CDC to Dominate Lower House

Distribution of seats for the in-coming House of Representatives, by party or political groupign

Elects 21 lawmakers; UP, 17; LP, 3; ALP, 3; PUP, 5; Independent, 11; Others, 13

Provisional results released so far by the National Elections Commission (NEC) on the October 10 presidential and legislative elections put the number of representatives the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has won at 21, ahead of the governing Unity Party, which obtained 17 of the 73 seats.

Other elected lawmakers representing various political parties and the independent candidates, constitute 11 of the elected representatives, followed by five that were elected on the ticket of the People’s Unification Party (PUP), while the Liberty Party and the All Liberian Party (ALP) won three each. Thirteen (13) others are representing various parties, except the Alternative National Congress (ANC), which did not secure a single seat.

If the provisional results remain as is, it would mean that the CDC will dominate the Lower House, a political observer pointed out to this newspaper late yesterday.

Montserrado Senator George Weah’s ticket, a conglomeration of the CDC, the National Patriotic Party (NPP) of Bong County Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor and the Liberian People’s Democratic Party (LPDP) of former House Speaker Alex J. Tyler, has so won the highest number of the 73 seats, with nine of the lawmakers coming from Montserrado County alone.

UP, on the other hand, has taken a leap by winning 17 seats ahead of the official final announcements of both the presidential and representative results.

Also, independent candidates who contested for legislative seats across the country succeeded in taking 11.

Why is the Lower House key to national governance?

Considering that the Legislature, which is comprised of the House of Representatives and the House of Senate, is the first branch of government and has considerable decision making powers, constituents nationwide look forward to real change after sending their kin to the Capitol Building.

Citizens have over the years complained that national development projects have often stalled, not only because every elected president has single handily run the affairs of the nation, but also with the help of complicit legislators.


  1. Now, people will see how politicly unknown this so called ANC is. They could not win a single seat in the House of Representatives, while even independents won 11 seats! For Frontpageafrica, such reports are not newsworthy. But a very weak assumption of “ANCś vice running mate been a kingmaker in a single county” AND NOT WITHIN THE WHOLE COUNTRY is very much newsworthy.

  2. One think you have to understand in Liberia is T-shirt group ANC, the people you saw behind you were not there to vote you in but to show you pepper. The people of Liberia are not stupid any more, I tell you the next election might not produce more than 20 people running for president. Because you will bring your free money the people eat it and you go nowhere.

  3. Regardless, who wins seats, if the citizens of their Districts don’t hold them accountable the job they were elected to do, will not get done.
    Agricultural Breaks are for Lawmakers to visit their Districts to discuss matters of importance to them. Instead they lavish the money given them on their concubines to spent abroad buy items to wear that they cannot even spell.

  4. Our people are so stupid it is not even funny. You want the president to have the executive and the legislative? We are a stupid people. That is why we will stay long inside. Nobody better call me for Moneygram number. You vote for CDC, you drink the dirty water.

  5. This is the expression of the true will of the people. The people’s will prevail eventually…However, this trend has been toyed with be some per the Presidential race…Absolute nonsense and bull. The People’s time has come and it will be actualize. Power to the Liberia People.

  6. The liberian people are voting for their future.A future that will help stop them from dependency as yiu rightly stated.They can”t continue to beg you or request that you help them.Some of you ingreat,continued to threat and make fun of them cuz,you were oppotune to come in the west or abroad and therefore,you think of

    having total control on their lives and therefore want to tell them who to vote for.But,no matter,what help you r doing for them,does not give you the right to say or control what they feel good for their lives and interest.Pls,let us stop making mockery of our”s people and let them make their demoncratic decision of what or who they believe can help bring that change they been yeilding for all this while.Again,Stop the threats and do the rightful thing.God bless Mama liberia!!!

  7. I’m so confused Mr. Boakia had 12 years to aide in the development of Liberia with no success. I was told he was being control by the Madam president . If a man can be controlled for 12 years. Well what’s make you think he is not under control now. Please I beg you. Vote your conscience. Vote for a positive change in Liberia. Vote for the development of Liberia. Its so clear the best choice should be your only choice for President of Liberia is George Weah. God bless Liberia

  8. And you call that domination by a political party, one that has 21? Are they not three political parties into one party? So, if UP and PUP combined and secure a total of 22, they get split up and deferred to a secondary position? Com’on, mehn, com’on. UP/PUP has the highest number of elected reps in this 2017 election.


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