CDC to Block Confirmation of ‘Ebola Money Eaters’


 Partisans of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) yesterday vowed to stop confirmation of those indicted by the General Auditing Commission (GAC) for their alleged role in the misapplication of funds intended to fight the deadly Ebola virus disease that plagued the country recently.

 Several government officials and entities have been linked by the GAC audit report to financial malpractices related to the expenditure of Ebola funds.

 At the Center for the Exchange of Intellectual Opinion (CEIO) yesterday on Carey Street in Monrovia, CDC through its youth chairperson, Jefferson Koji, said it is unfortunate that funds provided by local and international partners to save lives were instead used for personal purposes.

 It was worrisome, he said, for President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to begin “decorating” those involved in the misuse of Ebola money, blaming it on “procedural errors”, while pretending to fight corruption but handling alleged corrupt officials with leniency.

“We had our people dying of the virus while others were enjoying the money intended to ensure that those infected by the EVD were fully taken care of,” he declared, adding that the CDC does not need such people to be rewarded by President Sirleaf by appointing them to other public positions.

Mr. Koji said he was overwhelmed that Senator Peter Coleman, a member of CDC, is chairman of the Senate’s Health Committee, an influence the party strongly relies on to enforce its decisions on confirmation denial particularly in the case of Health Minister-designate, Dr. Bernice Dahn.

Though CDC has lost her dominance in the Senate, with the presence of its political leader, George Weah, effecting such decisions could be possible “because of the former peace ambassador’s political clout,” said Koji.

In another development, Koji noted that it was “laughable and saddening” to see Vice President Joseph Boakai, lobbying in Lofa to be petitioned for the upcoming 2017 general and presidential elections when he is part of the “Ellen led administration that continues to make no impact on the lives of Liberians.”

“While we have President Sirleaf seated, VP Boakai has exposed his desperate intension for the presidency by lobbying to be petitioned. He cannot separate himself from President Sirleaf in any manner but it just shows his quest or thirst as a “political desperado,” Koji stated.

According to him, the CDC remains committed to its principles to seek the interests of the people adding that the party will have no excuse to make to its partisans and sympathizers come 2017 general and presidential elections if it is not elected to the highest office of the land.

“We see many of our opponents, critics and detractors insinuating that the international community does not have any interest in the CDC.  This is false and can only be found within the belly of the devils,” he explained.

 As for the dismissed deputy police director for operations, Abraham Kromah, Koji said, his removal from the position was timely considering his public record since he was not the only qualified person for the position.


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