CDAID Identifies with ‘Less Fortunate’ Children

CDAID members posed with some of the 'less fortunate' children shortly after the program.

The Community Development Aid Incorporated (CDAID), a non-for-profit organization in partnership with Farm for Life on Tuesday, December 25, 2018, distributed several educational materials, including copybooks and education-related toys to some of the underprivileged’ children in the country.

The exercise covered the Great Commission Orphanage Home in the Chicken Soup Factory, outside Monrovia, and the Monrovia Training Academy in Lower Johnsonville, Montserrado county as part of the activities that climaxed Christmas party the organization hosted for the children at its head office in the Shoe Factory community.

The CDAID was founded in 2017 by a group of Liberian living in the U.S. and at home with the goal to help underprivileged children across the country.

Madam Yassah Goba Washington, a member of CDAID-USA Chapter, said the organization is interested in helping under-privileged children’ to become useful citizens in the future.

Madam Washington has a passion to work with kids in meeting their goals, and therefore, she has promised to continue supporting children in different aspects of life to become productive.

She said her organization will always be committed to the welfare of ‘destitute children’ during every Christmas, because the day is all about showing love to the children.

Madam Letvie Thomson, another member CDAID-USA Chapter, said she will not stop supporting underprivileged children, “because caretakers of orphanage homes are faced with many challenges, especially in meeting the educational needs of the orphans.

Mrs. Nelly Mulbah, a caretaker at the Great Commission Orphanage Home, who received the items on behalf of the orphans, expressed gratitude to the CDAID for the donation, and promised to share the items among the children as desired by the entity.

Mrs. Mulbah however called on the leadership of CDAID to continue supporting the children through, “because there are many challenges while taking care of the orphans.

Meanwhile, the Supervisor for Orphanages at the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Madam Sienneh G. Wesseh, who was instrumental in getting the CDAID team to the various orphanages, thanked the CDAID for identifying with the underprivileged children.

Madam Wesseh said the government through the ministry is grateful to have an organization like the CDAID to seek  children’s welfare.


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