line somewhere after reading the history books. This generation as well as past generations have proven to be gutless and hopeless. Love yourself and your country enough to draw the line somewhere, otherwise we are headed for another April 14, November 12 and so on. Too sad. I Love my dearest and sweet Liberia, for the love of liberty brought us here.

  10. Morlu is probably fighting to exonerate himself. Wishful thinking! CDC did NOT DO audit after taking over the government; before The 16 billons vanished in thin air, why now? The audit will NOT BE CREDIBLE!

  11. I’m wondering if Morlu believes Liberians are dumb? Your tactics are late. The president just made new appointments after making a hilarious appointment at the CBL to further exacerbate the situation. The president’s attitude is proving just why nothing worked for Lone Star collectively because he listens to no one, further proof to the failure of all his businesses.

    No one wants chaos or negativity for the country but there are people with negative intentions who use such situations to capitalize. And that’s exactly what Costa and others are doing. I oppose violence but the people have a right to express their disgust peacefully and the only thing the president can do is just talk to them and take some actions especially readjusting the cabinet particularly the MFDP. Samuel Tweah is a sore and very destructive individual.


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