‘CDC’ Blamed for Leaking Esther Walker’s Recording

Deputy Speaker Prince K. Moye: "Ee will not allow anybody to use the opposition as a scapegoat, if you have issue in your party, in that branch or that sector of the government, go in-house and address it as partisans, as people from the ruling party, instead of shifting blame to the opposition."

-Deputy Speaker Moye Reveals; Warns against Using Opposition as ‘Scapegoat’

The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Prince Kermue Moye, has warned the ruling establishment against using opposition parties to leak the audio recording of suspended Bong County Superintendent Esther Walker, arguing that there is no secret that the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) leaked the recording.

Deputy Speaker Moye, Representative of Bong County Electoral District #2 , said the ‘leaked recording’ is part of the CDC’s strategy to ‘divide, gossip and rule’ to maintain control over the people of the county and to encourage dissent among the people.

He said the leaked recording’s tactic has caused Bong County to come under damnation and reproach for betraying a kinswoman’s confidence and trust.

Bong is in the north-central of Liberia and has seven electoral districts. According to the 2008 Census, it had a population of 328,919, making it the third-most populous county in Liberia.

The House’s Deputy Speaker made the remarks in his office yesterday — Tuesday, February 20, during which he was honored by the Classic Communication Incorporated, owner/publisher of the Classic FM and the Gibi Agenda in Margibi County as well as the Salala District Students Union (SADSU).

Station Manager Emmanuel Degleh of Classic FM and President Paul Kermee Kerkulah of SADSU, on behalf of their respective institutions, certificated the Deputy Speaker as the 2018 Lawmaker of the Year.

Rep. Moye, an executive member of the Unity Party (UP), warned the ruling establishment, a conglomeration of the three political parties comprising of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), National Patriotic Party (NPP) and the Liberia People’s Democratic Party (LPDP), against using the opposition parties as scapegoats, noting that the suspended Bong County Superintendent Esther Walker and her office staff, are all from the ruling Coalition.

Deputy Speaker Moye said Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor and other CDC officials are involved in the leaked audio

There are reports that the former Bong County Superintendent’s Administrative Assistant, Josephus Dormeyan, whose name was repeatedly mentioned in the audio,  was one of the six persons,  in the midst of the conversation including the suspended Madam Esther Walker. Others were Amos Barbu, Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor County Coordinator; Joseph Tokpa, a staunch supporter of VP Taylor; Jefferson Gbaryan, Service Center Coordinator; and a man only identified as Dumoe, chief of protocol to the superintendent.

“We will not allow anybody to use the opposition as a scapegoat, if you have any issue in your party, in that branch or that sector of the government, you go in-house and address it like partisans, as a people from the ruling party, instead of shifting blame to the opposition. That leaked audio, we are quite aware, in that conversation that they had, there were no opposition persons, and there were only partisans,” the Deputy Speaker said.

“In fact, how can a government, how can a county, that exclusively has partisans of the ruling party employed in almost all the political appointment areas, have opposition to serve as administrative assistant to the superintendent. So it speaks to the fact that it is an internal problem and those who are involved to bring our county’s name to public disrepute should take responsibility. And should not be shifted to the opposition and we will not allow us to be a scapegoat.”

He added: “When we were in the ruling establishment, our focus was to bring the opposition together so that we can unite and foster the development of the country but never to divide and never to take gossip and we want to ask our colleagues (from the CDC) to follow suit.”

Deputy Speaker Moye further said: “That’s why I have worked to organize the independent people and those from the other political parties that are honorable in the 54th legislature to work for the interest of the county. That’s why we have initiated projects in the seven electoral districts under their watch so we can be a help to them and that is our goal in developing our county and we will not be deterred. Our job here is to make sure to help our people and to lift them from poverty and have them attain lives to be appreciable.”

The Deputy Speaker also pointed a finger to Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor, a former Senator of the county, for being involved in the leaked audio and using her ‘power’ to suppress people of the county, especially, those who are against her hegemony.

