CDC, Rep. Lawrence’s ‘Rift’ Deepens

Embattled Rep. Adolph Lawrence and CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu

The ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) for the last few weeks has been locked in an internal struggle with Montserrado County District # 15 Representative Adolph Lawrence, after the lawmaker evicted the party local headquarters from his compound in the community.

The confrontation, which has escalated into a full-blown conflict, came about after Lawrence openly campaigned for former Grand Bassa County District #15 Representative Hans Barchue against his party’s favorite Bhofal Chambers during the speakership election last year.

But Chambers won the election.

The dispute has deepened into a wider rift between Rep. Lawrence and the CDC that overwhelmingly supported Lawrence’s re-election, with the party’s revoking the lawmaker’s membership with them, saying: “Lawrence is no longer the district’s political leader.”

Executives of the party that include President George Weah on Saturday, November 3, announced former Post and Telecommunications Assistant Minister Abu Kamara as political leader of District #15.

Kamara was one of those aspirants who were said to have violated the controversial Code of Conduct (CoC) and whose nomination to contest District #15 representative seat in 2017 was rejected by both authorities of the National Elections Commission and the Supreme Court.

Emmett Reeves, who is currently the chairperson of the Montserrado County branch of the party, announced the party’s position about Rep. Lawrence’s replacement shortly after Kamara joined the CDC. Reeves said the appointment of Kamara was a decision taken in “revenge of Rep. Lawrence’s ingratitude to the party.”

Reeves did not explain by what other means the CDC would take revenge against Rep. Lawrence, but added that, “We are going to react in just a matter of time, and we would not let this deceit go unpunished.” Reeves is also council chairman of the 15 counties.

“Lawrence claimed that he loves the party, but he chose to stab us in the back. He is deceitful, and so we are going to resist him during the next election,” Reeves vowed.

Shortly afterward, Reeves declared Kamara as the next political leader for the CDC in District #15.

“Kamara, you are the next lawmaker of this district and right now the political leader. This is your political leader,” Reeves told the gathering.

In response, Kamara informed his audience that his primary concern is to reconcile the party with the residents.

“Reconciling all of the broken bones of the district would be the objective of my leadership, and we are going to pursue just that,” Kamara assured the partisans.

“Coming from the background of the CDC, I was only affiliating with other political parties but was never a member of any political party. This is my first political party, and it would be my last political party,” Kamara told the cheering crowd.

Meanwhile, the CDC District #15 Coordinator Thompson Sayply informed the gathering that they fought tirelessly to take the CDC to where it is. However, they are yet to realize the result of their efforts.

“We fought for change that would affect our lives. But where is the change?” Sayply rhetorically asked the party’s leaders.

 “We have residents here with Bachelor’s, Master’s and terminal degrees, but where are the promises to them since they too are equally qualified,” Sayply wondered.

“Gone are the days that we were used, misused and abandoned. But we will not allow anyone to use us anymore in vain,” he vowed. He has promised to address the issue in the shortest possible time.


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