CBL Acts to Stabilize Prices, Strengthen LRD

Central Bank of Liberia

— Suspends 25% Remittance Split Policy for December

At its first monetary policy meeting since the adoption and approval of the new Monetary Policy Framework, the Board of Governors of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) on Monday, November 18, 2019, has announced several decisions that are aimed at stabilizing prices and reviving the national economy.

The CBL in its decision said they have increased the Standing Deposit Facility (SDF) rate to 30% and set the Standing Credit Facility at 500 basis points above the SDF.

SDF is an economic strategy viewed by many economists as “a strong tool” to suck out the surplus liquidity and alleviate the banking system’s problem.

Applied by other countries including India, SDF also involves the lending of money by the central bank without a collateral guarantee on a rate, which is less than the official government rate, while SCF is a collateralization of loan facility that provides funds to financial institutions and businesses at a predetermined interest rate, so as to cover end-of-day shortfalls that may arise in the daily settlement of payments.

The CBL also said in a statement that they have issued shorter tenor instruments (two weeks, one, three, six and twelve months) at 30% per annum, reduced the Liberian Dollar Reserve Requirement (RR) to 15% from 25%, and increase the US Dollar RR to 15%, from 10%.“Suspend the 25% Remittance Split Policy for the month of December 2019.

“The above decisions are aimed at executing the Central Bank’s core mandate of achieving and maintaining price stability and were based on global, regional and domestic economic developments and financial market conditions,” the bank said.

Global Economy

Growth in the global economy is projected to weaken in 2019 in view of the ongoing trade tension between the United States and China, heightened downside risks, and weakening global trade. However, developments in Sub-Saharan Africa remained mixed across countries.

Liberian Economy

The CBL’s measure of economic activity indicated that output declined at a rate of 0.1 percent at the end of September 2019, compared with a decline of 0.8 percent at the end of June 2019, on the back of weak production and consumption activities. Growth for the year is projected to be 0.4 percent, from 1.2 percent in 2018.

Inflationary pressures have heightened as the Liberian dollar weakened. Both consumer price inflation and the rate of depreciation of the Liberian Dollar are in double digits in the wake of worsening trade balance and growing inflation expectation. The current gross foreign reserves position is less than three months of import cover.

Price Stabilization

The measures taken are expected to help contain inflation, control the level of the Liberian dollar in circulation and ease the pressure on the Liberian dollar exchange rate vis-à-vis the United States dollar; promote confidence in the Liberian dollar; provide investment opportunity for Liberian dollar with a higher rate of return; and, in the medium-term, impact the savings rate and boost domestic capital mobilization for long-term investment.

The CBL wishes to assure the public of its full commitment to moderating the current inflationary pressure to support stable macroeconomic environment in Liberia. These policy measures will be reviewed every three months as the Board meets to assess their effectiveness.


  1. Print the notes, pay the Liberian people, and keep a standard economy. No need for special session to sifter. If you do not have the notes printed yet, how will you be paid senseless lawmakers? Waste of money to come talk more shit at the Liberian people unscheduled legislative section?. Neither the executive or the Liberian Government needs them this time anyway. Get out of the capitol building and go for the season. Pay them when they approve the printing.
    Also, this new CBL governor better balance the care over new money and keep the formula to his equation before introducing his SDF when the new notes comes clean and fresh. My first suggestion is to take all the muted currencies off the market (LRD + USD dirty monies) to avoid an unhealthy consumption reach. Then CBL can supply the seasonal amount to commercial banks. Infuse the exact technical way for the Liberian nation.
    Best of luck. Do not reply me. Tell the Liberian people.
    Gone to silent majority. Merry X-mas.

  2. When the new Liberian notes batch comes as a remedy as an “infusion into the Liberian economy” to bridge the living standard, spend them wisely. “Wine is a mockery, strong drink is raging. Whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.”, the holy scripture somewhere says. Do not be like an unwise preacher who does not feel the new notes should be printed, yet when it comes he spends on wine for communion, gets drunk on the rest, falls down, and can’t even pray. We are not preaches, but we can pray. Be wise.
    Gone to silence too. Do not answer me.

  3. We hope very silly Larry Nyanquoi and others who see no further than their toes shall take sometime to go back to school and engage at least one course in Economics themed on moneytary policy or printing money in such times as these in Liberia.

  4. It is not the strength of the Liberian dollars that supplies the demand of Liberian consumers. If you do not know yet, the value of the currency is what gives strength to work the Liberian economy. For example, if you bought deeper or palm butter with the local currency, you feel the actual after a healthy meal. When you change the Liberian currency to U.S. dollars to buy french toast or patched stew for a Liberian push, you get French-American strength. How much can you have left, if you purchase a Russian electric stove with U.S. dollars rather than with Russian Rubles? What is your balance left after you change your Liberian dollars to American dollars to buy a Jamaican frying pan? Your Liberian woman buys cassava leaf or okra with deer meat to feed your LIB man playing on the team, you get the rice game to win. We should know the value of our currency when we spend. I am not giving anyone my food again or suggesting what to buy with your money. Go swallow or eat your own fufu. Suggest your own.
    Lets go in silence, and keep the peace. Those who are planning to destroy this nation again will see their own trouble. We are watching. Trouble will never work in this nation again.
    Do not call me back. I am gone in silence for long. Tell the Liberian people.


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