CDC Warns against ‘Unanticipated Consequences’ of Election Delays

CDC executives at the news conference

The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and its collaborating political parties say the National Elections Commission and stakeholders should act timely, in setting back on course the electoral process to avert unanticipated consequences that could attend the failure to do so.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday at the party’s headquarters in Monrovia, Prof. Ansu Sonii, a spokesman for the CDC, said the coalition’s appeal is a matter of national urgency.

He said it is the opinion of the CDC that if the runoff election is not held to permit transition of power as required by the Constitution, the attending situation could ultimately draw the nation into an unnecessary crisis.

“The CDC and its collaborating political parties will accept nothing less than a timely return to these democratic electoral processes, as indicated,” he stated. He warned that the Constitution of Liberia should not be compromised.

Prof. Sonii, however, said the coalition remains committed to a smooth democratic constitutional transition and therefore any attempt to hijack this process through political artifice, scheming and filibustering, will be rejected by the coalition.

“While we await the timely fulfillment of the mandate of the Supreme Court to the National Elections Commission,” he said, “we call on our partisans, supporters, and allies to remain peacefully engaged, law-abiding, and ignore all provocations, as victory of the CDC can only be delayed, but cannot be denied.”

He said, “Being true to our word, the Coalition and its collaborating political parties, again pledge our renewed commitment to a peaceful non-violent electoral process, and a timely conclusion thereof, as required by the Constitution and Laws of Liberia.”

Notwithstanding, he said, the CDC and its collaborating political parties will not allow any extra-constitutional, undemocratic governance arrangement at the expiration of the current Unity Party Administration.

“We are calling on the Mano River Union, the Economic Community of West African States, the African Union, the United Nations and the international communities at-large to take note of the unfolding development relating to the current electoral process, and do all to ensure that Liberia’s fledging multiparty democracy is reinforced,” he stated.

He meanwhile implored the international community, to stand on the side of democracy, with the people of Liberia, so the ongoing process is successfully and timely brought to a constitutional conclusion, and that a government of the people is elected and inaugurated.

Finally, he said, “As our standard bearer, Senator George Manneh Weah, has repeatedly advised, we call on all partisans and supporters of the CDC; our collaborating political parties; and the Liberian people, in general, to remain peaceful, yet vigilant and resolved, while we commit ourselves to the democratic process and await the runoff election as the law provides.”


  1. The constitution of Liberia does not hold a party or any party politics for the wishes of the Liberian people as a nation. The individual who wins an election is the one the constitution looks at. For example, if there is a decision made by the Supreme court to re-run or if there is a run-off, and a president is elected, this President inaugurated is obligated to withhold the Constitution of The Republic of Liberia and ensure the protection of lives and property of the entire nation. This new President elected becomes the ownership of the Liberian people and not only his or her party. The silent majority now in control, is aware of some stray gimmicks who think they can return to the time of tyranny, but the merits of Liberia’s present re-institution is not strange or new in establishment. It is the same from 1847 when our forefather and founders give us this nation. Therefore you will be surprised to realize the mistake made and the privilege we had that would have prevent any constitutional crisis because we did not see the strength of our own heritage, fighting ourselves for stupid power and crazy resources. We should no longer fight for something we own.
    The party is over. We must now respect our constitution and ask: What does the Liberian Law say? Liberian
    tribal law is the same as the Liberian statutory law. If you cannot read it in broken English, check your tribal laws and you will see what our founder was telling us. If we were doing it this way ever since, we would not have been fussing or fought that fiasco war in the first place. What is in that President position anyway? The President is the servant of the Liberian People and must truly, factually, and actually win the Liberian people vote by majority. No matter who he or she is cannot boil our pots but if that person does not have majority of the people’s choice, that individual will not take the Presidential chair. So the Liberian people must vote their own freedom of choice. Dictatorship can come when you are compelled to vote. No one can force any one to vote whether you know book or not, a vote is a vote. If you cannot read or write, you can put your finger print on the ballot when you see the person picture to need to vote for. No more will those greedy politician fool the Liberian people. If you want to vote, vote. If you do not want to vote, do not vote. Whoever wins the majority will be the President. The silent majority got the power and instruments to discipline any party and violators who bring violence here again. We want no more war in Liberia. God has said it and we will have a peaceful election from now on. No matter how long the constitution takes. This President of Liberia will be elected. WE will do it ourselves. We will count it over and over again until we get the constitutional President. We do not give for frike who comes in or out of the country to spy or observe, or talk all kinds of sht on the news or inside or outside the state. Our pallet NEC, our country Chief Justice and bench will judge all palavers, and this incumbent and her follows will leave on time by what the constitution says. This is some of our broken languages. Wait for God’s time.
    Gone to 57% majority. DO NOT REPLY THIS BOX.

