CBRN Training Boosts Crisis Readiness, Prevention


In an effort to enhance the activities of the Center of Excellence and to meet up with the European Union (EU) Chemical, Biological and Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) Initiative, the CBRN Team in Liberia has ended a four-day technical and training workshop with a call on government to support the national team.

The four-day exercise, which brought together stakeholders from the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL), Liberia National Police (LNP), National Fire Service (NFS), Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (BIN), the Executive Protection Service (EPS), among others, was held at the Ministry of Foreign Service Institute recently, a release said.

The exercise was conducted by the EU experts on CBRN and supported by the Center of Excellence of the African-Atlantic Façade region under the supervision of the National Focal Person on CBRN activities in Liberia, Assistant Professor Martin Scott-Tabi. It was meant to build the capacity of the CBRN national team on crisis detection, preparedness, prevention, response and recovery techniques in line with international best practices and standards.

At the close of the workshop, Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister for International Cooperation and Economic Integration, Dehpue Zuo – proxy for the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Marjon Kamara – expressed gratitude to the partners and participants. Mr. Zuo commended them for taking the time to acquire critical CBRN knowledge and familiarize themselves with diverse techniques in identifying and counteracting CBRN threats.

He said the timing of the training of Liberians in CBRN first response is relevant as it coincides with the end of the United Nations Mission in Liberia’s (UNMIL) security responsibility, which was handed over to the government on July 1.

Mr. Zuo added that the exercise validates EU’s commitment under the state building contract entered into between the Liberian government and the EU on May 11, 2015, which constitutes an integral part of EU cooperation program set to provide budgetary and technical support to Liberia, placing emphasis on critical health service, judicial and security reform and services.

He pointed out that the upsurge in the number of faith-based extremist organizations with divergent national and international agenda foster the vision of a CBRN terrorist incident by the international community as an imminent threat to world peace and security.

Mr. Zuo thanked the EU Center of Excellence for making available its experts for the training and called on the Liberian CBRN Team to keep up the hard work while cautioning them of the challenges ahead in mitigating CBRN risks nationwide.

In their remarks, a cross-section of the facilitators and participants expressed appreciation for the training and thanked the EU for the awareness and knowledge gained. They called on the government to support the CBRN initiatives in the country.


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