CDC Stalwart Wants President Consult Party Executives on Appointments

Rep. Jay Nagbe Sloh

President George Weah, after much public outcry over the dismal performance of his nominee for the chairmanship of the National Elections Commission at the Senate, withdrew the nomination of Ndubusi Nwabudike late Thursday of April 2, 2020.

Besides public sentiments arising from the name that the nominee bears thus bringing to question his nationality, Nwabudike himself backed the public sentiment by providing conflicting information about how he obtained his nationality, thereby leading the Liberian National Bar Association (LNBA) to launch an investigation into how he became naturalized to practice Law in Liberia.

With the widespread criticisms coming to the President and his nominee, a stalwart of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), Sinoe County Representative Nagbe Sloh is calling on the President to have consultation with the Executive Committee of the party before making appointments in government.

Making the plea over the weekend at a press conference in Monrovia, Representative Sloh said the President’s action to appoint people without consulting the ruling party’s Executive Committee is bringing disgrace to the party and demeaning its (party) sacredness.

Although a member of the CDC who could sing praises to the President like most partisans do, Representative Sloh has over the last two years been radical and taking the stance with other lawmakers of the Independent Legislative Caucus in exposing acts of bad governance on the parts of both the Legislature and the Executive.

“I am happy that the President withdrew lately the nomination of Nwabudike.  He acquired all his documents through dubious deeds, and I hope the President is not going to keep him at the LACC as I am sensing something like that.  Let him pack his documents and carry them with him to Igbo State or wherever he is from,” said Representative Sloh.

In a related comment, the head of the Election Coordinating Committee (ECC), Oscar Bloh, says President George Weah should constitute an independent body to search for a credible Liberian who can handle the chairmanship of the National Elections Commission.

Mr. Bloh said elections are a critical issue that could uphold peace or throw a country into crisis and, as such, the President has to handle with care and caution to involve others including the civil society, acknowledging however that the President has the constitutional prerogative to nominate the Chairman of the NEC and other commissioners.

When Nwabudike was nominated, the ECC was one of the first groups to raise the alarm that he was not qualified to serve as the Chairman of the NEC, arguing further that even if he were a naturalized Liberian with all documents, “not everything that is legal is expedient.”


  1. Hon. Sloh was very accurate about the president consulting inner circle of the party before any public appointment is done. You can not be told lies or sugarcoat the lies about your bad behaviour as a leader, if they want you to succeed. Keep the folks around you that tell you the facts and not misleading you. Mr. Oscar Bloh is absolutely correct about the way forward in selecting anyone as a nominee to spearhead our election commission despite the president has the sole responsibility in doing so but for the betterment of everyone, get all players involved to decide the referees of the the game. What the Liberian senate recently did during confirmation hearing of rejected nominee, to invite few members of the opposition was brilliant and justifiable to the selection process. This should have been done from the start of the process but the president leadership again failed him. The laws are there and here to governed us but at times as a leader, you need to generate a good atmosphere for these very laws to take effect without any out cry from the people.

    In selecting our NEC chairman nominee, the president need to get all registered political parties involved despite he has the sole power of doing so. The reason to this is because, these registered political parties are the prime players to be officiated and they need to nominate someone that they can all trust without concerned fear. Such a nominee will be accepted by all and our democracy will see good results to satisfied the people. Democracy by itself is very accurate with pen on papers but in reality, it need human adjustment to what’s being written on papers and this require good leadership skills or there will always be out cry from the people. We can make our democracy works better from papers to total involvement. I remember the late William R. Tolbert presidency and his remarkable infrastructural and educational development was base on the idea of “total involvement for higher heights.”

  2. Why not just hold a national conference to nominate the commissioners?

    The senate rejection of nominees is a normal part of a democratic process. I think the President was prudent if the nominee has passed senate confirmation before as a Liberian, passed the NBA and Supreme Court scrutiny as a Liberian. Therefore the President can not be seen as negligent in vetting his citizenship.

    The issue of his naturalization in 1982 should also be carefully studied. There are so many well informed individuals referencing the constitution and the Allen laws to invalidate his citizenship. What we need to also look at is that the constitution was suspended and the Allen laws may have as well been suspended. This is how a 27 year old was president. We were ruled by decrees and it is these decrees that should be referenced not the suspended Constitution.



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