CBL Investigates Release of Sensitive Information on Social Media

Central Bank of Liberia

The Central Bank of Liberia, under media spotlight recently arising from its controversial disclosure about capital flight from the country, finds itself again under the spotlight with revelations on social media of allowances paid to members of President Weah’s delegation currently on visits abroad.

The revelations appear to have ignited a virtual firestorm on social media with claims and counter claims of insensitivity on the part of the government whose leader, President George Weah, has declared an avowed “Pro-Poor” policy as a major policy plank of his government.

In an attempt to disabuse the public of any suggestions whatsoever of complicity on part of the CBL in this recent revelation, now gone viral on social media, the CBL yesterday issued a statement clarifying the situation and declaring its stance against the action of a staff accused of violating the bank’s fidelity and its policy of confidentiality.

The CBL statement reads: “It has come to the attention of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) that a transaction involving the travel arrangements of a Government of Liberia delegation on an official visit has been posted on social media. The CBL views the posting as a serious breach of its fidelity and confidentiality policy governing the conduct of its employees. Thus, the Central Bank of Liberia ordered its own internal inquiry.

Letter from Minister of State Nathaniel McGill to Finance Minister Samuel Tweah, requesting funds for the first foreign trip of President Weah and delegation

“Based on CBL’s preliminary investigation including a careful review of its CCTV video, a staff was seen on camera pocketing a photocopy of the document. The CBL Management views this act as violation of its confidentiality policy and has with immediate effect suspended the said staff.

“The CBL has turned this matter over to the National Security Agency (NSA) for further investigation and will continue to cooperate with the NSA investigation.”

The document in question is a letter dated Feb. 13, 2018, addressed to Finance Minister Samuel D. Tweah and signed by Nathaniel McGill, Minister of State, requesting “the amount of US$52,721 to facilitate the travel of the President and delegation to Senegal, Morocco and France from February 14-23, 2018.”

The delegation includes, among others, President and First Lady Weah, Speaker Bophal Chambers, Senate Pro-tempore Albert Chie, Rep. Munah Youngblood, Foreign Minister Gbehzohngar Findley, Finance Minister Samuel Tweah and Information Minister Eugene Nagbe.


  1. LIBERIA is interesting! $52,721 is in material for presidential travels. LET FACE IT! Here is the public policy question: why hide the expenditure? Why the secrecy? This is public resources. It is absurd for government to hide travel expenses. The President has to travel.
    By the way, we r still wondering why the President had to include the Pro Temp and the Speaker on his delegation. What is the ROI having both the Pro Temp n the Speaker on such a trip? SMH.

    • It’s interesting because the government is broke and most government employees haven’t been paid for months. So it’s reasonable for the public to be concerned. Also, it is public funds so this information should be transparent and made public. It’s the law.

  2. For a dozen years, few political elites of the last administration and a handful of collaborating members of the Intelligentsia made themselves multi-millionaires and millionairess while 75% of the marginalized Country-Congua downtrodden experienced grinding poverty, yet no one photocopied CBL records for public consuption. Now they’re picking on a USD $52,000 something foreign trip which brought in Euro 10 million and pledges of aid in our infrastructural development program. Perhaps, they should go calculate the total amount spent on foreign travels by the previous government, or better still reveal the names of those who CBL governor Weeks said made illegal transfers of $US 445.13 million in 2017 to bank accounts abroad.

    The Weah Administration would do well to get itself ready for a disinformation propaganda brawl as vicious as that weighed on the PRC by REACT. If the past is prologue, truth won’t be a consideration of the perpetrators; the goal would be to torment and provoke the government into overreaction in order for it to lose popular support. That was the strategy used starting somewhere in 1982 or 1983 which, incidentally, coincided with the establishing of some private (so -called) independent newspapers, many of which disappeared in 1989, and never returned: Mission Accomplished.

    We can see the incremental reallighnment of some of those forces now that President George Weah is articulating eloquently the underdevelopment and serious sordid economic state of the country he inherited. Apparently, the president they thought would be quiet (bobo) and take the blame has proven to be up to the task, and few are getting angry. With the past government still controlling the financial and security sectors through holdover appointees, the next six months may be a period to watch.

    • Why the congua and native divide? Why can’t you just stay with the issue Mr. Moses? Don’t forget you were Director of National security of the republic of Liberia during the Doe administration when thousands of our people were killed. Were you ignoring thise that were murdered including the so called congua because you were a native?

    • Moses,
      The government created this mess on herself when the Press Secretary provided fake piece of information that the President’s trip wasn’t sponsored by tax payers’ money, but the President of Senegal.
      The Press Secretary’s aforementioned information created serious debate on facebook and other social media before the document from Central Bank of Liberia was posted and aired on facebook.

    • Sylvester Moses, if you were not in your dying years by virtue of being an octogenarian, one would think all this threadbare brown-nosing was geared towards seeking some type of employment favor from the naïve and gullible cabal that has taken over our country by some accident of history. You have the audacity to berate and reproach others for expressing legitimate concerns about the thrust of their country? What gives you the moral compunction to dismiss others’ observation as “disinformation propaganda?” Nobody is denying the fact of the overindulgence of the previous administration in so many ways than one. But wasn’t that the mantra president Weah campaigned on and promised to changed? How is holding the man’s feet to those promises now “disinformation propaganda?” Just as alluded to by a previous poster, it seems your past history as a pathological liar-in-chief is still inoculated in those rusty veins of yours. Hope you are leaving no progeny behind in that regard.

  3. OMG! What makes the cost of President Weah’s trip so sensitive? We’ve always wanted transparencies. As of now, let it be the norm. As a matter of fact, the cost is very reasonable; compared to others. Besides it’s worth the trip. The President is not coming home empty handed.

    • Mr. Freeman, the issue is not about why the money was spent, but the issue is LIES. Even if Weah will turn Liberia into Heaven, but let his government learn how to tell us the truth. Just within the period of 30 days, this government LIED twice. The first was when we were told that the First Lady DONATED medical equipments to JFK and other hospitals around Monrovia. This is the second one that the trip was sponsored by the president of Senegal, and NOT TAX PAYERS’ money. I also think that you guys need to STOP referring to some of the wrong things done by the previous government as a means of justifying the wrong things of this government. These are the things you wanted to correct, that is why you said, CHANGE!!!

  4. It is not the first, second but the third lies. ( Weah told us that he met the country broke, where he got money from to go on the trip with those group of officials? Can we see his camping promises? Can the rest of the 15 plus political parties respond to his annual message of January 2018? Can we get detail reports from the confirmation going on at the Capital Building? France should not give the physical cash until a road map first of its kind in Liberia be made available to the public and the International Community. Is it true that two senators in this newly government have flogged some people at the Capital Building and in Grand Gedeh, is it really true?


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