CDC Dominates House’s Leadership

Speaker Bhofal Chambers adminsters the oath of the office of the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives to Rep. J. Fonati Koffa, who was elected to the position on Tuesday, January 12, 2021.

The leadership of the House of Representatives is well placed now in the hands of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) with the election of Grand Kru County District #2 Representative J. Fonati Koffa as Deputy Speaker.

Bhofal Chambers, a staunch member of the ruling party and die-hard loyalist of President Weah, remains the Speaker.

Rep. Koffa went into the contest with Rep. Clarance Massaqoui of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) and, in the election, Koffa won with 45 votes against Massaquoi, who obtained 20.

During the election, a total of sixty-eight (68) ballots out of the total House Membership of seventy-three (73) were cast. Three absences were recorded with two deceased who are yet to be replaced.

Upon claiming victory, Representative Koffa lauded supporters for the confidence reposed in him to be elected as Deputy Speaker.

He called on members of the House of Representative to get back to do the work of the people by enacting laws that will see the prosperity of Liberia. He declared that it is an honor to serve the Liberian people and he is up and ready to perform the task.

The Deputy Speaker is next to the House Speaker. He presides over the lawmakers in session only when the Speaker delegates the responsibility to him when he (Speaker) is absent or by discretion asks him to preside. The Deputy Speaker is also an ex-officio to all committees in the House of Representatives.

Prior to the election marked by in-house consultations among lawmakers, supporters of the newly elected Deputy Speaker had reasoned that their candidate possesses the credentials, temperament and personality, humility and accessibility with high degree of courtesy for his colleagues and legislative staffers regardless of political or social background.

They noted that Koffa’s human relation and peaceful nature with all in the House of Representatives earned him the favor and confidence among his colleagues and staffers.

Even though supporters praise the Grand Kru lawmaker a lot for his positive attributes, some political pundits believe that with his generosity most of the supporters can be assured that Koffa can reciprocate the support down the road, especially during the pending legislative election in 2023.

The ascension of Representative Koffa also compounded the concentration of power, via the leaderships of the executive and legislative branches of government, in the south-eastern region, especially Grand Kru and Maryland Counties from where the President, Senate Pro-Tempore, and the Speaker hail. Dan Saryee, Chairman of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) and equally a south-easterner, had registered his disdain for concentration of power in one region and said it does not support good governance that calls for equal representation in governance and decentralization.

Other views suggest that it does not matter where a competent person who up for the task is from, but how well he does the work he is elected to do.


  1. Even with the dominance of the ruling CDC in leadership of the lower house of the legislature, will that house deliver to the Liberian people?
    In my opinion, the Liberian people should not look up to this house to be an independent house of representative, as the whole leadership is in the pocket of president George Weah. The leadership pf this house is so spineless, that it operates like a second branch of the executive, it is not going to question anything from the executive branch.
    Thanks for the space,

    Tolo Bonah Corfah
    Dixon, CA.

  2. Liberians deserve the government they get: tribalists, regionalists, rogues, violators and the worst!

    Weah, Tweah, Chambers, Koffa, Chea!!!

  3. The lower house has simply replicated what the senate has been doing for years, and interestingly, the two culprits are from the Kru tribe. A convicted criminal, Sen. Milton Teahjay, and an ex-convict Hon. Fonati Kofa, have polluted the entire legislature. What can we expect from those 45 morally denigrated lawmakers? Nothing. Meanwhile, I will extend my thanks, and appreciation to those 20 CPP lawmakers, who tried, but failed. You are our true heroes.

  4. Come 2023, most CDC Representatives will lose their seats so this is only temporary. Based on past house elections, about 65% of incumbents lose their seats so they better get to work quickly if they want to be re-elected. However, with George Weah and the CDC so unpopular, it is highly unlikely CDC and Jorweah will be in power. CDC has a bad reputation right now and I’m not sure they can fix that. The Liberian people have formed a very negative opinion of Weah and his CDC.