In a morning talk show on February 20, the Deputy Speaker accused his colleague, Rep. J. Marvin Cole of helping the Vice President to “divide and rule” the county, a strategy he said he will not allow.

On Sunday, February 18, Rep. J. Marvin Cole denied any involvement in the plot to overthrow President George Weah, including the leaked audio, as well as denying the involvement of Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor.


  1. A wise person once said, “The person whose bread I eat, his songs of praise I will sing.”

    Mr. President, there are too many praise singers (hypocrites) lingering around you. Some are not adding any value in this government. To become somewhat relevant, these praise singers in CDC have to create confusion and division (divide and rule tactics) just to have a pay-check in your government.

    It is disheartening to know that while some major concessionaires, like Sime Darby and others are threatening to pull out of Liberia due to Liberia’s current poor economic climate and the lack of profitability of these businesses, CDC government officials are always entangled in the dangerous politics of gossip, division, and petite jealousy over foolishness. A recent case is the one involving the traditional crowning of “Dekpanah (sp)” “chief” on V.P. Jewel Howard Taylor…..and the controversial tape purported to be the voice of Bong County Superintendent, Esther Walker.

    There are too many businesses reluctant to invest in Liberia during this tumultuous time. They are sitting on the fence while they analyze the political and economic climate of this new government. If this childish behavior of tearing each other apart (divide and rule tactics) among government officials isn’t put under control and focus on the rebuilding of Liberia’s slumping economy, many businesses will either flee and those hesitant to invest in Liberia will find better economic and political environments to invest.

    It is unfortunate that this CDC (Coalition) government first year in office reminds me of President Donald Trump’s, who has no political experience, dysfunctional first year into office. Trump came into office with lots of inexperience staff that created an executive leadership style similarly to a reality show. This was an environment which he was accustomed to. His first year in office was a disaster that was filled with drama. This poor form of leadership style only created a revolving door until Trump was able to bring in more seasoned and experienced people to guide him in the right direction.

    Similarly, President Weah had a chaotic and dysfunctional first year in office. President Weah needs to take stock and analyze the type of people who are surrounding him. Some of them are only praise singers……blind loyalists just there to get a pay-check.

    As a president, Weah’s priority is to serve the people of Liberia and to honor his constitutional vows…..even if it means getting rid of some of his personal lieutenants who are not qualified to move the country in the right direction.

    Learn from President Trump first year mistakes of bringing in the wrong people from his campaign to run a major institution like the Executive Branch of The United States.

    Mr. President the faster you get rid of the wrong people (praise singers) in your government, the better Liberia’s economic and political climate will look. The opposition is not your enemy. They might have opposing views. That is the beauty of democracy!

    When you succeed, all Liberians succeed!

    A hint is sufficient for the wise Mr. President!

  2. Counselor James ayue earlier comments condemning
    CDC (party) stated the incompetence of President Weah.He also cast blame on Senator Prince Johnson,a fellow nimbabarian counselor Boayue first son & senator prince Johnson son share the same mother, Senator Johnson’s wife). He says the Nimba superintendent is “blind to corruption” because it is a daily habit

  3. Counselor James boayue of ganta Nimba county says President Weah is wrong. & ignorant. The CBC behaves like gangsters.He support the honor given the vice president. He disapproves of the president’s child like behavior.
    James Boayue cell#0888305743

    Cal-li- foo- Ko
    Cal-lay-fooo-ko is his feared name. Not even senator prince Johnson or the superintendent can question him because he is a vocal son of Nimba county. Plus he & prince Johnson are family.his son and prince Johnson son are brothers from the same mother. His son is prince Johnson wife first son before her marriage

  4. Counselor James boayue of ganta Nimba county says President Weah is wrong. He support the honor given the vice president. Long know as a critic of President Weah in Nimba county and alledge for child slavery in getting labourers to the gold mine James boayue says “enough is enough”. He encourages former rebels by using Nimba porous borders in bringing in small arm
    James Boayue #0888305743

    Cal-li- foo- Ko
    Cal-lay-fooo-ko is his feared name. Not even senator prince Johnson or the superintendent can qss question him because he does “witch craft”


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