CDC Officials: Duncan’s Case Does Not Undermine RIA’s Progress


Two personnel of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) who have been working for the past three weeks alongside the Roberts International Airport team in the area of capacity building, said on Monday, October 13 that the procedures at the airport are rigorous enough to track down passengers showing signs and symptoms of the virus and that, the case involving the late Thoms Eric Duncan, who travelled to the United States from Liberia and was later diagnosed of Ebola, in no way undermined progress made in combating the spread of the virus for travellers and airlines coming to the airport.

Dr. Lisa Rotz and J. Scott Vegas, the two CDC personnel who have been in Liberia as part of a regular three-week rotation since the Ebola outbreak, said RIA is on an irreversible path, providing an atmosphere conducive for travelling during this Ebola period; and that the CDC is a great partner in ensuring that standards in place at the airport remain robust.

According to a press release from RIA, the Management of the Roberts International Airport has been working with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to prevent the spread of the Ebola via air transport since the outbreak in Liberia.

As part of this effort, primary and secondary screening procedures are currently in place at the airport and passengers are required to fill-in a medical screening form on which is stated that providing false information is regarded as a criminal offense.

RIA General Manager Abraham T. Simmons acknowledged the commendation and said he and his staff would go to great lengths to keep the airport as a place of choice for travellers and airlines irrespective of the Ebola epidemic. Mr. Simmons disclosed that the airport has implemented additional layers of monitoring, in coordination with partners, based on the lessons learned.

The RIA General Manager then presented certificates to the two CDC personnel who ended their tour of duty on Monday October 13, 2014 for their services to the airport and the country at large. Mr. Simmons at the same time welcomed a new team of public health practitioners from the CDC who are expected to continue the supervision of screening procedures and training of personnel of the RIA.


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