CDC Pushes LMA to Nominate Candidate for Montserrado Senatorial Race

Sources say Acting LMA president Samullah unilaterally nominated the association's former president, Lusu Sloan Crawford (pictured), to contest the Montserrado Senatorial seat.

Fearing recurring of defeat

Contrary to reports that either Deputy Labor Minister Attorney Phil Dixon and media executive Bernard ‘DJ Blue’ Benson would be one of the favorites on the ticket of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), the Daily Observer has gathered that the governing party is seeking a suitable individual to emerge from the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA) as a CDC candidate.

According to unimpeachable  sources, a secret meeting was held with over 40 superintendents of branches of markets from across Montserrado County, including the interim president and vice president of the LMA, Madam Elizabeth Samullah, and Cecelia Weah respectively.

The discussion reportedly took place on Saturday, April 20, 2019 at the headquarters of the CDC in Congo Town, Monrovia.

Sources said CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu, who chaired the secret meeting, had on his agenda the nomination of an LMA representative to the ticket of the CDC with hopes of contesting the pending senatorial by-election, and also to expectedly get a popular vote to compensate for the loss in the Montserrado County District #13 by-election.

It can be recalled that the CDC candidate, John Weah was convincingly defeated by independent candidate, Edward Flomo, alias Color Green, during the District #13 by-election. CDC’s first defeat in an election in Montserrado County was a blow to the ruling party, especially coming in less than 11 months under their rule.

“We want a nomination from the LMA, because we want this seat no matter what, so that we cannot lose the senatorial seat. We want to win the senatorial election,” the source quoted Mr. Morlu as telling partisans at the meeting.

The pending senatorial by-election was the result of the death of Senator Geraldine Doe-Sherif.

But sources say Acting LMA president Samullah unilaterally nominated the association’s former president Lusu Sloan Crawford. Further, according to sources, some of the superintendents are supporting the nomination of Madam Nancy Yorlah, who is popularly known as Ma Nancy.

“She nominated Madam Sloan, who said she would think over the nomination but, for some of us, we want Ma Nancy,” the source said, quoting her colleagues.

The source said that support for both candidates, Sloan and Yorlah, is relatively 50/50, but an executive member of the CDC, (name withheld), said the defeat of the CDC in the county, the coalition’s stronghold, has indicated that without the face of President George Weah on the party’s ticket, the CDC cannot win an election.

Another executive member, (name withheld), said statistics from the ‘war room’ of the Coalition revealed that the ruling party will lose again if another seemingly unpopular candidate such as Attorney Phil Dixon is on the ticket.

“The party needs a candidate who has a constituency,” the executive member said. Political analysts have however argued that, if the CDC continuously allows itself to lose seats in Montserrado County, the implications will not portend well for the party and such may indicate signs of being an unwanted party.


  1. That drive by the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) to command the respect of the masses of Montserrado County to serve them in elected positions was rooted in the rebuilding efforts of the party back in 2006. This was when the hopes of some party stalwarts were shattered at the ballot box during the rerun of the presidential race in 2005.

    Those efforts were strategized by the branch of the party in the USA (CDC-USA) and blessed by the presence and support of the then Standard Bearer, George Weah. The first high power delegation from the party in Liberia (CDC-Liberia) was invited to the USA. In the conference that ensued at the University of Maryland, USA , much emphasis was put on CDC spending her political capital on the people who make up the bulk of the population, AKA the masses.

    Identifying with the masses by word and deed was the mantra of the beloved CDC back then. At that time, the party faced no temptations of divorcing the party’s WORD from DEED. CDC was in the opposition at the time. The party today may not be unaware of the slippedry slope of falling into the temptation of divorcing the party’s words from deeds, now that the party is in power.

    The people do not look to “popular” people with “constituencies”. All they want to know is whether the party still walks the walk when she talks the talk. Is the party developing the country, improving the national economy, and thereby creating good-paying jobs for the Liberian people? If my brothers and sisters in power answer in the affirmative then it is imperative to show the signs for the people to see. We are now pushing towards a year and a half since inauguration day. This is the time that people who are patient begin to look for signs of what CDC has been promising them since 2004.

    Does George Weah still have people around him who, behind closed doors, will tell him the truth; what he ought to hear, rather than what he wants to hear? Or on the contrary, just because he finally won the highest trophy of the land, the presidency, is he just satisfied with making high fives and toasting champaigne glasses with “friends” and psychophants than truly identifying with the people and their struggles?


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