  2. Unanticipated Consequences?
    My God, I get scared when I hear such a warning!
    Whenever the pending election is held, one thing will clearly understood:
    (1) Either sen. Weah win or

  3. Interestingly, the CDC has been using threatening methods throughout this electoral process with no response from the constituted elected Government of Liberia. Comments and actions by the CDC clearly show militant mentality and a show of force which is unconstitutional and provokes tenents of our democracy. The CDC is the only political entity with a paramilitary unit referenced a “Sabu Unit,” terrorizing citizens in the Country. This is very worrisome and is even more disturbing when leaders of CDC are making threatening remarks. The Constitution of Liberia clearly stipulates the processes of a constitutional transition and so, one wonders what CDC referenced as ” unanticipated consequences and unconstitutional governance.”

    • Yes! But the government is paying deaf ears to this situation. This is the same way a CDC led government will administer the state of affairs. This brings into remembrance the civil war era when we saw many paramilitary groups in the country.

  4. CDC Warns against ‘Unanticipated Consequences’ of Election Delays ….Prof. Sonii

    Prof. Sonii are you a thug and shallow minded? CDC Leaderships are playing with fire. These thugs should be placed under house arrest ASAP! And the International community should be ready to crush any thugs and criminals.
    If CDC does not win at the ballot box accept the out come. The Liberian people vote are not your property most especially if you did not win the majority. Opong will not win and opong should blame himself for associating with ellen and followers

  5. CDC is definitely a group composed of hooligans with few intellectuals to help write out speeches that its standard bearer is unable to read or tries reading with much difficulty. The organization itself is composed of many disarmed former fighters(from the NPFL brought into being by Ellen Johnson). That is why they are used to issuing threats and behave like fighting militias. They threatened the Supreme Court and now they are threatening peaceful citizens. CDC, there is no way you can cow our people into submission. We will insure that this election is done freely, fairly, and peacefully. We are not soldiers that submit to orders. We are civilians who do things democratically. Our elections will follow the dictates of our Constitution and nothing else. Your threats mean nothing to us. You are not the Government. You are a mere political party seeking authority. This authority that you seek can only be obtained from the majority of the people through the ballot box done fairly in line with our Constitution. We have uncovered your fraud in collusion with the Election Commission and Ellen. You will be dealt with according to the dictates of our Constitution. If it “looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, its got to be a duck.”

  6. As reported in this newspaper, “The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and its collaborating political parties say the National Elections Commission and stakeholders should act timely, in setting back on course the electoral process to avert unanticipated consequences that could attend the failure to do so.”

    What is wrong with the above statement? It appears that CDC is very frustrated and impatient in allowing the constitutional process to take its course. Therefore, their spokesperson, Prof. Sonii is now giving ultimatum to NEC to speed up the process: which the Supreme Court mandated NEC to look into allegations of fraud and irregularities of the Oct. 10th election. Prof. Sonii sounds very dictatorial in his style of delivery.

    The Daily Observer reporter also wrote, “Notwithstanding, he (Prof. Sonii) said, the CDC and its collaborating political parties will not allow any extra-constitutional, undemocratic governance arrangement at the expiration of the current Unity Party Administration.”

    What is wrong with above statement? Is it a threat or what? Why will the CDC try to circumvent the same democratic principles they aspired to by not allowing the constitutional process and the rule of law to take its course? No one in Liberia is above the law.

