Carbon Monoxide Kills UL Graduate, Seven Others

Carbon monoxide victims being removed from their home in SKD sports complex community

The neighbors added, the disc jockey out of concern asked them to check on the family since it was already day and no sign of waking up.

By Simeon Wiakanty and G. Benetta Barclay

A graduate of the University of Liberia and seven other family members by reportedly inhaling carbon monoxide from a generator in the house while asleep.

The family from the Coal Tar Field community in Paynesville behind the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex, met their demise on Feb. 25, 2021, after they had joyously celebrated the graduate’s commencement convocation

The deceased include Nancy Miller (the graduate) three children, a child of the graduate, and four other adults including Nancy’s mother. Nancy graduated from the University of Liberia on February 24, 2021 with a BBA degree in Accounting.


The late Nancy Miller and her daughter

According to Nancy’s neighbors, when the disc jockey who played at the party came to collect his materials and money, he noticed that the deceased house door was still locked as everyone had gotten out in the day.

The neighbors added that the disc jockey out of curiosity asked them to check on the family since they were already in the day.

“While we were making an attempt to spy through the window, we saw an adult sitting helplessly in a chair with his body stiff in an unmovable position while holding a fan,” the neighbors told the Daily Observer.

Nancy neighbors narrated that following the graduation party at about 10 p.m., the family placed their generator in the house and closed the doors and windows and fell asleep.

One of the neighbors who happens to be Nancy’s landlady explained that she had warned the family not to place generators in the house for fear of the unknown, but rather use the generator room.

However, landlady Joretta R. Larky noted that the family did not heed to her advice but kept the generator in the house.

The tragedy, Ms. Larky said, would have been avoided if she had had the slightest knowledge that generator was being placed in the house or even heard the sound because she was going to demand its removal.

 “I was not aware when they took the generator in the house. I have previously warned them against such practice and mandated that they used the generator room,” Ms. Larky tearfully said.  “It came as a shocked and surprise to see and hear the sound of generator in the house.”

She added “Since their stay here in this house for the past three years, they have not one day carried a generator inside the house, so I do not know why they did this.”

Residents of the community stand bewildered as their neigbors who were celebrating a graduation only the night before and lost their lives to carbon monoxide poisoning, are carried away in the back of a pickup.

Not food poisoning

Meanwhile, Enoch Seifrancy, a next-door neighbor to the family, has rubbished rumors that the family died from food poisoning during Nancy’s graduation.

Tearfully, Seifrancy explained that the news is not true but intended to tarnish the reputation of the community and its peace-loving people.

“When you talk about poison on an occasion, implicate other families that attended,” Seifrancy noted. “We all eat the same graduation food and still alive. This news false, and it is so sad all these things are happening because of lack of electricity in our community.”

Meanwhile, the Liberia National Police has confirmed that the deceased families died of carbon monoxide as a result of running the generator in their home.

Devasted by the death news, Montserrado County District #6 Representative, Samuel Enders, expressed his condolence to the survivors and described it as a “SAD DAY” for people of his district and the country.

“You fought a good fight completed your studies; unfortunately, death took you along with 7 family members including your only daughter on the day of your celebration,” Rep. Enders wrote on his official Facebook page. How many more persons will have to die before we understand that our people need transformers?

This is not the first in the case of Nancy and her family. In 2014, a family of twelve died under a similar circumstance in Monrovia.


  1. Very very sad! What a tragedy!!! Please accept our profound condolences, families, friends, community, and neighborhood. We are really really saddened.


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