CDC Tells Partisans to be Peaceful

Sen. Weah to partisans: “Don’t be deceived or distracted. While they are complaining, they are also campaigning.”

-But Said Liberia’s Peace, Stability Lies in the Hands of the Supreme Court

The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has urged thousands of its partisans, supporters and well-wishers to behave “peacefully” throughout the campaigns ahead of the November 7 runoff, amidst concerns of potential political violence.

The Standard Bearer of the CDC, Sen. George M. Weah told “partisans” to remain law-abiding during the campaigns and the runoff election, as the party also pledged to campaign peacefully.

In a jam-packed press conference at the Rotunda of the Capitol Building on Capitol Hill yesterday, Sen. Weah stated that, amid the diverse political ideologies, Liberia remains the common interest and every Liberian must put the country first.

“Peace isn’t something we wish for, it’s something we make, it’s something we make, it’s something we do, it’s something we are and is something we give away,” Sen. Weah quoted.

The CDC standard bearer boasted of being an embodiment of peace over the years, from 2005 up to present and told his partisans to not be deceived or distracted, but should remained peaceful and come out on Tuesday, November 7 to vote the CDC.

UP’s Strategy

In a firm voice, the CDC political leader said the CDC will campaign across the countries to ensure victory.

He warned his “partisans” to be aware of the scheme of the ruling Unity Party (UP), adding, “don’t be deceived or distracted. While they are complaining, they are also campaigning.”

Supreme Court

Meanwhile, as it relates to the CDC’s pledge to remain and campaign peacefully, he said: “We like to state that the peace and stability of the country lies in the hands of the Honorable Supreme Court.”

He indicated that the “voice of the people is the voice of God and the will of the people should and must be heard.”

Sen. Weah was quick to point out to call on the international community to observe the elections for the voice of the people to be heard. He opined that he has been in politics for 12 years, and the experience he had in 2011, is exactly what the UP is experiencing now.


Sen. Weah meanwhile congratulated the National Elections Commission (NEC) for the October 10’s elections, which he termed as “peaceful.” He also thanked the 22 CDC lawmakers-elect, both new and incumbent, and consoled those lawmakers who lost the election, saying they are still on the same team.

He also commended the political parties for holding up to the Farmington Declaration.

He called on the ECOWAS Parliament and other members of the international community to pay close attention to Liberia, as she goes through election.

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