Carter Center Launches International Election Observation Mission in Liberia


The Carter Center has launched an international election observation mission to Liberia’s October 10 presidential and legislative elections, the organization said in a press release yesterday.

Six long-term observers recently joined a core team of experts already on the ground. Together, the team represents six countries. The Center’s observers will meet regularly with representatives of the National Elections Commission, political party candidates, civil society organizations, the international community, and citizen election observers to assess electoral preparations and the pre-electoral environment, including election administration, campaigning, voter education, and other issues. They will be joined by a larger delegation of election observers in October that will assess the voting, counting, and tabulation processes.

“The Carter Center has a long history in Liberia and great respect for the Liberian people,” said former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. “These will be the fourth elections we have observed in Liberia since 1997, and we trust they will be peaceful and inspire hope for the future.”

The Center began its observation of the upcoming elections last year, deployed a delegation to observe the voter registration process in February and March, and released two public statements on the pre-election environment that can be found on

The Carter Center has observed 104 elections in 39 countries. Its election observation mission is conducted in accordance with the Declaration of Principles for International Election Observation and Code of Conduct that was commemorated at the United Nations in 2005 and has been endorsed by 49 election observation groups. The Center assesses the electoral process based on Liberia’s national legal framework and its obligations for democratic elections contained in regional and international agreements, the release concluded.


  1. When was the last time the Liberian government sent a delegation to observe and validate an American or European election?

    Why do we always need validationsome from foreigners of processes that should be nationally owned and run?
    Is it because we are copying their form of government?

    Why can’t we devise our own system of choosing our leaders that will be less acrimonious?

  2. Former President Jimmy Carter in Liberia again? I remember that last time President
    Carter was in Liberia was when he sanction Charles Taylor being elected free and fair;
    although others had it that he was given a rich cup of diamonds to get his approval.
    So, Liberians can that President Jimmy Carter’s participation in elections around the
    world does not, ip so facto, guarantee any good outcome at all! So, Liberians be ware!


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