Cape Mount Supt Calls for Audit on County Task Force, As 5-Man Committee Set-Up

Superintendent and Chairman of the National Task Force on Ebola, Grand Cape Mount County_web.jpg

The chairman of the National Task Force on Ebola in Grand Cape Mount County, Superintendent Mohammed A. Paasewe, has set up a five man committee to audit the county’s Task Force.

Speaking to newsmen last Wednesday at the end of a one-day task force meeting in Sinje, Superintendent Paasewe said, the auditing of the task force is intended to create transparency and accountability in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus. Supt. Paasewe further noted that the audit will also help the Task Force to correct mistakes if any were made.

Mr. Paasewe stated that, “One of the greatest tool in the fight against the disease in the county is the confidence of the people, so we have to fight to make sure that the confidence is maintained from the people in all possible ways.”

He disclosed that the five man committee took an oath to be transparent in auditing the Task Force on Ebola money spend beginning in July of this year.

In his remarks, Dr. Akpaka Kalu from the World Health Organization (WHO) said, he was impressed by the residents of Cape Mount requiring their the Task Force to demonstrate accountability and transparency in the fight against the epidemic. According to Dr. Kalu, this was a big lesson that should extend to other counties especially were citizens asked questions require their management team to be accountable and transparent with county funds.

“This will impress everyone out there, when citizens can come to such a meeting and ask their leaders to give account of the money spent,” he said.

Dr. Kalu at the same time expressed thanks and appreciation to the residents of Cape Mount, civil society organizations for their pivotal role in the fight against Ebola and the level of cooperation with the National Task Force in the county.


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