Representative Koffa Seeks Audit for Grand Kru MC2 Bank

Grand Kru County District #2 Representative J. Fonati Koffa

Amid widespread practices of alleged corruption and racketeering at the Grand Kru Rural Community Finance Institution (MC2  Bank), District #2 Representative, Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa has formally written the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) to conduct a comprehensive audit for that financial institution.

Cllr. Koffa said MC2 Bank was established in the county and chartered by the CBL in 2014 to decentralize payments of civil servants of the Ministries of Internal Affairs and Education, but it appears that the bank’s operation has raised serious concerns and caused uncertainties among citizens thus leading some to perceive corrupt practice in the institution.

The House Judiciary Chairman’s communication  was prompted by numerous complaints from citizens and residents of the county and inquiries on the operations of the bank, which has discovered that  civil servants have not received several months of salary because of the the bank’s  alleged delinquent and swindling operations.

The Daily Observer has gathered that the CBL received the communication on Tuesday, but an anonymous source said the CBL is constrained to make commitment now because of the COVID 19.

“The Bank acknowledged receipt of the communication and make notation, and probably will launch an investigation or audit online and conclude to do physical audit when the virus is wiped away,” the source said.

Rep. Koffa’s communication dated May 5, 2020 to Mr. J. Aloysius Tarlue, Executive Governor of the Central, said: “I present my compliments to you and have the honor to request a full and comprehensive audit of the Grand Kru Rural Community Financial Institution (GKRCFI), which was chartered by the Central Bank of Liberia on March 28, 2014. The purpose of the establishment of the Bank was further assist in the government’s decentralization program especially in the area of financial service primarily with Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Education payrolls in the County.”

The communication added: “While this still remains a noble and lofty goal, the operations of the GKRFI over the years have raised serious concerns and trepidation among citizens in the county and customers of the bank. Regrettably, it appears that the bank is perceived and operates as a racketeering, corrupt and influenced organization.”

Rep. Koffa said further: “I am therefore requesting that the Central Bank, as the regulator, audit or cause the GKCRFI to be audited. Many of the permanent citizens serve on the board of the bank and many others are shareholders. It will be proper that a full audit is done so that the bank is brought in the ambit of transparency and accountability and the full faith of the citizens and customers restored.”

“Only an independent audit can reveal the truth of the operations of the bank to restore public confidence in establishing the way forward with its operations,” the communication said.

Also in a separate communication on Tuesday, Rep. Koffa wrote General Manager Augustine Fannoh of the Mc2 Bank to provide to his office annual reports of six years covering the period the bank has existed.

The District #2 Representative said as a shareholder and Representative of the District where the Bank operates, his office needs an update.

“As shareholder of the Grand Kru Rural Community Financial Institution (GKRCFI) and representative District #2 where the institution is physically located, I am requesting that you provide my office copies of the annual reports for the last six years from the inception of the bank”.

He pointed out: “These reports are necessary in light of numerous complaints I have received from my constituents on the operations of the institution.”

Meanwhile, the office of District #2 Grand Kru County Representative, Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa has issued a release calling for calm in the county,  stating that its attention has been drawn to the perennial salary delay of civil servants both from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Education in Grand Kru County.

The release said in line with the many concerns being raised by people via text messages and phone calls, and consistent with his promise in this year’s annual Report, the Lawmaker in relation with his oversight responsibility has written the Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) to conduct a forensic AUDIT of the Mc2 Bank in the county so as to establish the complexity associated with the payment of civil servants salary in Grand Kru.

The release furthered that the Bank’s Manager, Augustine Fannoh was also written to provide a comprehensive Report of the Bank activities during the period under review prior to and after his ascendency as Bank Manager.

“Representative Koffa is appealing to our citizens to remain calm and civil as we all await the report from the Central Bank Of Liberia and the office of the Bank Manager of the Mc2 Bank in Grand Kru, the release said.

The release concluded that the essence of that Bank is to uphold government’s policy of Decentralization in addressing the numerous challenges that civil servants go through in having access to their earned wages and labor.

However, Mc2 General Manager welcomed Rep. Koffa’s call for audit of his institution and transmission of annual reports to shareholders.

He added that reputable auditing firms through AFriland Bank audit the bank annually.

The banker denied corruption and racketeering claims and indicated that his institution does not owe any civil servants in the county contrary to allegation made against him by some citizens.

The Superintendent of the Grand Kru County, Madam Doris Yltun said the delay in getting the Central Bank to transmit money to MC2 is responsible for salary delay in the county.

Reports say Rep.Koffa is the largest individual shareholder and his intervention was necessary because the county needed “seed money” to establish the bank.

MC2 Bank was established to tackle challenge of decentralization of payments of civil servants and provide access to banking for residents in the county.


  1. Hey Rep. Felonati Koffa, thank you for noticing that ” it appears that the bank (MC2) is perceived and operates as a racketeering, corrupt and influenced organization.”

    But, as you know, racketeering, corruption, and influence peddling are NOT crimes in Liberia. If they were,
    99.999999999997 percent of you people (government officials) would be behind bars!!!t.

    MC2 Bank is merely keeping up the Liberian government’s tradition of racketeering, corruption, and influencing peddling.. But I look forward to the day you’re behind bars again!! (Rep. Felonati Koffa is an ex-convict)

  2. Hon. Your move is good but you are not informed

    Please go to Finance Ministry and let Finance show you the payrolls in questions and show emails that these payrolls were send to Grand Kru MC2 Bank.

    Calling for audit is good but will the audit pay the payrolls in questions that is my concern. I will tell you no no no.

    Please do all in your power for the employees to get their payrolls in questions.

    You will be doing us a favour by solving some of our challenges we are facing at the MC2 Bank

  3. Honorable Koffa,

    I think you are putting the cart before the horse.
    When the CDC-led government emits orders to a local bank for salaries to be paid, it should be done concomitantly with the clearing house for counterparty transactions.
    Don’t tell a local bank to pay salaries when you cannot make provisions for such payments. Tell your government to take people seriously. When you exert chest thumbing power, the means should follow.

    I hope you can first audit the central government before embarrassing and procrastinating the precious time of serious businesspeople.

    Stay safe from COVID-19!

  4. Our problems in Liberia is nothing but corruption. If our leaders can not crack down on this deadly way of life, it will consume us all. Corruption is more deadly in Liberia than this coronavirus crisis and if we as a nation and people will fight the virus and put blind eyes to corruption, then we will ride the merry go round of poverty, that seeks the destructions of our very well being in Liberia. Our government officials signs credentials that rub Liberia millions of dollars, yet feel comfortable to be bribe, while denying the rest of the population access to their share of the millions. I supposed our country is probably the least populated country in Africa and among the poorest per say. Has this ever crossed our mind as individual, as to why this is happening to us? One will expect the mother of 2 kids to raise her children better as compared to the mother of 10. Again, our number one sickness in Liberia is corruption, corruption and corruption.

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