Car Accident on Zwedru High Way leaves Several Dead


Unconfirmed reports of a car accident along the Toe Town – Zwedru Highway suggests that nearly a dozen people have been wounded, with some injuries being potentially fatal.

Information reaching the Daily Observer’s Nimba bureau suggests that seven men and four women are still under critical condition, but the report is still conflicting with the Liberian National Police in Toe Town who said they saw three dead when they arrived on the scene; while many had already been taken to different hospitals in Tappita, Zwedru and Ganta. 

“The body-count could be than the three bodies we saw at the scene,” said the police officer from Toe Town who chose to remain anonymous.

Efforts to get information from hospitals in Zwedru and Tappita remained futile as there was no way to speak to any of the doctors. When we contacted Ganta we found no patient who had been transferred there. 

An eyewitness, Christian G. Tarla, Principal of Marbo School, told this paper via mobile phone from Duoyee Town that it appeared as if  the driver of the mini truck— commonly known as Kia – motor— was sleeping.

He explained that the accident took place between Duoyee Town and Zleh Town in Grand Gedeh County at about 10 pm local time.

He said three persons died on the scene and two others died at the Zleh Town Clinic and 14 others are presently undergoing treatment at the Tubman Hospital in Zwedru but another person put the numbers of those under treatment to over 20.

According to transport authority in Ganta, the vehicle plate numbers in question left Saclapea Tuesday, January 15, for Zwedru carrying scores of passengers heavily loaded with locally produced gin called “cane juice”, palm oil, vegetable and among others.

It is not too clear about the exact identity of all those who were involved in the accident, but reports reaching the Daily Observer remain incoherent with many saying Nimbaians among the dead are four two from Bahn and two from Ganta. However, only one male from Ganta has so far been confirmed killed in the accident.

Nimba County is the main source of vegetable, palm oil, cane juice and other locally produce farm products for counties in the South eastern part of Liberia.

The Ecowas Transport Personnel who spoke to this paper early Wednesday morning said about three loads of the mini truck known as Kia Motor left from Saclapea for the Southeast with mainly agriculture product.

Kia Motor accident is becoming alarming in the transport sector during this postwar period with citizens raising concern about the role of police along the highway or checkpoint.

“The Police will look at the kia motor loaded and at the same carrying huge number of people without doing anything,” said a sympathizer at the Ganta Hospital on the 14th January 2014.

On 14th January 2014, another kia motor accident took place around the Ganta Check Point while approaching Ganta from Monrovia.

Most of the business people preferred riding on kia motor because of cheap transportation cost.

In this latest accident in Grand Gedeh County, the kia motor was said to be heavily loaded and was carrying more than 25 passengers sitting over the load.


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