Careysburg to Benefit US$8.9M Hospital

First Lady Clar Weah breaks ground for the project, while the CEO Clarence Tweh and others look on with excitement

Careysburg Township in Lower Montserrado County, which population is approximately 12,000 is to shortly benefit from US$8.9 million 500-bed valued hospital the Snyder Healthcare System Incorporated has promised to construct for the residents. The project is expected to end in three years.

The Snyder Healthcare System Incorporated, a private initiative 100 percent own by Liberian health professionals in the Diaspora is headed by a team of prominent personnel that include Dr. Thomas N. Tweh, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Madia V. Tweh, Dr. Sam Kolleh and Astan Kolleh.

First Lady Clar Weah, who performed the groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday, April 25 said, “this is an awesome development for residents of this community and those in the neighboring communities, because the hospital, when completed, will be one that will make a difference by breaching the gaps in the country’s healthcare delivery.”

From the look of the architectural design of the facility, Mrs. Weah told the excited locals to watch out for a hospital that will eventually buttress government’s efforts in promoting quality services for every citizen through the Pro-poor agenda.

She pledged to offer her service as a professional nurse with nearly ten years of experience by working with the Snyder Healthcare System to meet the health needs of Liberians.

Clarence W. Tweh, Sr. Snyder Healthcare System Inc. president and chief executive officer, explained that the public private collaboration between Liberians and the entity will seek not only to meet some of the health needs of citizens, but also reignite that level of stability Liberia once enjoyed in the region.

Tweh however called for collective support of stakeholders, including the government in realizing the dream.

“As Liberians coming home from the diaspora to help rebuild the country side by side with our brothers and sisters; we are looking forward cordial relationship in this endeavor, since we did not come with suite cases that contained money; but came with the desire to help,” Mr. Tweh said.

Architecture design of the Careysburg Hospital project

Additionally, he said, “we’ve not come with the notion of knowing it all; solve all the societal ills, but to learn, grow and teach for the good of the country.”

According to him, the first structure contains 306-bed will begin in November, while several smaller facilities totaling 106 beds will be constructed.

Mr. Tweh informed the gathering, among them some dignitaries that their initiative will focus on bridging the community health initiatives through public private partner.

Health Minister Dr. Wilhemina Jallah, commended the project leadership for partnering with the government to improve the country’s healthcare delivery system.

Senator Peter Coleman (Grand Kru), who chairs Senate Standing Committee on Health, reassured the initiative of government’s support through the Legislature.

The ceremony was climaxed with family reunion and or making new acquaintances characterized by all dancing to the beats of oldies and goodies.


  1. I feel it interesting, your post gave me a new perspective! I have read many other articles about the same topic, but your article convinced me! I hope you continue to have high quality articles like this to share with veryone!

  2. A very significant effort, we thank the shareholders and First Lady for a project that would bring relief to the residents of Careysburg and surrounding communities.

    To inject humor here, a kin called excitedly few days ago and wondered why these guys were investing in constructing a huge hospital in Careysburg while Redemption Hospital is crumbling. When I started laughing loudly with admonition of “nepotism”, he couldn’t help but giggled too. Anyway, I told him that Redemption Hospital needs renovation, equipment, and dedicated staff, not that kind of structure in a coastal zone threatened by an Atlantic Ocean bent on reclaiming the Borough…

  3. Story needs editing. Why will the “project end in three years” instead of the construction project will be completed in three years.
    Also, First Lady Weah said ….” the hospital will make a difference rp by “bridging” and not breaching thd gap….”

    We congratulate the Liberian visionaries for undertaking this very important healthcare project that will help mitigate/solve the appalling healthcare crisis in Liberia.


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