CDCians Attempt Clean-up of Cities Ahead of Inauguration

A group of CDCians going to their area of assignment on Snapper Hill, upper Broad Street (Photo: Nick N. Seebeh)

Several hundred supporters and partisans, comprising mainly the youth of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), yesterday stormed the major streets of Monrovia, Bushrod Island and Paynesville to begin a four-day clean-up exercise to make the cities presentable for the inauguration on January 22 of President-elect George Weah and his Vice President, Jewel Howard Taylor.

The upbeat partisans told the Daily Observer that the clean-up initiative is aimed at giving Monrovia a face-lift for the January 22 inauguration. The CDC clean-up crews are reportedly working free of charge and are expected to be seen in action up to Thursday January 18.

Among the groups moving along Tubman Boulevard up to GSA Junction were several engaged in sweeping, others gathering and piling up the trash for collection, some cutting grass, whitewashing the curbs, but many simply walking along, apparently not having any tools to work with. Also the cleaners were not aware of a designated area to dump the garbage they are collecting from the streets or the capacity to carry the trash to any dumpsite.  But the exercise clearly lacked the expertise of Madam Mary Broh to organize such a feat as cleaning up Monrovia and Paynesville.

The volunteers left the few miles they covered litter free yesterday but it remains to be seen whether the public will cooperate by not trashing their efforts.  Some observers pointed out that the party’s clean-up exercise would only be successful if Liberians change their attitude and stop throwing trash on the streets and in residential areas. On the other hand, very few areas of the cities have garbage bins into which pedestrians can put their trash.

Meanwhile as the clean-up exercise is ongoing, mountains of garbage still ruin the landscape from Red Light Market to Duport Road junction, as well as other places in and around Monrovia as has been repeatedly reported by this newspaper.  These giant heaps of garbage will require the services of special equipment and vehicles to remove.  It remains to be seen whether the Monrovia City Corporation and Paynesville City Corporation will get these unsightly garbage heaps out of sight, at least for the inauguration and the presence of the many guests expected in the country.

Sadly, as yesterday’s campaign was folding up in the evening, some residents were still seen throwing trash onto the streets thereby defeating the efforts of the clean-up crews.


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