CDC Vows to Resist Re-Run in District #15 By-Election

Mr. Morlu: “There are bad elements within the NEC working against the CDC."

-claims NEC’s ‘bad elements’ against CDC victory

Shortly after authorities of the National Elections Commission (NEC) announced a re-run of 20 disputed polling places of the just ended by-election in Montserrado County District #10 on Wednesday, August 14, 2019, the chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Mulbah K. Morlu, vowed to resist the ruling.

He said the party is prepared to resist any NEC’s announced re-run election in District #15.

At a hurriedly arranged press conference, Morlu said the CDC has facts and records that Abu Kamara won the by-election, but said there are ‘bad elements’ within the NEC that are involved with compromising winners’ results.

“Again, there were complaints filed against Abraham Darius Dillon by five candidates in the just ended senatorial by-election, which NEC did not investigate, but announced the results making Dillon as the winner. This is unacceptable, and the CDC will not accept any re-run,” Mr. Morlu declared.

He continued: “Those bad elements within the NEC want to destroy this country, because they don’t like President George Weah. We will be peaceful and law abiding, but will resist any re-run, because our candidate Kamara has won. There are bad elements employed within various ministries and agencies working against the CDC’s Pro-poor Agenda.”

He admitted, though, to some missteps within the CDC’s government that have led to some of the CDCians distancing themselves from the party. But Morlu has said hope remains alive for total change.

“CDCcians will never remain spectators in this government. The time for honeymoon is over… you cannot claim to be in government, and at the same time be undermining the same government,” Morlu said.

According to him, those that do not support the government will be replaced at the appropriate time, to give the vision-bearer a chance to develop Liberia.

“The President must listen if he will be re-elected…The party stands with you… Our people are mobilizing to ensure that President Weah is re-elected, but taking away the bad apples are very important,” he said.

According to him, the President does not know about many of the things happening around him, and it was time for the CDC to inform him in order to take action.

“We are determined to protect the legacy of President Weah by putting opposition out of job, because if you are a government official, and don’t protect this government, we will come after you,” he repeatedly said.

Mr. Morlu: “We made it clear the fact that CDCians are among the most qualified people in this country, with thousands of them being bearers of degrees ranging from Bachelors to PhDs, yet they sit on the sidelines without jobs in a CDC-led government.”

“This is unacceptable, and we call on the President to re-evaluate his appointment strategies by granting CDCians more employment opportunities, for no one can protect his vision for change like CDCians,” he said.

“While we call on government to give our people employment, educational and other opportunities, appointed officials of government who do not support the President’s agenda should vacate government, to make way for the hundreds of qualified Liberians, trained, educated and well experienced to work for change,” he concluded.


  1. The ACS experiment for Freed Black People to form a country in Africa is not working with the intent for Black peoples to govern themselves and be self reliant.

    Liberia seems to be the only country in Africa with a ” special relationship” with America , but yet the country have rejected to practice a good governance system same as the United States.

    The ruling generation needs to calm down and stop the provocative rebuttals.

    The country needs a new beginning, a reset of its true identity, that’s perhaps the way the country can experience sustained peace and stability


    Chairman Morlu, if you have never told the truth, this is about time. Your remark is accurate and to the point and if President Weah dont listen to you and make the necessary changes to help revive the economy and bring onboard qualified CDcians, he will feel the pain of his life. Just as you said, CDCians have some of the most qualified people you have even known. President Weah needs to removed all of this persons in high positions who were recommended by Ellen Sirleaf to undermine this administration. They have succeeded to disrub the CDC led administration, get them out if you must be relected otherwise you will be on your own.

    Why do you have people like Charles Bright, Emmanuel Shaw and Archibald Bernard who are friend with Benoni Urey around you when they are leaking all the secrets about this administration to the public? What important is Samuel Tweah and Jefferson Koijee as well as Nathaniel Mcgill and Milton Findley. Have you heard them one day pleading on your behalf to the opposition to calm down with all these protest?

    We often hear people said President Weah is only a president for CDC, but do you know how many CDCians have been sitting on the sidelines including several qualified CDcians in the Diaspora?

    One of the worse things that has even happened was to sideline CDCUSA that was the financial backbones of CDC Liberia. Right now, you risk loosing CDCUSA and Canada to ANC. If corrective measures are not taken quickly, a good amount of CDcians will slip away to ANC.

  3. CDC, this is not about the CDC´S government nor about the CDC´S natural desire for peace or tollerance. This is about a government never setting a dangerous precedence, only or inter alia because the government wants peace to prevail!

    It is very clear that the WILL AND CHOICE of the people of District 15 Is Abu Kamara! PERIOD! In law, it is called res ipsa loquitor – that is the fact speaks for itself!

    IF the ALP and their cohorts were not the losers, they would not be calling for re-run!
    They would allow the NEC to give the results.

    Their tactics of criminality is to buy time and bribe authorities of the NEC! Make no mistake about that!

    Benoni Urey will do that bribery, knowing the ruling party or the CDC being the government would not stoop so low!


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