Careysburg Mayor Appeals for Clinic Upgrade to Combat Ebola, Other Medical Challenges

Careysburg Mayor Anna L. Phillips_web.jpg

Mayor Anna L. Phillips of the City of Careysburg has appealed to the Liberian government to upgrade the city’s clinic to a health center that can provide adequate services to her residents particularly during the ongoing Ebola crisis.

Mayor Phillips said that with the current support from international partners to upgrade clinics, health centers and hospitals in the country, Careysburg City’s clinic needs the same attention and should not be overlooked.

“We have a population of approximately 12,000 persons who live in more than 30 towns and are treated at the clinic free of charge,” said Mayor Phillips during an interview with the Daily Observer in Monrovia yesterday.

This one clinic in the city does not provide services on weekends, which in this period of uncertainty, does not augur well for the city and its environs, she said.

“Though the Carysburg City clinic is a private initiative which receives a subsidy from the Liberian government, turning it into a health center would empower it to respond to more of the health challenges in the area,” she asserted.

If the government does not upgrade the clinic to a health center, which would then entitle it to receive regular doctor visitations and to accept in-patients, no one can tell what could happen, she warned.

“We live in a dangerous time,” she said, “and we must be prepared to meet the challenges.”

The Mayor disclosed that patients whose cases are serious are transported on motorbikes either to Duside Hospital (about 8 miles) or Bentol Hospital (about 5 miles) away.

“Imagine transporting a pregnant woman for any distance on a motorbike,” she exclaimed.  “So to avoid potential endangerment to women who have the right to have their babies in safe conditions, it is imperative that our clinic is upgraded to a health center status,” Mayor Phillips urged.

In the wake of these concerns, Mayor Phillips said the Liberian government, through the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare, must urgently promote the Careysburg Clinic to a health center.

The city of Careysburg is located on the Monrovia-Kakata Highway. The thirty towns include Blacktown, Gbonakala, Marcie, Nyeman, Kpelle and Borla. Each of these towns has a population of 500-600 persons.


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