CDC’s Morlu Promises ‘Radical Change’


The Vice Chairman for Mobilization and Operations of the main opposition Congress of Democratic Change (CDC), Mulbah K. Morlu, has promised a radical change in education, health and land policy in Montserrado County District #10 if elected representative in the legislative elections scheduled for October 10.

The CDC partisan announced his ‘Declaration to Contest’ to journalists yesterday at his Congo Town residence.

Morlu said his intention to contest the electoral district’s representative seat stemmed from the worthless living condition of the people, owing to the unfortunate representation of incumbent Rep. Julius Berrian, who is an executive member of the CDC.

“I am the most experienced to contest the Representative seat of Montserrado County District # 10… I have been preparing for the past 12 years…I am a revolutionary, I went to jail 14 times…I am a giant and a son of an elephant hunter,” Mr. Morlue said.

He also vowed to defeat Rep. Berrian in the Coalition’s primary.

Meanwhile, some Coalition for Democratic Change lawmakers, who spoke under condition of anonymity, have told the Daily Observer that the ‘Articles of Collaboration’ protects their respective seats from being contested in the coalition primaries because the document says “Sitting members of the Legislature of the Coalition will reserve the right of nomination to the seat.”

The lawmakers said according to the ‘Article of Collaboration,’ the main opposition party, CDC, nominated its political leader, Sen. George Weah as the standard bearer, and Sen. Weah chose Sen. Jewel Howard-Taylor as his running mate.

“Also according to the document, the administration of the Coalition has been set up and is managed by a Governing Council and Executive Committee.”

However, an insider told the Daily Observer that some seats held by Coalition members might be voidable (a transaction or action that is valid but may be annulled by one of the parties).


  1. CDC’s Morlu Promises ‘Radical Change’
    Mulbah K. Morlu

    Can you explain how you will bring the change? Please be honest with yourself; you know very well your administration can’t deliver on the above statement. MORLU, you are on the side of the wrong side of the Liberian people


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