CDC Denies Henry Costa’s Claim Its Partisans Attacked Him

Costa (right) besieged by an angry crowd on Mechlin Street, Monrovia

Says Costa’s attackers are people he did not pay for rendering election services

The Coalition for Democratic Change has allegedly accused talk show host, Henry Costa, of attempting to extort US$15,000 from its political leader, Senator George Weah.

The CDC’s allegation is an apparent reaction to a broadcast by Mr. Costa of an audio recording in which Senator Weah was heard seeking the support of the popular talk show host.

The football icon and Vice President Joseph Boakai of the ruling Unity Party are scheduled to face-off in the much anticipated run-off election on November 7.

Jefferson Korjie, CDC’s Youth League Chairman, showed no evidence to substantiate the claim but told a news conference on Monday that Senator Weah did tell Costa he could not give him the money because no citizen should be paid for the transformation of his or her own country.

Mr. Costa has denied Mr. Koijee’s claim that he attempted to extort US$15,000 from Senator Weah.

The popular talk show host said at no time did he engage Sen. Weah on such a discussion. He said the CDC’s claim is an attempt to distract the public’s attention from the real facts he (Costa) is unveiling about Senator Weah and the CDC.

On Monday, October 23, Mr. Costa on ‘The Costa Show’ played a recorded telephone conversation between him (Costa) and CDC Standard Bearer, Sen. George Weah.

In the conversation, Ambassador Weah asked Mr. Costa to move over to the CDC in order to support his presidential bid.

Mr. Costa, who clarified the incident on his social media page, said he was actually attacked by a group of individuals on Mechlin Street, where he had gone for a meeting.

“I don’t even know where to begin because my heart is pounding and I am just scared.  Nobody should lie that I am not afraid.  I am seriously scared of these men,” he said.

According to Costa, he was warned by the group not to ever make such accusations about their hero “George Weah” because enough is enough and the day he tries it they would assault (beat) him to death.

He further said that the situation is not about politics, but about “the peace and stability we all are enjoying right now.”

“I keep saying this and I am afraid of this George man because if he begins as President in this country, we will not have freedom,” Costa said.

This is not the first time CDC partisans had attacked him, Costa noted, narrating how he was attacked in 2012 by George Weah who sent people to beat him up.

An official of the CDC, Boima J.V. Boima, said they are not going after Henry P. Costa. “We are a tolerant people. Those who attacked him today are not members of the CDC. They are the very poor Liberians that Costa hired to manage his votes on October 10th but failed to settle his liability with them,” Boima claimed.

According to him, the people who allegedly attacked Costa on Mechlin Street are ordinary citizens that he (Costa) had refused to pay after they worked for him. “Stop the lies, they are not CDCians,” Boima said.


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