CDC, UP Support Supreme Court’s Decision

An excited Wilmot Paye at the supreme court following the ruling (Photo: Nick N. Seebeh)

CDC says it vehemently rejects interim govt.

The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) of Sen. George M. Weah and the ruling Unity Party (UP) of Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai which are awaiting the delayed runoff, have welcomed the Supreme Court’s decision in Liberty Party’s (LP) alleged electoral fraud case.

After a ruling granting a writ of prohibition on the run-off election slated to have taken place on Tuesday, the two political parties vying for the presidency said they respect the laws of the land and are prepared to see the country remain on the peace trajectory.

Samora Wolokollie, CDC’s deputy campaign spokesperson said his party is law-abiding and will remain patient until the NEC looks into not only the LP’s complaint but all other election-related complaints coming from other political parties and individual candidates.

Wolokollie said, however, that the Commission should fast-track the hearing of all the cases in order to remain in the confines of time to avoid an interim government. “We are calling on our partisans and supporters across the country to remain calm. Ours is not to disturb the peace but to closely follow the process to its logical conclusion,” he said.

Samora Wolokollie of the CDC speaks to journalists at the Supreme Court

The runoff will be held and the plan for an interim government by detractors will continue to be vehemently rejected as there is still time to resolve all complaints before the NEC and allow the runoff to go ahead, said Wolokollie.

“The maximum time frame set aside for the NEC to look into all election irregularities and fraud cases is 30 days. Also seven days are set aside for any party not satisfied with the outcome of the hearings to file an appeal either to the NEC’s  Board of Commissioners or the Supreme Court,” Wolokollie noted, adding that should the Commission surpass 37 days without concluding the handling of cases before it will only be a deliberate attempt to take the country backward.

He boasted that the CDC will win the runoff when held at any time. “The majority of the people of this country have resolved to retire the Unity Party. They believe that Senator George M. Weah and his able deputy, Senator Jewel Howard Taylor, can take this country forward and change the living conditions of the masses by creating jobs and building infrastructure,” he said.

UP Chair Wilmot Paye said the action of the Supreme Court, which granted a permanent stay order on the presidential run-off election is a clear demonstration that the country’s democracy is maturing.

“LP’s action is within the confines of the law and to this, we all subscribe. We are together in this even though we are from different political groupings,” he said.

Paye noted that the most important thing is not about an individual just winning an election but the credibility of the very electoral process that guarantees said winner the chance to lead.

“We are impressed that the LP’s partisans and their sympathizers did not invade the streets with violence and lots of unorthodox actions in demand of justice. In fact, justice is not found just anywhere but at the constituted legal institutions and agencies,” he said.

He pointed out that the NEC’s rejection of UP’s intervention in LP’s alleged irregularities and frauds case was an error on the part of the hearing office, but remained confident that UP, who also has a lot of evidence in connection with LP’s complaint, will not rest until it is considered as a party to the suit.

The NEC Board of Commissioners on Monday overturned the Commission’s hearing office decision to deny UP’s intervention. They granted the ruling party a chance to participate by presenting the evidence in their possession.

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David S. Menjor is a Liberian journalist whose work, mainly in the print media has given so much meaning to the world of balanced and credible mass communication. David is married and interestingly he is also knowledgeable in the area of education since he has received some primary teacher training from the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI). David, after leaving Radio Five, a broadcast media outlet, in 2016, he took on the challenge to venture into the print media affairs with the Dailly Observer Newspaper. Since then he has created his own enviable space. He is a student at the University of Liberia.


  1. It is foolhardy but at the same time reassuring that the CDC which is patently acclaimed for anarchism for everything that doesn’t go its way, would be hands-off in this electoral dispute that obviously pertains not only to the parties that have taken on the mantle of justice in that regard, but concerns the perfection or at least correction of the electoral system in general for now and in the future. We pray and hope the CDC will exhibit this same indulgent reaction tomorrow, in case the election result is something other than their overconfident expectation.

  2. The most unreliable set of politicians are our Liberian, “Liberian Educated Anarchist”. We all are educated, however; some of us put away our egos, to allow nationalism hold root. The love for one country…….is the prime cultivation of social economic, and civil development that is embeded within an emerging DEMOCRACY.
    It is upon this foundation that well developed society is built.

    The quest for greed, selfishness, like what the so-called EDUCATED are persueing, leads to uncertainty. It is what had dragged Liberia into what it is today.
    It was greed and selfishness that cause the Junta leader in 1985 to take away the election from Jackson F. Doe. Certain section of the Liberian population felt marginalized.
    Politics in Liberia is heavily based on tribal, and ethnic line….like any developing country.
    Our society is not yet mature, or not many are educated to make rational choice base on understanding of civil government.
    Indtead, most of our voters choose candidites with close tribal , ethnic and cultural affileations.

    Therefore…..lets be very careful..not to repeat Oct. 15, 1985.

    • Hon. Bah, how do know Jackson F. Doe won the 1985 election…? I guess we also should go about saying CDC won in 2005 and 2011? We need to stop this kind of propaganda that left many of our people dead. It does not mean it is true because the people we know are saying it. Today, if you were to ask Madam Sirleaf how did she know Jackson F. Doe won 1985 elections, she won’t even know what you are talking about. There is nothing to show JFD won in 1985. In my mind, 1985 election fraud alarm was just the justification those greedy, unpatriotic, and criminal minded people used to get themselves to power. And yes, they succeeded. What was the result? Over two hundred and fifty thousand of our people, dead. We can’t go that route again.

