Rep. Saah Joseph Donates Medical Supplies to Health Centers

Rep. Joseph in a container with the medical supplies

Says 30 US medical doctors expected to give free services in November

In an effort to contribute to building a resilient health sector and to also boost his re-election campaign, Montserrado County District # 13 Representative Saah Joseph has begun distributing free medical supplies to 36 health centers and a medical school.

Rep. Joseph, who was honored as the ‘Ebola Hero Lawmaker’ for providing first response ambulances that saved hundreds of lives in the country and neighboring Sierra Leone during the 2014 Ebola epidemic, started the distribution over the weekend in District #13.

The medical supplies included delivery beds, medical boxes and accessories, intravenous, ultrasound and oxygen equipment.

The beneficiaries were Mascho and International clinics, both located in Chocolate City; Safe Zone Clinic (1308 Community – New Georgia Road), and Kelvin Clinic. Albertine Medical Store and Vision Medical School – all in New Georgia Estate, also benefited from Joseph’s donations.

The distribution of medical equipment and accessories continued last Monday at the Susan & Sonnie Memorial Clinic in Chocolate City and the Iron Factory Community Clinic. Others included Foanwa Medical and Laboratory Clinic, Topoe Village, the Victoria Faith Clinic, and Omax Health Center both in Battery Factory.

Medial supplies being unloaded from the container

According to Rep. Joseph, no distributions would be held yesterday and Thursday because of sessions in the House of Representatives, adding that the final distributions in the District would take place today  and Friday.

“This is not a political campaign as it may seem because since 2012, l have been involved in donating free medical equipment, accessories and drugs to health centers through the help of an organization in the United States,” Rep. Joseph said.

“As you may be aware, in 2014 our ambulances were a great help and I am determined to do more.”

The Montserrado County lawmaker also told journalists that in November, about 30 medical doctors are expected in the country to provide free medical services in the country.

He indicated that four 40-foot containers have arrived in the country with additional medical supplies for free distribution to clinics and medical centers.


  1. Liberian want free always? What is his contribution? Why are Liberian not able to study intelligent things? By now Liberia should have hundreds of MDs?

  2. It is a welcome idea to contribute and self one’s constituent at a time. Also, there is time to walk away and give chance to the capables for such reasons; INTEREST GROUPS INFLUENCE POLITICIANS AND PUBLIC TO GET WHAT THEY WANT. Lobbying activities have expanded dramatically in Liberia, through political fools. Now, lobbying from my perspective in Liberia, since the propotional representatives and transitional governments, provided too many incapable individual who took public offices, have had some nagative impacts. Lobbying is a multi billion dollar industry which employs a sophisticated strategy to win public opinion and political favours for its clients or members. Lobbying and the ‘revolving door’ One who is used ignorantly…Who is able to lobby, and the methods they can employ in doing so, is determined by a designed to add some transparency to an otherwise murky process. There are, therefore, “official lobbyists” – individuals and firms for whom the frequency and import of their work requires them to register themselves. Any interested party can engage the services of these professionals for a fee, but if a board member, union official, or other “concerned citizen” wants to meet with a political decision-maker, and perhaps even discuss a policy or infrastructure proposal over lunch, there’s little – other than a vigilant press, perhaps – to effectively prevent them from doing so. Has any concerned citizen or District #13 resident ever asked Hon. Saah Joseph, the sourse of his suppliers and how well their intentions can be interchanged ( appreciated) with the District’s appreciation for them, or their organization. So, political lobbying is not limited to those officially sanctioned as “registered lobbyists”. Its scope includes anyone who wants something and is willing to twist a government official’s arm to get it. My fellow country men and women shine your eyes well, well ooo.


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