CDC Membership Drive in Kakata

The Coalition new membership ‘rural train’ makes a stop in Kakata, Margibi, where zealous new members eagerly wait in line to get their membership forms.

The national membership drive of the Coalition for Democratic Change turned into a mad rush as people clamored over one another to obtain membership forms in Kakata, Margibi County, the party’s first stop.

The rush for CDC membership was considered by many as a “new visa to a new Liberia.”

“We are really humbled and grateful to our people for obtaining the new visa to the new Liberia for making life possible for the poor, dispossessed and underprivileged people,” shouted the CDCians.

“We told them, Senator George Weah is the only candidate that can truly say ‘I know what it means to be poor’ and how to get the poor out of poverty and make life better for them,” one of the mobilizers said.

The membership drive, which is headed by Musa Konneh as its mobilization chair, along with senior party officials, brought many activities, including businesses, to a standstill as people forced their way, leaving their businesses behind, to take up CDC membership.

“Senator Weah knows the condition of the people and he is not like others who took a vacation trip on a ‘come and try’ basis,” said Mulbah Morlu, one of CDC’s senior officials.

“He will lift the poor from poverty and give our young people the opportunity to acquire free education; where they can pay back later when they are absorbed by a vibrant job market under the new Coalition government,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mr. Konneh said: “The CDC believes in the masses, not in individuals who are seeking for legislative power for their own benefit. We stand for the poor and the less privileged people.”


  1. The coalition which is the masses party will delivered on it promises when given the node in October elections.The Liberian people have long desired a patriotic leader who understand the plight of the ordinary people and Amb. Weah and Sen. Taylor are the best alternative to transformed this nation when elected in the October elections.
    The masses in the rural areas of the country have been yearning to meet the CDC for so long and to show their true loyalty and that’s why when the mobilization team arrived in any destination, the people are queuing to registered to identify with the people’s party.


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