      So let me quickly say the decision by LP to test our judicial system is perfect once it is not a calculated wild-goose chase intended to derail the entire election and the smooth transition from one democratically elected president to the next…..

      Having said that, I think we should all observe the legal issues that have been raised and see what the Supreme Court says about the evidence presented by the parties at the end of the day.

      On the subject of an interim government, that is just another way of having an unlimited intellectual exchange. That won’t happen and no sound minded person should even entertain that level of craziness.

      So let’s say we drag this election thing after January 20, 2017. What happens next? Oh, I got it. The LP, UP, ANC, ALP and the crew will just run to Ellen house and tell her that her mandate has expired and that she is no longer President. If she disagrees, they will just tell the EPS, Police, and the AFL to stop taking orders from Ellen and a new person takes over….? Is it that simple?

      We are joking here…… Like many true Liberians, I support any action that will resolve our contentions through the legal channels which are provided for under the laws of Liberia. Therefore, I reject anything on the contrary…..

  3. Liberians are quick to make incorrect historical statements. Jackson F. Doe lost the election. Impatiently, Liberians took out their first elected President by death. There are reasons why Liberians vote on ethnic lines. If each tribesmen stop looking at themselves above others than public in general will have confidence to try the unthinkable. George M. Weah given that voice that many county voted him not by tribes. Joseph N Boakai should give similar voice and restore love for the Liberian people.
    Lofa and Nimba did not vote Mr. Weah. Weah was voted by the other counties with low populations. Weah always come first or second for the first two peaceful election. It is not strange at all. Why are LP and UP undermining the process. They just got scared of the run off. Form a coalitions and wine Weah that what educated people do.

  4. From a neutral standpoint, I will firstly hail the mature leadership of the Liberty Party for pursuing justice through the ideal channel, however, the Liberty Party or any other party for that reason should be willing to abide, cooperate and present every single request or requirement that may be needed of them constitutionally whether by NEC or by the Supreme Court. To conclude, if this process will in any way hinder the achievements we (Liberia) has made over the years through peaceful coexistence, I would suggest that at certain point if needed there should be some compromise on the part of the political parties to allow the run-off and drop or withdraw their case or to accept a possible rerun perhaps after an interim government.
    That’s just my fair opinion….

  5. To those of you dictionary oriented politicians and uninnovative barristers anticipating to hijack our country, we agree you may master the constitution of the Republic of Liberia, however, be informed that we the people of Liberia are very knowledgeable and can equally scale balance between high moral standards and the constitution. We wished your adequate knowledge of the constitution could rescue Liberia from killing, stealing and destruction.

    The differences between constitution and/or rule of law of a country, and good human moral, which needs to be equally scale balance by you vacabulary oriented politicians are; good moral prevents danger from occurring, hence every plan of action or demonstration by mankind, bad or good first begins from within the heart, whilst constitution and rule of law diversely guides and mitigates the effects of dangerous occurrence. This means, good moral is more effective and efficient in preserving democracy and its embedded gains.

    We say to you stage managers of unanticipated crisis in our country, democracy is a process, it is strengthened by stages over time. If your socalled pursuit to preserving the constitution and rule of law dosen`t yield peace, reconciliation and stability, what is the essence of your pursuit, and why embark such journey in the first place?

    You guys have been exposed and are not politically relavant in our society any more. Your hidden plan for interim government and revertment of our country to the darkest days demonstrates ill wished for your own country and its people. Liberia must and will be delivered from the hands of you wicket demons, regardless your constitutional knowledge, by the Power and Authority in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

  6. Hon.
    Clatalee Kowou IV, I honourably respect your view sir. You know, this is a complete intentional derailment by those guys who are or already sense defeat.
    I m measuring with 1985, simply because it was widely said in all quarters after the elections in 1985, that Mr Jackson F. Doe won. In the Liberian saying, it goes as ” where there is smoke, certainly there is fire”. No one could counter what was circulating at that time, regarding the elections result. I and some Liberian took it that way. We should not create an atmosphere on which half of the population or sector of the voters will feel suspicious of foul play.

    What is going on now between the LAP and NEC, with supreme intervention, if the is rerun or any delay an interim government is users in. Mr. Weah Supporters will not be please.
    You know exactly what that means for our country. This is my point.

  7. CDC’s rejection of an interim government is a credit to its leadership. I applaud their decision wholeheartedly.
    In my humble opinion for the very first time, a touchdown has been made by the party’s leadership.

    What Liberians should fear the most is putting the country rulership in the hands of
    young uneducated, inexperienced, disrespectful and anxious for power at this time.
    I now know why in the past, Liberian leadership was always placed in the hands of
    old or matured educated, experienced and honorable men and women. To the extent
    that whenever time arrived for a leadership, even in my village, clan, Chiefdom, District.
    the Elders will always give preference to the older and matured man or woman the
    first chance to the leadership. We young people then used to feel bad why the Elders
    made the decision like that. Well, it was, as it should be today, because the older or
    matured person works to command and crave for honor and good records in office.

    When the late Jackson F. Doe was being swearing in as Minister of Education, he said:
    “We shall perform in a way so that ours [records] will go down as the worse.” Yes,
    indeed, Hon. Doe was ascribing to good and respectful behavior. Is that the same with
    the young people today? Not at all! People who want to rule today with the mind that
    ‘not everybody willl like anyway,’ so they take decision without thought how their
    decision will affect people’s lives. That is what we Liberians should fear most.


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