  5. CDC, it is not about domination rather, it is about leadership, stewardship, and service to country and fellow country men and women. For those who are now in power in the three branches of our national government, when you fail the people of Liberia, the fingers of many who feel left by the way side will not only be pointing at you and your loved ones, but at the entire region from whence you hail! Many more fingers may be pointed at your entire tribe, innocent or not.

    As have been stated by numerous pundits of our Liberian body politic, the results of the very recent December 2020 mid-term elections should be a wake up call to President George Manneh Weah and Vice President Jowel Cianeh Howard-Taylor to get their acts together. The people of Liberia entrusted to your care, the sacred duties of national governance for a country that has been devastated by a long, brutal, and very costly civil war. A little art of humility, civility, and diplomacy between the both of you could do the trick of bringing you together for the good of the country and the Liberian people.

    Trust me, the Liberian people are not pleased with the body language that has been existing between their President and Vice President for a good while now. Liberians on the ground can see it with their naked eyes. Liberians in the diaspora can see it on TV on the U-Tube. This has nothing to do with Southeastern Liberia and the Kru People, neither does it have anything to do with Central Liberia or the Kpelleh People. To tell you the truth, the Liberians who are living in these regions are catching hell as much as any other Liberians in other parts of the country! So, let us not eat their rice and just rub the palm oil on their mouths, to put it in Liberian parlance.

    There is a time to be mad as hell, for cause, and there is also time to bury the hatchet for the bigger picture. The bigger picture is Liberia and all your brothers and sisters of Liberia, irrespective of tribe or region.

    CDC had lost the handle of this George Weah/Jewel Howard-Taylor administration from the very outset. The Party leadership and the Party War Room had all but disappeared from the scene as soon as the presidential election was won! The new Party Chairman, Mulbah Morlu has been managing, what I would call, the empty shell of the Mighty CDC Party, to the best of his ability. What remained of the party had long moved to Jamaica Villa in Paynesville since the January 2018 inauguration! And this has nothing to do with the Southeastern Region and the Kru/Grebo People. it also has nothing to do with the Central Region and the Kpelleh people.

    The definition of a strong leader is very tricky. It is not what ordinary people envisage it to be – domineering, uncompromising, harden-hearted, mean, unforgiving, stronghanded, et cetera, et cetera, and et cetera – no, none of the above. The definition of a strong and great leader is the antonyms (the opposite) of the above adjectives. They also have nothing to do with tribe or region.

    There is time for everything. There is a time to play, and a time to work. Let Villa Jamaica be the venue for President Weah’s leisure in Paynesville, and let the CDC Headquarters on Tubman Boulevard take its proper place, once more, where the President, Vice President and all other party stallwarts meet in the party’s War Room to do the hard work by planning party strategies for the good of all Liberia and the little man and woman in the streets of our cities, towns and villages. The Party War Room in the Party’s Headquarters is not only for getting battle-ready for election campaigns but also for governing.

    The War Room is where the President and Vice President quietly and attentatively listen to the grievancies of the foot soldiers, the grassroots, and other stallwarts of the party, inorder to plan a way forward. This is where greatness begins. This is where the battle for November 2017 was planned and won. It has nothing to do with the Southeastern Region and the Kru People. It is all about Liberia and all Liberians, at home and abroad. What time is it?!

  6. The War Room can handle the business of the party, with the observance of social distancing and other protocols of COVID-19.

  7. I visited Liberia in 2017 and I was very impressed and hopeful that the country was moving in the right direction. I was so excited that I wanted to move back home and decided to invest. Fast forward to November 2020 when I visited. What a DISAPPOINTMENT AND FRUSTRATION!!! Who’s in charge in Liberia now??? I tried really hard to fantasize a positive take away, but to no avail. LIBERIANS, PLEASE DESIST FROM ELECTING CDC OFFICIALS TO LEADERSHIP POSITIONS. This got nothing to do with party affiliation or stupid politics but our country. There’s just no where like home! What we consider as “home” right now, is a “shithole” country! Don’t forget, the masses are really going through some tough times on a daily basis and it breaks my heart.


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