Capitol Building Annexes near Completion

Partial view of the Annexes of the Capitol Building at 87%

The construction of the two annexes at the Capitol Building – the seat of the Legislature — funded by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is nearing completion, and would be completed in April, according to Sidney Devine, the project engineer at the Ministry of Public Works.

The construction, which began in October 2016, is at 87%.

The completion of the two new buildings would provide the opportunity to Members of the House of Representatives and the Liberian Senate, especially those who are members of Statutory Committees to have new self-contained offices (office space, waiting room and bathroom), and will be the first of its kind since the erection of the Capitol Building, 62 years ago.

The two annexes are being undertaken by the Chinese firm Jiangsu Jiangsu Construction Company, while another Chinese company, the China International Engineering Design and Consult Company Limited, is supervising the engineering component.

The project, valued at US$23 million, includes two annexes comprising 300 rooms, two separate chambers as well as a generator house.

It may be recalled, former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai led an array of officials on tour of the construction followed by former House Speaker J. Emmanuel Nuquay, former Senate Pro Tempore Armah Z. Jallah, among other lawmakers.

In separate remarks, the former government officials praised the level of cordiality between the Legislature and the Executive as well as China’s generous aid to Liberia.

“We must say the construction of the two annexes and the renovation works are because of the cordial relationship between the Executive and the Legislative branches of government,” said the former Vice President, while also thanking China for her continuous support to Liberia.

The present Capitol Building was dedicated in 1956 under the leadership of the late President William V. S. Tubman, with Vice President William R. Tolbert as President of the Senate; Senate Pro Tempore Edwin Morgan, and Speaker of the House, Richard Henries.

Meanwhile, besides the US$23m annexes, the PRC has also provided funding for other projects in Liberia including the Ministry of Health, the Jackson Fiah Doe Memorial Hospital in Tappita, Lower Nimba County and the Monrovia Vocational Training Center, among other projects.

Meanwhile, President George M. Weah has praised China’s strong support, and said “XIEXIE”.

“Our administration will continue to support the One-China Policy. China has emerged as one of Liberia’s most dependable allies. It is my hope that Chinese-Liberian relationships will grow stronger during my tenure as President,” Weah said during his inaugural address just over a week ago.

He added: “The Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex, built by the Chinese, where this Inaugural Ceremony is being held, is where I gained my exposure to the football world. It does not only stand as a monument of Chinese friendship toward Liberians, but it also stands as a symbol of peace and reconciliation for the Liberian people.”


  1. The funniest thing is this: Money can be found to carry out projects like the above, 23 million bucks! So, that’s okay. I have no qualms. But my eyes pop open when I
    take a look at the unemployed in Liberia and specifically in the city of Monrovia. No money can be found to deal with high unemployment. That’s a shame.

  2. The money being used to build this project is not from the Liberian government. It’s a gift/aid from China to Liberia. Besides, we need skills training for youth in Liberia that would enable them secure jobs in Liberia and the Chinese are helping with MVTC as well.


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