CCR 3rd Seminar Consolidates Campaign for Gender Equality


The final in a series of three workshops organized by South Africa-based Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR) has ended in Accra, Ghana with a call for the participants to work for gender equality in their places of work.

Twenty participants, including five Liberians, were invited to attend the three-day (July 6-8) workshop, at a local resort in Accra, Ghana which concluded with recommendations that they should practice at their various workplaces to encourage gender balance.

The seminar also consolidated participants’ skills in gender analysis and sensitivity in peace-building as developed during the previous seminars held in Accra and in Monrovia, respectively.

The Monrovia seminar was held in May 2014 and was attended by representatives from the Independent National Commission on human rights, LBS, Daily Observer, Ministry of National Defense and Peace Building Resource Center, among others.

At the Accra seminar, participants reviewed, consolidated and concretized work and action plans for gender equality to be used and discussed in their various places of work.

They also discussed hypothetical scenes and their corresponding suggestions that could be practiced at their places of work.

They reviewed the essence of gender balance and made commitment to create advocate for gender balance in areas, including government ministries, human rights institutions, the judiciary, civil service, the media, religious institutions, and the mainstream non-governmental organizations.

They also committed themselves to advocate for legislation to be used as an instrument in their respective countries to encourage gender balance.

Participants for the workshop were drawn from institutions from Ghana and Liberia, including ministries of defense; national human rights institutions; non-governmental organizations working on peace and security issues; regional economic communities; the UN and media houses.

The twenty beneficiaries participated in previous seminars held in Ghana and in Liberia.

The workshop was part of a continent-wide project that the Centre for Conflict Resolution (CCR), undertook to bring about the equal participation of women in institutions and organizations responsible for building peace, security, in both Ghana and Liberia, in line with UN Security Council Resolution 1325 of 2000 on women, peace, and security.


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