CDC Begins Election of Delegates for June 16 Primaries

Partial View Of Pictures Who Seek Reelection: Reps. Acarous Gray, Dr. Bhofal Chambers, Solomon George and Munah Youngblood

By Leroy M. Sonpon III

The Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) has begun the election of 45 delegates from each of the 17 electoral districts in Montserrado County to conduct free, fair and transparent elections in its June 16 primaries.

The delegates will include 10 persons, each representing zonal heads, youth and women’s league, and 15 persons from the district executive committee.

At the CDC headquarters in Congo Town yesterday, the process started with the election of 45 delegates from electoral district #6.

The chairman of the elections commission of the CDC’s 2017 primaries, Jefferson Koijee, said the process will end on Saturday, June 3.

He announced that the election of delegates of electoral districts #2, 12, 11 and 13 would be done today, Thursday, June 1 at the district #12 CDC headquarters; on Friday, June 2, the delegates of electoral districts #17, 16, 14 and 15 will be chosen at the district #15 CDC headquarters; and the delegates of electoral districts #8, 9, 7 and 1 will be done at the CDC headquarters in Congo Town.

Mr. Koijee stated that the election of the counties’ delegates will follow, while the primaries will kick-off on Friday, June 16, to elect candidates to run on the party’s or the coalition’s ticket.

He said the election of the delegates through the ballot box is not only to promote “free, fair and transparent” primaries, but to dispel rumors that the young commissioners and CDC cannot produce “real aspirants who are chosen from the delegates.”

Other members of the elections commission for the primaries are Ronald Mends-Cole, co-chairman; secretary general Hassan Newland; Edriss Bility, Mamansie Kaba, Mamansie Carr, and Lewis Wright, members.

The remaining members are Emmett Reeves, ex-officio and Phil T. Dixon, resource person.


  1. Realistically, Liberians and CDCIANs, you must let your respective conscious be your guide about the worthiness of those that you select to represent you in the nation legislature. Look at their pass performances and examined their records. Did they delivered or toyed with you? Irrespective of party affiliation, select and elect those that mean well for Liberia and Liberians. The love for your country and its people paramount. If you do not you will keep crying for a long time. Again, “let your conscious be your guide”- Malcom X.


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