CDC to Launch Campaign Activities on June 8

Mr. Morlu: “There are bad elements within the NEC working against the CDC."

In the wake of controversy surrounding the planned June 7 “peaceful protest,” the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), a party that made up part of the governing coalition, has announced June 8 to launch its Montserrado County senatorial and District #15 representative by-elections campaign.

This means the streets will be so busy during the ensuing confusion looking at the proximity of the two political activities…June 7 protest and June 8 campaign.

CDC chairman Mulbah Morlu, who made the disclosure on Monday, May 27, 2019 in Monrovia said that the launch, which is expected bring thousands of its partisans and supporters together at the Slipway Field in Central Monrovia.

“We will take the senatorial and District #15 by-elections very serious, because we need to increase our members in the House in order to clean the mess. Again, we are ready for the campaign and also ready to win the by-elections,” chairman Morlu declared.

Officials of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) recently endorsed Ms. Paulita C. C. Wie for the Montserrado County senatorial by-election and Abu Kamara for the District #15 Representative by-election.

Morlu called on coordinators of the CDC to begin official campaign activities on June 4, 2019, a date which authorities of the National Elections Commission (NEC) set for official campaigning for the two by-elections.

“There will be no campaign activities on June 7, and want you to stay home and get prepared to come out on June 8 for the march. We are aware that the CDC has no equal in Montserrado County, so we don’t want to win by single digit, but double digits,” Mr. Morlu told newsmen at the party’s headquarters.

“We have sent the party’s campaign schedules to the NEC, and the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), which indicates the preparedness of CDC in upholding the country’s peace, even during elections. We understand, having sensed provocations, but we will ensure that those provocations do not create any problem for our peaceful people,” Morlu said.

He said the party awaits the response from the NEC and the Justice Ministry, assuring Liberians of peaceful campaign activities.

According to Morlu, those who got defeated during the 2017 elections were mostly involved in provocations, but peaceful engagements and dissemination of progress made under President George M. Weah will lead to CDC’s victories in the upcoming by-elections.

“We have well qualified candidates, and they are prepared to win these elections, because CDC under President Weah has achieved more in the last one year and half years as compare to the 12 “wasted” years under the former president. The campaigns will not be long. We will close the campaign on June 29 at the party’s headquarters with a strong message to the people of Montserrado County and Liberia,” Mr. Morlu said.

But officials of the Council of Patriots have announced thorough various media, including social media and the traditional media, that theirs will be a week-long protest activity, beginning June 7, 2019.

The Justice Ministry has yet to respond to the potential conflict of schedules between the opposing political sides.



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