    Therefore, it is irresponsible for Prof. Sonii, and his party to say that “they will not allow any extra-constitutional, undemocratic governance arrangement at the expiration of the current Unity Party Administration.” This fraudulent election case is a serious matter. It is a constitutional matter (like it or not) that needs to go through the proper channel. Who knows, it might finally be settled by the Supreme Court.

    This fraudulent election case might be or might not be settled in time before the expiration of President Sirleaf’s term. However, the outcome does not rest on the shoulder of any political party. If it comes to this juncture in our political history, we will turn to the Supreme Court for its constitutional jurisprudence.

    We don’t want any political party issuing threats, ultimatum, or inciting violence!!!! CDC and any aggrieved political party, please follow the rule of law…….that is one of the greatest tenet of our new found democracy.

  7. As I began to say (and I mistakenly depressed “post comment”), CDC’S warning about unanticipated consequences must be taken seriously by all Liberians.

    We need to watch out for vigilantism, mob action (remember Costa?) lone wolf activity and other acts of violence if CDC does not have its way.

    Nothing is over until it’s over.

    During the most recent US elections, it was thought or believed that Hilary Clinton would be elected and not Trump. But, Hilary lost and Trump won. Similarly, CDC people are not assured any victory until the Liberian electorate gives them such a mandate. The fact that sen. Weah garnered almost 39% of the vote does not mean he is a winner. It is therefore premature for warnings to be given when the Liberian electorate hasn’t spoken.

    Immediately after the October 10 elections, Weah’s supporters informed the inhabitants of this world that their man had won. That was a lie than and now. The Weah supporters displayed naivety. What is even more surprising is the fact that no knowledgeable senior staff member in the senator’s inner circle came out to quell such a lie. That’s one of the reasons why the Liberian people should be on the lookout for what’s been said from sen. Weah’s camp……..unanticipated consequences!

    So the new date for elections has not been set. But the date will be set. I predict that the
    proud Liberians will once again go to the polls to vote. I am very proud of my Liberian people, whether they classify themselves as Natives or Americo-Liberians. I mean I don’t give a hoot whether they’re short and tall, old and young or multicultural. The Liberians speak with one voice! Enough is enough……no more “uncivil” war. (I say uncivil because there was nothing civil about the blooded war that took the lives of our brothers and sisters).

    Ghana is always credited by Western nations as being very stable. Well, we Liberians are very capable of being stable. And by God’s grace we will be stable. But CDC must respect the rule of law when the yet unannounced election is held. We don’t want to hear about unanticipated consequences. That sounds like a threat.

    In my humble opinion, the use of words such as “unanticipated consequences” is being insensitive. It is very scary! The truth of the matter is that the CDC forces believe in their heart of hearts that the presidency is theirs devoid of ifs and buts! What’s the inference?
    If the yet to be announced election is held and the result does not swing their way, we should expect nothing less but trouble.

    Let us pray to rid ourselves of any calamity.

  8. Mr. Hney, you and your collaborative writers, are the anarchists that dragging Liberia in Caos. You asked me 2 weeks ago that I should list Weah’s accomplishments in the Senate. I personally told you that I don’t have one. I don’t know one either. However; if he’s is the choice of the Liberian people, who am I to denied the people of Liberia of that choice. You then accused me of being a CDCian. You don’t know me. You have read my writings and jumped straight on accusations. This is the way your so-called left-wing anarchists always react .

    Since the mid 70s when William Tolbert lift the lid on political participations some of you always thing that if it is not the so-called progressive anarchists, it cannot be any one. It very dangerous for Liberian politics.

    Your ideas are based on lies, fake points, and conjectures. You claim to be an “old man”, but refused to respect the choice of the masses, only because your “Man”, (amongst one of the four losers), did not win. One must be really stupid, if not crazy to ever trust an elderly “Trouble Maker” like you.
    Thank you so much. I Mamadu Bah, approved this message.

  9. That is a serious threat warning from CDC! Remember, CDC is composed of child soldiers
    from Charles Taylor and war wife Jewel Howard Taylor. Weah is coordinating with Taylor
    in prism in London and at same time, he chose Taylor war wife Jewel. Hence, Liberia must
    in full preparation for foreseeable trouble warning CDC is giving. It is not a [political]
    warning at all. And any thing from CDC behavior will please Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf!


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