CDC Witch-Hunting Dillon Family?

CDC Chairman Mulbah K. Morlu (left) wants Transport Minister Sam Wlue (middle) dismiss Oliver P. Dillon (right), who has just been elevated to Director for ports and Border Entry-designate at the Ministry.

One minister is quoted as saying: “This man’s brother is giving the government hard time and you are empowering the Dillon family through him.”

The chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CEC), Mulbah Morlu, has demanded the Minister of Transport Samuel A. Wlue to immediately rescind the appointment of Oliver Dillon, brother of opposition Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillion as Director for Ports and Border Entry at the Ministry of Transport, following his reinstatement.

According to Morlu, opposition members should not be given positions in the CDC-led government while qualified partisans are left to wander street corners in search of jobs.

It appears Chairman Morlu ignores the fact that, during the administration of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, several CDC current stalwarts including Samuel Tweah (former consultant at Finance Ministry, now Minister proper), Nathaniel McGill (Assistant Minister for Administration, Ministry of Internal Affairs, now Minister of State for Presidential Affairs); and Janga Kowo (official at General Auditing Commission, now Comptroller and Accountant General, Republic of Liberia).

Morlu, in his outburst on Facebook, took issue with the transport minister who he says, is found wanting in the provocative decision to create employment opportunity for a non-party member, while (over the years) rejecting dozens of qualified partisans under the pseudo-canopy of ‘no vacancy’.

For Morlu, the appointment of Sen. Dillion’s brother has no moral justification, rather is an insult to the party and its members who fought hard to bring them to power — as such, the Minister of Transport must withdraw the appointment and replace Oliver Dillion with qualified partisans who are otherwise left to wander street corners in search of jobs.

“While commending the President’s efforts in appointing many qualified partisans to serve in his administration, it calls for the inclusion of more qualified and loyal partisans (of the Congress for Democratic Change, the National Patriotic Party, the Liberia People’s Democratic Party, the NUDP & collaborating political parties) to strategic positions in government; replacing treacherous fifth columnist infiltrators who may be part of the government, but working against the President’s development goals,” the ruling party chairman said.

“As a part of the new beginning, the mighty Coalition for Democratic Change calls for nullification of this recent provocation at the Ministry of Transport as a necessary step in building a cohesive and strong party.  It is [sad to have] a cabinet minister appointing non-partisans to important positions at ministries and agencies, while qualified partisans are left to wander street corners in search of jobs,” added Morlu in a press conference on Friday, March 19, 2021, at the party’s headquarters in Congo Town. He warned all Cabinet Ministers in the CDC-led administration to desist from appointing people in the opposition.

Chairman Morlu, therefore, has warned Transport Minister that he will face consequences for his action if Oliver Dillion’s appointment is not canceled and the job instead be given to a partisan of the ruling party.

On March 11, 2021, Liberia’s Minister of Transport elevated Oliver P. Dillon, who previously served the Ministry as Decentralization Coordinator, to the position of Director for Ports and Border Entry. Dillon’s reappointment and promotion followed a long period of trial in a case involving the stabbing of a man who attempted to rob him. The court acquitted him (Oliver Dillon) on January 4, 2021, ordering that all his employment rights be restored.

However, being a brother of Senator Darius Dillon, a staunch critic of the CDC-led government, Oliver suspects this is the reason behind Morlu’s action against him. 

“I am a professional person. I am not, nor have I ever been a member of any political party,” Oliver Dillon told the Daily Observer in a telephone interview for this story. “I have been harassed by unknown persons calling me with threats that if I accept the job, they will harm me. The recent appointment is also being misinterpreted as new employment.”

The position for which Oliver is being appointed was created to accommodate his reinstatement at the Ministry of Transport, since the court, upon his acquittal, required that all his employment rights be restored.

“When I returned,” Mr. Dillon continued, “I saw that someone was already acting in the position I held — Coordinator for Decentralization — a position I held for six years. But I did not want to deprive the person of this opportunity to serve, so my Minister decided to create a new position for me. I recommended to him that, we should set up a sub-office in the Free Port of Monrovia, where vehicle importers would be able to register their cars before clearing them from the port. This would ease the tension of inspections who otherwise would have to chase down importers to regularize their unregistered cars that were brought through the Free Port. We coordinated this with the Liberia Revenue Authority to make this happen.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Dillon alleged that his boss, Transport Minister Sam Wlue, has also been harassed with calls from ruling party heavyweights including Chairman Morlu, demanding his (Oliver’s) dismissal. One ranking government official is quoted as saying: “This man’s brother is giving the government hard time and you are empowering the Dillon family through him?” However, from the appointment letter addressed to Mr. Dillon, Minister Wlue said the appointment “is based on [Dillon’s] qualification and professional experience.”

