CBL’s 2nd Economic Forum to Focus on “De-dollarization”

CBL Executive Governor, Nathaniel Patray

The Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) will on Friday, September 27, 2019 hold the second edition of its Economic Forum aimed at creating public awareness and understanding of CBL’s Monetary policy and functions.

“As the economy is currently undergoing a period of challenges, it is important that CBL engages the public on the financial and macroeconomic policy decisions it is embarking upon to create transparency and better public understanding of CBL operations,” the CBL said in a statement on Thursday.

The theme of the forum will be “De-dollarization in Liberia: Implications for Effective Monetary Policy”, with Dr. Musa Dukuly, Deputy Governor for Economic Policy, serving as a keynote speaker and Prof. A. Richard Dorley, Member of the CBL Board of Governors, as moderator.

“The Forum on de-dollarization remains at the heart of important macroeconomic discussions because of the perceived adverse implications of de-dollarization on the current monetary arrangement in Liberia,” the Bank said.

“The presentation of de-dollarization will be geared towards setting a stage and stimulating debate among stakeholders, the student community, civil service actors and policymakers to engender a clear and common vision on the de-dollarization process.”

The event will be held in the CBL auditorium and is expected to bring together representatives of the business community, financial sectors, student community, youth group, Government ministries, policymakers, and key stakeholders.

Among those expected to be in attendance are: Elie E. Saleeby, former Executive Governor of CBL; Geoffrey Oestreicher, International Monetary Fund (IMF) Resident Representative in Liberia; Mr. John B. S. Davis III, President, Liberia Bank for Development and Investment; and Prof. Geegbae A. Geegbae, Vice President for Institutional Development and planning, University of Liberia, among others.


  1. I’m not an economist but when a country is in a bad economic situation, the conversation should be about how to grow the economy, not de-dollarization. How will de-dollarization solve the economic problem the country is facing? Can Mr. Patray answer that question? I bet he can’t. There is a total disconnect here. The Liberian dollar is so weak, if you de-dollarize in this economic environment, inflation will skyrocket like we’ve never seen before.

  2. De_dallorization? What is that? Liberia is a US dallor country.
    Just bring back the 25million, 100millions, 100millions, etc and go home.
    God bless.


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