CDC Succumbs to Pressure

CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu: "The decision is intended to sustain the rule-of-law culture in the country as Liberia moves closer to another watershed electoral period..."

Chairman Morlu withdraws public officials from ruling party’s senatorial campaign team

The ruling Coalition for Democratic Change has withdrawn the nominations of all public officials that were appointed on various campaign committees of the party for the pending mid-term Senatorial elections.

The party’s move to appoint public officials which is in flagrant violation of Section 5.1 of the Code of Conduct that barred public officials from engaging in political activities was met with strong public outbursts before they rescinded the decision.

Section 5.1 says: “All officials appointed by the President should not engage in political activities, canvass, or contest for elected offices and or serve on a campaign team of any political party.”

Acknowledging the party’s error, CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu announced that the party was rescinding the nominations of all those covered by the relevant provisions of the code of conduct and yet appointed to a party campaign committees.

“The decision, which was taken with the full acquiescence of the Party’s Governing Council, is intended to sustain the rule-of-law culture in the country as Liberia moves closer to another watershed electoral period, Morlu said.

Chairman Morlu added that he “recognizes that in order to consolidate the democratic gains the country has made over the years, there must be strict adherence to Liberia’s body of laws.”

Notable among the appointees where Mayor Jefferson Koijee, Gender Minister Williametta Saydee Tarr, EPA Executive Director Wilson Tarpeh, Deputy Finance Minister for Fiscal Affairs Samora Wolokollie, and National Port Authority Managing Director Bill Tweahway.

After a few days when the appointments were made, Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel McGill, defended his party’s action and asked Liberians who felt offended by the decision to go to the court to seek justice.

In further defense of his action, Minister McGill said that the COC has been violated in the past, especially during the regime of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and wonders why Liberians are now pointing accusing fingers at the CDC.

“Let me tell you something about the COC that you are talking about. When the COC was crafted, we challenged people on the basis of our thinking that the code was being violated as some people who were contesting in the 2017 elections had not resigned two years prior to the elections as indicated by the COC. But the Supreme Court told us that we were wrong,” Minister McGill said.

Another issue raised by the President’s Chief of Staff is the absence of an ombudsman who is tasked by the COC to enforce the law. “The next thing we should know is that there is no ombudsman to enforce the Code,” he said.

Minister McGill mentioned former Information Minister, Lenn Eugene Nagbe, as a case in point for previous violations of the COC.

“My friend, Eugene Nagbe, was Minister of Information and at the same time serving as Secretary-General of the Unity Party at that time. Did he resign? But that’s our time now you want to say we are violating because you can talk,” he said.

But this was not the stand with Director of the National Port Authority (NPA), Bill Tweahway, who earlier said that he was not going to violate the law, noting that he has already tendered his letter of resignation to Chairman Morlu.

In consonance with Mr. Tweahway, the Election Coordinating Committee (ECC) and the Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia (CENTAL), in separate statements, raised red flags over the decision of the party to appoint government officials on the campaign team of Thomas Fallah, the candidate all the weight is put behind to reclaim the Montserrado County senatorial seat from Abraham Darius Dillon, an opposition candidate.

The civil society organizations critized the decision and said it was in gross violation of the Code of Conduct.

Morlu’s statement added that while his party remains committed to ensuring a peaceful electoral process, it is also the responsibility of everyone, including political parties, to maintain the peace the country enjoys.

“While assuring the general public of the party’s commitment to do all in its power to ensure a peaceful electoral process — bearing in mind that everyone has co-responsibility to maintain the peace the country enjoys — the decision doesn’t bar any Liberian from freely associating with the party’s political activities as guaranteed by the constitution of the Republic,” Morlu added.


  1. In a multiparty democratic country facing consequential senatorial races, it isn’t surprising that a ruling party perceived as corralling senior public servants as if they were party cadres would make a sudden U-turn. Unarguably, public opinion matters in politics, and its highest expression takes place through the ballot boxes on Election Day.

    • where was the public opinion when you were the NSA director and thousands were being killed and torture. mr. Moses you are a murderer for President Samuel Doe

  2. The forefathers you don’t know were murderers; your father is, or was a murderer; your uncles traffic in taking human lives; moreover, as they say, “Evil thinkers are evil doers”. Am I dumb to sin for another, or do you know how many political leaders I worked with before SKD?

    Needless to say, our country is divided partly because bearing false witness comes easily to many of you literate blockheads. By the way, since 2010, if the silly attacks of liars were enough to silence me, I would’ve stopped lending my invaluable voice to the cause of stability at home and around our neighborhood. You can’t point out another national security veteran who worked fourteen years in Sierra Leone and fourteen years in Liberia, and has dozens of informed Guinean and Ivorian friends.

    Not to talk of the fact that few of my Caucasian colleagues went on to teach in colleges, but I prefer using various platforms to warn our people about you inciters cum anarchists by echoing Niccolo Machiavelli’s “One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived”.

  3. It is absolutely contrary to human reason and intuition for ANYONE to believe that Mr. Sylvester Gbayahforh Moses would have ever been associated with such venal acts and or omissions to only be appointed as National Security Adviser by the very President Amos Claudius Sawyer’s Administration which succeeded the junta and civilian governments of the 1980’s and which was at the center of the storms of the 1980’s!!

  4. True Nationalist

    The guy talks like NSA between October 1980 and July 1986 was my private shrine, rather than an organization of over 300 employees with offices for four CIA analysts in the 1980’s when the Cold War was at its climax. Not to talk of the existence of a published Report (of a foreign-led 1987 on-the-ground investigations following the failed Qwinwonkpa coup) entitled “Liberia, a Promise Betrayed: A Report on Human Rights” written by Bill Berkeley that lauds the professionalism of NSA, described me as a “low profile professional”, and currently sold on Amazon. Lying or loose talk has been lifted to art form by bloody idiots.

    • Two quick revelations about this well concocted and tired self-glorification, and true to your Bagdhad Moses persona. First of all, you constantly reference this “Promised Betrayed” classification of your activities as NSA boss between 1980 to 1986, as a “low profile professional.” This is just another manifestation of how cunning and deceitful you are, Bagdhad Moses. Why don’t you quote the full description or entire sentence that was used to describe your cold bloodedness and let your audience judge for itself, if that estimation was meant as a flattery or not.

      Here is the full sentence that you often abbreviate to suit your ego: “…The NSA head until recently was Sylvester Moses, a low-profile figure who nonetheless played a major role in internal security matters.” (P-37). Does that sentence sound flattering to you? But, of course, by cutting the sentence in half and often using just the part that appears exaulting, you believe it purges all your erstwhile dirty deeds, right? Well, since the Liberian people cannot lay hands on your hide now for atonement for those transgressions, you shall surely atone for them to your maker.

      Secondly, this Brinkley fellow (editor of that book) was in Liberia for just one freaking month, from March 9 to April 9, 1986, so what objective assessment could he have made of your diabolism in one month? Ironically other fools who don’t know the “major roles” you played between the Doe regime and obvious external benefactors, are lauding you as one of their heroes today. Such social ostriches!

  5. Mr. Sylvester Moses, it could not be better or more aptly articulated as you have done! Real “bloody idiots“ and anti government liars, confirmation bias disseminators, and media cheerleading zombies in their “drunkard search“ mentality shackled and bondaged in such chronic idiocy, insanity, and ignorance, foolishly believing their “silly attacks“ of “lying and lose talks“ may have the potency to silence patriots!


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