During his six years as Coordinator for Decentralization, Oliver Dillon successfully helped to expand the Ministry of Transport’s revenue base by opening up regional offices in strategic points across the country to enable vehicle owners to register their vehicles without having to come to Monrovia to perform this requirement.

“Before this, people would bring vehicles in from neighboring countries like Guinea and drive them in the counties until the vehicles were fully depreciated without ever registering them,” Mr. Dillon explained.

After nearly two years of being trapped in a murder allegation, the 13th Judicial Circuit Court of Margibi County on January 14 set Mr. Dillon free of the crime of murder, having been on trial for the alleged murder of one Emmanuel Kofi who attempted to rob Mr. Dillon one night in the Barnesville Community in early April 2019.

Mr. Dillon was investigated, charged, and forwarded to court by authorities of the Liberia National Police for onward prosecution and subsequently indicted in November 2019 by the Grand Jury of Montserrado County for the crime of murder.

The matter should have been heard in Montserrado as per the law of territorial jurisdiction since that was where the incident occured, but the matter was transferred to Margibi predicated upon a motion for a change of venue filed by Government lawyers on grounds that the deceased could not have had fair justice if the case were held in Monrovia.

Meanwhile, Morlu says he has declared a new revolutionary beginning and is calling on all government officials to desist from appointing non-partisans to provide jobs for qualified CDCians. He stressed that CDCians have suffered and can no longer continue to suffer in their own regime where the Opposition enjoys the opportunities belonging to the suffering masses.

“On the other hand, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the President’s mandate, the CDC Chairman reminded officials of government thus: The National Executive Committee of the CDC, moving forward, in support of the President’s statement to officials of government that ‘There will be no room for errors’, will help monitor the performance of government officials, constructively criticizing, praising or requesting the President to dismiss where necessary,” Morlue added in his press statement.


  1. Let me first register my disappointment in this idiot of a chairman in one Mulbah Morlu for his arcade position taken against the appointment of Oliver Dillion. I sometimes wonder if this idiot call Mulbah Morlu has brain or eat food through his mouth. This is the first stupidest lorma man to have ever heard that hes insensitive to labor policies in his own country. He’s dreaming and thinks we are in Boi’ his native home town in Zorzor district Lofa county. I am even further informed this moron is not well cultured , as such, he vomit nonsense unknowingly from his ears instead of his stink mouth.

    • Hon. Mulbah Morlu is right! In a ”winners take all world” in which politics is a war not fought or won with guns and bombs, but indeed with votes, people like Minister Sam Wlue are those who Senator Bishop Prince Yormie Johnson referred to as ”been bosom friends of CDC in the day, but enemies of CDC in the night while such ministers etc. (Sam Wlue, Musa Dean, etc.) are bosom friends of the corrupt opposition at night!”

      Go and ask the immediate predecessors of Tolbert, Doe, Taylor, Sawyer, David Kpomakpor, Wilton Sankawulo, Gyude Bryant, and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, they will tell you how after the exit of their respective past administration or the administration they worked within, most of them had to go elsewhere or within different areas within the public entities to gain employment. Or better still, check the predecessors of George Bush, Barack Obama, etc. etc., you will realize that the CPP did not make any mistake when they wrote in their manifesto that if or ”whenever they become an incumbent ONLY MEMBERS OF CPP WILL BE EMPLOYED IN GOVERNMENT.”

      So that Minister Sam Wlue would go about blocking especially CDC voters from this administration, only to have enemies (A KILLER OLIVER DILLON AT THAT) of the incumbent to recommend to him Minister Sam Wlue ”TO CREATE A POSITION for him killer Oliver Dillon”, is absolutely UNDERMINING THE INCUMBENT ADMINISTRATION!

    • Liberia! a man kills another human being and he gets promoted to the position of Director for killing!! Sam Wulue! That killing must have been for ritualistic purposes from which you Sam Wulue was also a beneficiary! And this is why you created a position of Directorship for the killer, while you people are saying government is broke!

  2. Mulbah Morlu is insane to think Liberia 🇱🇷 is a property of Cedecians. Why would only partisans of CDC be the ones to employment in government? Wrong Mr licohol talk chairman, Liberia belongs to all Liberian and as such all should be given the opportunity to work in government.
    Many Cedecians were working in the Unity Party led government, no day ever that the unity party chairman or folks from unity party held a press conference demanding their sacking or saying only Unity Party partisans should be working in government.
    Morlu your statement is unhealthy for our country, your message is a hateful and divisive one.

