‘CDC to Lose 2023 If…’

VP Jewel Howard Taylor

— VP Jewel Howard Taylor

Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor has predicted that the government of President George Weah might find it difficult to retain state power in 2023 if sound and robust decisions are not taken quickly to improve the livelihoods of the people.  

VP Taylor’s statement comes just days after some stalwarts of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) came out to speak against the government on how it is handling the economy.

Most importantly, the statement from the VP, the second high ranking official of the government, is a clear an indication that the 2023 general and presidential election might not be an easy ride for the party as expected. 

According to VP Howard-Taylor, the ruling party’s massive defeat during the just ended December 8, 2020 senatorial elections signified that the party has failed to improve the lives of the people as promised in 2017, and it is highly predictable that it might struggle to retain state power in 2023.

“2020 was a very strategic year,” VP Howard-Taylor said. “The people went out expressing their message of frustration through the ballot box. Democracy is about engagement and interaction with the people. I hope everyone has heard that message,” VP Taylor said.

“I hope we have gotten a clear message that the people have sent to us… I hope we can look at where we have fallen short and catch up to see how we can change the trajectory; the Chinese people say if you do not change where you are going, you will end up where you are headed; I hope this is a loud and clear message to us that we must get everyone on board,” said VP Howard-Taylor in an interview with Spoon TV.

However, the Liberian Vice President repeatedly warned that any more failure from the ruling party not to live up to the people’s expectations; the next election result could be a repeat of the just-ended election.

But she said that such a situation could be avoided if the ruling party puts itself together, reassesses its priorities as well as reenergize the hope and aspirations of the people so that they can once again believe in what the government is doing.

“As leaders, you must believe that people are able to look at their future and take the proper decision that they must take,” added VP Howard Taylor. “Maybe it was time to sit back and see how things will end up… though I was not in my best mood considering what had happened to me.”

VP Howard-Taylor’s admission of the need for change in the style of governance is similar to recent statements made by some members of the ruling party including Representative Acarous Gray of Montserrado County District #8 and Deputy Information Minister for Press and Public Affairs Eugene Fahngon that urgent change is needed to enable the party to retain power in 2023.

They two officials and stalwarts of the CDC-led government indicated that the county’s current economic situations put the CDC in a bad position for 2023 if some improvements are not made quickly.

Meanwhile, VP Howard Taylor has publicly acknowledged that there’s a lot of hopelessness and disappointments across the country and within the ruling establishment to the extent that some stalwarts of the CDC are now expressing their frustrations.

According to the Vice President, before last year’s defeat, she told a higher ranking official of the party that the ruling coalition was going to lose seats in the special senatorial election for bad internal governance.

That internal issue, the VP said, resulted from a situation where everyone within the Coalition was not on board during the just ended elections including her, as she was not active and felt disrespected.

“Government is elected to make its people happy, so the message coming out of 2020 says the people are not happy,” she said. “We must reassess and see what we can do to make the people happy.”

She furthered expressed disappointment that the agreement that brought about the establishment of the Coalition for Democratic Change is no longer respected.

The Vice President claimed that she and the NPP have been sidelined in many decisions arising from the governing CDC, including some of her functions that are clearly spelt out in the Constitution of Liberia.

It can be recalled that during the just-ended election, the CDC-led Government was defeated in Bong, Bomi, Grand Cape Mount, River Gee, Lofa, Margibi, Rivercess, Grand Bassa, and Montserrado counties, while results from Nimba and Gbarpolu are still pending.


  1. Madam vice president, Weah listens to nobody. He is secluded behind Tweah and McGill. Why the hell you worried? Weah does not like your stupid fat self. He does not give you gas for your convoy, takes away your funding and does not pay your employees. Why the hell you care idiot. He will not carry you on the ticket as you are intelligent and dumb people dont like smart people. Shut up and take your money because this is your last political ride until 2023.


  2. Juu Howard Taylor, shut up. SHUT UP, MEHN. You thought that George Weah would fulfill your political ambition to release your criminal husband from “life” prison. REALLY? The Liberian people, hitherto, feel that you should have known better than aligning yourself with an illiterate football player. But you wanted to be just who you are right now. Both you and President Weah are the same SOBs ruining Liberia. S.H.U.T. U.P, Juu Taylor.
    Julius A. Momo – Stone, USAju

    • Please respect our VICE PRESIDENT, she is a woman, a mother, an educator, a leader, and then occupying the secon
      d highest seat in the country!

  3. Madam vice-president, you need not to speak because we knew everything that was happing before you could even come out with this, those people can not listen, they are incapable, they are highly corrupts, highly insensitive to the happining in the country. They already know that they are one-term or one kban regime.

  4. The VP will speak out now and continue to speak out, because firstly she is a patriot and a Woman of substance, who can help Pres. Weah get this Ship back on course.
    A 50 yrs old George M. Weah did not create this Iron Rock that is blocking our view into the future or our path into open seas. But, a 50 yrs old George M. We ah with youthful exuberance has been elected by the people to shift this Rock or roll it to the bottom of the ocean. If he is unable to do so within the time given, the people would have no alternative but to conclude that he is not trained to pilot this type of ship.
    Mr. PRESIDENT it’s time to recalibrate and with a Woman of Substance by your side like the VP, and other great advisos, let us move this country forward. You still have time and talents on your side. Be they partisans or not. They are Liberians!

