CDC Mobilizes New Members

In Bong and Margibi Counties

CDCians (in blue T-shirts) receiving kola nuts from the chiefs of Bong

The leadership for the Coalition of Democratic Change (CDC) has embarked on a campaign to mobilize over 500,000 new members in a bid to gain state power at the upcoming October polls.

For the campaign to succeed, the CDC national mobilization, membership and recruitment committee took a three-day tour of Bong County, blitzing towns and villages.

The tour took the CDCians to Sanoyea, Golka and Kpatawee clans, who were impressed enough to offer kola nuts to the CDC committee as formal mark of welcoming the ceremony.

“The chiefs, who gave us kola-nuts, also signed our new membership forms and promised to be loyal partisans,” said one of the CDCians.

The party members also visited Forquolleh, where the residents showed great enthusiasm as they pledged their total support after obtaining their individual membership form.

“With the demands for new membership  forms from residents in those counties and districts we have visited so far, we can confirm that we are reaching our targeted 500,000 new members,” Mulbah Morlu, CDC mobilization chair, said.

Meanwhile, the CDCians said they are interacting with “big names” and are getting more members, judging from the huge turn-outs and the enthusiasm of those obtaining their membership forms.

“Remember, our support base is not in big names, but the common people,” said Representative Thomas Fallah, one of the CDC officials.

He said the common people are the owners of the CDC movement.

“The Coalition’s village-to-village initiative took its mobilization foot soldiers also to the Liberian/Guinean border towns of Dizzah, Garmu and adjacent areas, all in the interior parts of Bong County,” a female CDCian shouted.

“It will amaze you to know how enthusiastic our people in these severely-cutoff areas are thinking about the CDC,” the head of the mobilization team said.

“I’ve never seen such strong and passionate support expressed for George Weah’s presidency bid in these villages, not even Monrovia has seen this resolute endorsement for Senator Weah’s first round victory idea as we have witnessed in those towns and villages we have visited,” said CDC’s Musa Konneh.

The mobilization team was embraced by people from all-walks of life to join the CDC including chiefs, elders, youth, and even the physically-challenged, who found their way to register as members.

The chief made it clear that this was the first time for leaders from the CDC to visit their communities and now that their daughter (Senator Jewel Howard Taylor) is also part of the party, they are very happy, and promised to work with the party to ensure a win.

The CDC also stormed Kakata City, Margibi County on a tour to recruit more members in preparation for the upcoming presidential and legislative elections.


  1. Engaging people in a face to face conversation like what the CDC mobilization committee is doing right now in certain parts of the country is a great step in the right direction. But it will be good if this exercise is continue nationwide in all towns and villages to continue engaging the people who are going to make the decision for Change or continuity with the Unity party for eighteen years at the poll in October. It is great initiative lunched by the CDC mobilization committee but hoping that it will not just end with the two counties of Margibi and Bong.The grass-rooters are right in the Towns and villages and must be engage in order to feel the present of CDC in their communities. The Amb. George Weah and Sen. Jewel Howard Taylor ticket must reach our people in these Villages,Towns,Clans, Chiefdom , districts and counties in order to achieved the strict first round victory of the Coalition in the October elections.


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