    • John H. T. Stewart Jr. Bai Best, and the rest of you out there at Daily Observer, no what childhood photograph you put out there by this murderer Oliver Dillon (or which negative picture of Chairman Morlu or of hypocrite Sam Wlue) that does not change the fact that he is a murderer who is only walking around here with impunity because of politics.

      But if he believes the same politics shall keep him looking over his shoulders everyday, believing that after killing our family member, we will not avenge the death of out brother against him murderer Oliver Dillon, because his brother is another corrupt so called senator, he murderer should just bear in mind that his days are numbered. We guarantee him murderer Oliver Dillon that.

  3. This is typically CDC indeed!

    CDC means ‘it is our time to chop’. It also means ‘you are either for us or against us’! It means all those who do not profess to be CDC should automatically leave government for them to appoint another CDCian, no matter how unqualified such person may be for the job.

    Do not insult Mr. Morlu, my people! He is only living up to the true meaning of CDC. However, he’s refusing to accept that his president is making a turnaround on his initial pigheaded conception of leadership and politics.

    CDC should empower its partisans through education. Stop recruiting thugs to intimidate and kill, it will do you and Liberia no good.
    Employ anyone who is qualified to a position without a second thought of such person belonging to your political party.
    If we do things right, Liberia will need extra manpower from the subregion to help in some economic activities. We are not many with the many opportunities we have at hand in Liberia. Let first vote the right people on the bases of qualification and political platform.

    Mr. Morlu, I pray that you let go mediocrity in the management of your political party, the CDC!

  4. Can anyone imagine what the public outcry would have been in the United States just few months ago after Biden’s victory, and the national chairman of the Democratic Party came out and public declared that only partisans and supporters of the party would be allowed access to gainful employment, and that folks from opposition camps stood no chance to benefit from equal opportunities in Liberia under the new administration?

    No matter how hard people try to give a human face to this CDC-monstrosity, the results always bogged down to one fact and that is: It is a heartless criminal cabal masquerading itself as a government that pretends to be bringing development in the country and uniting the people, but nevertheless is solely bent on sowing seeds of discord and fomenting diabolical plans to prolong its stay in power in spite its dismal performance has led to gross disenchantment and frustration on the part of the public to the extent the people can no longer trust it.

    The power greed of the CDC political establishment will eventually throw Liberia over the precipice if it is left continuously unchecked.

    • STOP THE PRETENSE, Fahn Jahlon! That is the norm! And you know it! J. Rudolph Grimes (after the Tubman Administration), Winston Tubman (after the Tubman Administration), Lewis Brown, Joe Mulbah (after the Taylor Administration), etc. etc suffered such fate.

      In fact, Lewis Brown had to tell Taylor, while Taylor was in jail, ”Don’t you know is because you are out and a new administration is in is why we are out of job and suffering like this?” In fact, it was this norm which compelled Lewis Brown to somersault to become a stooge for Ellen no matter to what ebb is reputation eviscerated.

      Now, you will realize that the CPP did not make any mistake when they wrote in their manifesto that if or ”whenever they become an incumbent ONLY MEMBERS OF CPP WILL BE EMPLOYED IN GOVERNMENT.” Politics it is said, is no kids play! And you know it! So desist from the unnecessary pretense!

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    They have messed with this God Forsaken Country to the point that the country feels like land in the wilderness that can not be easily developed.
    They all worked in the pervious regime, including that of George himself. And his one time friend the Henry guy calling for the Arab Spring which was taken over the Middle East at that time to be experienced in Liberia. Even at that time to set up an interim government to replace the pervious elected regime.
    Calling for the Arab Spring to be experienced by the citizens like the one taking place in the Arab world, for the people coming out of a brutal civil war.
    Almost like the evil that monkey sees happening in other countries, the monkey wants to do and experienced the same evil. Their so-called Arab Spring was meant for the establishment of an interim regime.
    But now that George himself has become a ruler of that God Forsaken Country, mentioned the word interim government, and the State security forces will be out there looking for all family members to arrest.
    The word “Interim” has been banned in that country under the regime of George. In fact, it makes George very scared. It makes the regime to panic. One word does all that !
    Back then, the called for the Arab Spring and interim government of national unity were every day songs and street protests.
    But George as today’s new ruler, the mentioned of the word interim, George runs into hiding.
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    Political studies 2.0 George: Do On To Others As Others Will Do On To You.
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !


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