    • Ms. George; a midterm can make or unmakes an encumbant [PRESIDENT]. In this case, the possibility of a Weah’s 2nd term is bleak. Very bleak! LIBERIANS have learned a hard lesson. No doubt! They are poised for a decision; comes 2023. The V.P, Lady Taylor, infact seems to be telling Liberians [VOTERS]; The G.M.Weah’s Administration have failed miserably. Apparently, she’s the second in command of a wrecked ship. 2023 will be interesting. No doubt!🧐

  5. George Weah has failed miserably and there is no way he can turn things around before 2023 because he doesn’t have the leadership nor qualified people in his administration to get things done. The Liberian people have lost confidence in Weah and so does the international community. It will take a miracle to turn this terrible economy around because the country doesn’t have hundreds of millions of dollars. I think Weah now realizes the job of being President is way over his head and he doesn’t know how to deal with it. That’s why he doesn’t give press conferences, etc. Wow!

    • Gabriel I.H. Williams AKA James, yes, President Weah inherited a deteriorated economy but amid such governmental handicap, he has carried out so much needed development in just three years!

      But in you people Unity Party Governments twelve years in power, you did not do a damn thing! All you did was inter alia you defending such incompetence and do nothing government policy while you were at the Ministry of Information and at the Liberian foreign mission in America.

      So just shut up your wretched mouth! If the Weah government did not show you the door, you would never be spewing such rubbish here! Gabriel Williams, point out one single worthwhile development, you and your Unity Party government did in the twelve years you stayed in power as compared with what President George Manneh Weah and his CDC Government has done in just three years.

      • Look, when EJS was president, the country was running smoothly. Banks were liquid and people got paid on time. Now come George Weah and everything is going to hell, but he and his corrupt officials are getting rich with the people’s money. He was broke but now he’s rich in just three years. Liberians eyes are open and they know what’s going on. Weah is a failed president by all measure. What development is he making? Paving a road here and there cannot create jobs for the thousands of young people struggling to feed themselves much less have a future. If you talk to young people, they say they don’t have any future in their country. So what development are you talking about? How many jobs have been created? How much foreign investment has come into the country? This recent election should be a strong warning for Jorweah and his cronies.

  6. The pundits of Liberia have concluded that the CDC presidential ticket is unwinnable in the upcoming 2023 elections.

    Caution….Thread carefully!
    Why? Because politics is as unstable as the economy of any country. At the present time, Weah and his partisans may be seen as weak and ineffective. But that perceived ineffectiveness (which in essence is inaccurate) will motivate the Weah team to amalgamate themselves quickly. Once the CDC levels the playing field, the ticket automatically becomes winnable.

    Don’t say I didn’t tell you so!


    • Meanwhile, Liberians are so unwise and guillible in your estimation, to be languishing in hell but waiting all the while for Lord George to decide in year 5 or 6 to start catering to their needs, and then they will all of a sudden, awake from their stupor to begin extolling him, right? I will make you the first beneficiary of my resolution for this new year, to refrain from unnecessary castigations. So go my friend, and err no more.

  7. Madam Vice President I take this time to thank you for speaking your mind to the people of this country whether they voted you or not. Better late than never. Arrogance, lies and deception will not bring any good to this country.

  8. James

    Very good thoughts:

    When I read your post about the failure of this government and what many people perceive as President Weah’s inability to tackle the intractable problems facing the nation, my mind runs on the comments, which I posted on the frontpageafrica website today under its title: “Liberia: Defeated Senators Reportedly Lobbying for Appointed Positions in Government. In my comments I stated:

    Let Weah rest assured he will achieve no better results as he is only recycling the same old wines in new bottles by bringing in these failed and corrupt individuals. This is what the speaker calls insanity when a leader pretends to make a difference but in essence, is doing the same old thing.

    If the president is serious about revamping his cabinet and bringing in qualified people to jumpstart the economy and to create jobs, then he needs to think open-mindedly. However, he is extremely narrow minded and lacks the vision of what it takes to be a leader. When an individual becomes a president of a nation, he now becomes the leader of the entire country and not only the political party to which he belongs or the subregion from which he hails.

    Unless Weah adopts the mentality of the “President of the Republic of Liberia” instead of being the President of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), and bring in people who would put partisanship aside and work for the common good of Liberia, his government will remain doomed.

  9. Mr. James Citizen writes,
    “Paving a road here and there cannot create jobs for the thousands of young people struggling to feed themselves much less have a future”.

    Citizen’s assault is aimed at president Weah. Believe it or not, Mr. James Citizen deserves to be credited (not a full credit) because he admits that Weah is making progress in terms of paving roads here and there. Very rarely do Weah’s critics make good compliments.

    In the second part of Citizen’s argument, he wonders why thousands of unemployed Liberian youth cannot find jobs. I will respond to Mr. James Citizen’s concern according to the following manner:

    Most of today’s unemployed Liberians did not have an opportunity to obtain a job during the 12 long years of EJS’s presidency. Most of the young men and women who are currently unemployed were job seekers before Weah became president.

