CBL ‘Shocked’ Over Innis’ Death

The late Matthew Innis, Deputy Director for Micro-finance in the CBL Regulation and Supervision Department

The Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) says it has received with shock and deep sadness, the news of the sudden death of one of its senior employees, Mr. Matthew J. Innis, who met his untimely death during the early morning hours of Sunday, March 3, 2019.

Mr. Innis was Deputy Director for Micro-finance in the CBL Regulation and Supervision Department.
The Executive Governor of the CBL, Nathaniel R. Patray, III, on behalf of the CBL family, extended heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved family and hoped that God would console them during these very difficult moments of grief.

Meanwhile, Executive Governor Patray is expected to lead CBL Executives for a visit to the home of the late Matthew Innis.

Meanwhile, the shocking death of Innis has raised suspicion of the manner of death and many Liberians are worried that it could be linked to his role in the distribution of the US$25 million that the Liberian government, through President George Weah, announced would be infused into the economy to mop-up excess liquidity of the Liberian Dollar in the foreign exchange market.

Since the sudden death of Innis, there have been speculations that he may have been killed to keep him from speaking his purported reservations about the mop-up process.

Since his return to Monrovia this week, Minister Tweah has stated that he did no wrong and insisted that the mop-up money was distributed to businesses and foreign exchange bureaus outside of the conventional banking system, where the Technical Economic Management Team (TEMT), led by him, felt it would be more effective or impactful.  However, Kroll Associates, Incorporated and the Presidential Investigating Team (PIT), both of who did their own reports on the alleged missing L$16 billion and the mop-up exercise, agreed that the mop-up process opened opportunities for money laundering. The PIT even went into detail to unearth well over US$150,000 of the mop-up money that was falsely accounted or unaccounted for, between the CBL and the six mop-up teams appointed by the TEMT.

Whatever the case, the mysterious death of Matthew Innis is not a good development for the country, especially for the government that seems to be excited about its role in the process. Upon his arrival in Liberia from his recent trip to Israel, President George Manneh Weah was quoted to have said that his government has been vindicated since none of his cabinet ministers are directly accused except officials who were leftovers from the previous administration to continue to serve in his government.

Many Liberians are asking themselves if the CBL will let sleeping dogs lie and not get into the issues involving the young man’s death. To date “we have not obtained a clear picture of what transpired,” said Angela Kou Suah, who is a church mate to Matthew Innis.

She added, “Did Matthew work on Saturday at CBL and when did he leave the premises? – Since the police returned his phone, (which is now with the family) we want to know those he spoke with during the entire Saturday.”

The thoroughness of the investigation into the young man’s death must not be compromised, many of his friends, say. “We also want the GSM Company to provide the listing of those he talked with on Saturday; we want CBL to tell us the function of the Supervision and Regulatory Dept.,” Suah said.


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