CDC Probes 2 Partisans for Double Registration

-Writes President Sirleaf to prosecute those mentioned in the audit report at the Finance Ministry

(From Left) CDC Ad Hoc election chairman Jefferson Koijee. Incumbent Rep. Julius Berrian faces probe by CDC investigator, Atty. Phil Dixon

By Leroy M. Sonpon III

The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has formally launched an investigation of two of its partisans for double registration – at the National Elections Commission (NEC) to contest in the October 10 Legislative Elections as independent candidates and for the CDC primary elections under the party’s ticket.

The Coalition named Montserrado County District #10 incumbent Representative Julius Berrian and Montserrado County District #7 representative aspirant, Mrs. Kebbeh Collins, as the two partisans.

The chairman of the CDC’s primary election commission, Jefferson Koijee, told journalists yesterday at the party’s headquarters that double registration is a “double standard,” and is against the Coalition’s ethics.

Koijee, who is Ad Hoc election chairman and president of the Revolutionary National Youth League, disclosed that Atty. Phil Dixon will begin the probe today (June 13) at the party’s headquarters in Congo Town.

“If they are found guilty, they will be automatically disqualified from the party’s primary,” Koijee said.

Meanwhile, he said the CDC Youth League has written President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to commend her for her decisive action to actualize the outcome of audits conducted at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, with particular emphasis on the Private Sector Development Initiative (PSDI).

In its letter to the President, a copy of which is in the possession of this newspaper, the CDC urged her to call up from abroad others who are named in the audit report, as she did with Maritime boss Dr. James Kollie.

“By standing up to the likes of Dr. James Kollie, you show that it is still possible for you to respond to the squandering of national resources. History will record your actions. We can only hope that you do more like this, and have no sacred cows. That is why we believe it is important to go further in supporting the findings of the audit,” Koijee said.

“There are others also mentioned in the report, some of whom have left the government while others are abroad for studies. They too need to respond. They too need to restitute where necessary and be prosecuted where appropriate. Those outside the nation must be made to return, while those within must remain in Liberia, without traveling to prove explanations in support of every investigative process required by law.”


  1. There is no need to applaud president Sirleaf selective justice stance on corruption in her government. The Biggest corruption saga in this government is the NOCAL bankruptcy scheme.And those who are responsible for the huge financial loss to the state are untouchable and president took responsibility for their wrong doing to the state only because they are her relatives and should not be prosecuted for breaking the laws. These actions on her part are belated and kept our people continue abject poverty for last eleven years.

  2. Mr. Smith G. Wulu, if what you are saying is true, then what did President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
    change in Liberia since she took office by way; I said by way because she was not supposed to
    take public office for 30 – 35 years according TRC findings and decision.


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