    I will conclude by saying although it’s Weah’s responsibility to make sure that jobs get created, it’s highly unfair to dump the full brunt of blame on his head. There was chronic unemployment in Liberia when madam EJS was president.

    • Apparently, President, Dr. G.M.Weah promised to solve Liberia’s chronic employment and other problems. It appears, Liberia’s problems have gotten [WORST]. Let’s just keep in minds: Liberia is still a “DEMOCRACY”. A “Government Of The People, For The People By The People”.

    • mr. Hney:

      What in the world is going on in your country, Sir? We watched, on TV, with horror as the protesters stormed the United States Capitol Building and over-ran the whole building.

      Security must have been really lax in order for the protesters to overtake it so easily the way they did.

      Trump’s hold on your country is far reaching than anyone would have thought.

      A big shame and disgrace

      Thank you

    • Hney – You can defend Weah all you want, but the facts are there for all to see. Life is horrible under Weah. That’s a fact! The good thing is: Liberians have something to compare, EJS vs Jorweah. I rest my case. The majority of Liberians have lots confidence in Mr. Weah.

  10. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    In Black Already ? Before 2023 ?
    Can’t Wait , Right ? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Oh Well. What A Woman ? What A Woman ? She Can’t Wait.

    • Mr. Hney:

      One of the key reasons why our leaders over the years have play lip service to concerns from their citizens are cited in some of the ways you respond to Citizen’s comments.

      VP Jewel is very clear. She nidicated that they have not done what was agreed and or is required of them as leaders. There is no Weahism in her statement. We failed is what she has indicated and goes further to state that the decision making have not been inclusive.

      Every progressive team of leaderdhip and or group of people will use such comments and or revelation from within a governing establishment to ask more questions and push for real actions to solve and or address the situations of their citizens.

      I live in Liberia and really love my country. I do respect my leaders and will only show that my talking them in their faults – that to me is true citizenship. Unless we all begin to do that – never mind our connections and or interests – Liberia will remain at the bottomline of development and growth in the region.

      It is not late and the writings are clear – so let the president aling with his team of leaders act and change the course of things.

  11. The VP should join hands with the leaderdhip and change the course of actions within the coalition government. She should never allow her positon to be parked. She should continue rolling.

  12. BIL Kimba,
    First of all, I made an offer a few days ago for you and JBM. I look forward to hearing from both of you.

    Second, A failed mini coup occurred yesterday in Washington DC by Trump’s insurrectionists. Trump and some of his diehard supporters do not think that their actions were unjustified. The various security agencies were unprepared. Almost 99.9 % of the insrrectionists were white people. Had that clownish group of protesters been African Americans, there would have been a price to pay! But it’s not over yet! The incoming government of Joseph Biden will look into everything that happened yesterday.

    Trump should never have been elected to the presidency. On the other hand, he’s a white guy. Whiteness in America means privilege. Example, there’s no way in hell where Barack Obama would have caused as much trouble as Trump. But Trump gets away with his foolishness because he’s a white guy.

    An election was held in the state of Georgia in the 5th. The state of Georgia made history by electing an African American and a Jew to the United States’ Senate. The newly elected Democrats defeated two sitting Republican Senators in a traditional red state. That’s unheard of. So while the news of the newly elected Senators became the talk of the day, the Trump insurrectionists took an unprecedented action that tarnished the image of the US. It was a complete carnage! In fact, a lady got shot and killed, while a few more gun victims were taken to area hospitals.

    Some Americans are incandescent because America is changing fast. The old order (white establishment) is unhappy. Example, 12 years ago, a biracial guy (Obama) became an elected president. And now, a few years later, a female Black/Indian has been elected to become a vice president.
    Bottom Line: Trump the demogouge and his moronic supporters are will not sit for a democratic transfer of power.

    A lot of Americans are in a state of shock.

  13. Should be …”on the 5th of January”.

    Shouldn’t be ….”in the 5th”.

    Should be ..”Trump and his moronic supporters will not sit for…..”.

  14. Comrade Jog,
    I strongly believe that VP Jewel Howard Taylor and Mr. Weah ought to work together for the common good of our country. On the other hand, Howard-Taylor has the right to express herself. I cannot infringe on freedom. However, I have the feeling that Howard-Taylor is unhappy. But by the same token, she is a team player. And so in order for her team to win, I think she should find a way to express her views face to face with Mr. Weah.

  15. Madam VP Taylor, I listened to all what you said above. In my mind, you talk too much until you don’t even know where to talk.

    You as vice president, you supported the June 7 protest and other protests against this very government you serving as vice president.

    If you want to leave, just leave and let us know that you are not with the ruling establishment, instead you are causing serious problem within the ruling establishment.

    If you want be cat 🐈 be 🐈 cat, if you want be dog 🐕 be dog 🐕 but you can’t be 🐈 cat dog 🐕.

  16. Jewel Howard Taylor is too educated and sophisticated for where she is.They fear her because she knows her way around the Executive Mansion.


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