‘CBL Will Support Liberia’s Agriculture’


The head of the Micro-Finance Unit of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL), El-Tumu Trueh has disclosed that the bank remains committed to investing in the agriculture sector of Liberia.
Mr. Trueh made the statement recently during a one-day joint multi stakeholder’s forum conference on Urban Agriculture, held at the Monrovia City Hall.
According to him, it is very important for government and other partners provide more money to be invested into the agriculture sector of this country.
“Agriculture is a money making business in any given society, so we need to provide the finance for our people who are in that sector” he pleaded.
Mr. Trueh explained that in rural Liberia over 89 percent of employment comes from the farming activities.
“CBL will continue to impact the lives of its citizens by empowering through a micro-finance loan program and also help farmers in the country,” Director Trueh emphasized.
It may be recalled, following the drastic reduction in the production of rubber in the country, owing to the drop in the world rubber price, the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) pumped the amount of US$5 million, and LD$129,750,000 as a stimulus package for the resuscitation of the rubber industry.
He called on Liberians to engage themselves into agricultural activities to ensure that they get access to food and to ensure that economy of the country booms.
According to him, it is very important for other Liberians to see reason to get involved into agricultural activities, and warned Liberians to stop depending on other countries for food production when we have good soil for farming.
He reminded Liberians that in the past the country was on par with other countries who where booming in agriculture activities.
“Liberia can still make headway in the area of agriculture,” he said, “if only farmers are given all of the support they need,” he concluded.


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