Cape Mount Produces Huge Quantities of Paddy Rice


As the country strives to make Liberia food secure, droves of farmers have gone back to the soil in a determined effort to boost agricultural production.

But despite their efforts, farmers around the country, especially in Grand Cape Mount, like their counterparts in Lofa and Nimba counties, are still faced with major challenges, on a daily basis.

Some of these challenges include huge quantities of produce that rot due to lack of support, lack of farm to market roads and, most especially, lack of buyers.

As the Daily Observer reported last December on the plight of rice farmers in Lofa County, Cape Mount farmers find themselves in the exact same situation.

Speaking recently in Robertsport, Superintendent, Tenneh Simpson Kpadebah, made an impassioned plea to the government and other partners to purchase over 900 bags of paddy rice that the county’s farmers have produced.

The main objective is assistance with milling that will make the rice more marketable and profitable, and thus encourage the farmers to grow more food, Supt. Kpadebah explained.

According to Madam Kpadebah, the farmers put more effort into fulfillment of the government’s “Back to the Soil” initiative, intended to boost Agricultural production in the country.

Kpadebah appealed to Vice President Joseph N. Boakai to help by assisting those farmers with any form of support, such as adding value to the rice by milling and purchasing it or providing financial support. This would encourage farmers to grow more food.

Vice President Boakai reminded Liberians about the significance of Agriculture and its contributions to the country’s economy.

He asked Agriculture Minister Moses Zinnah to provide the Cape Mount rice farmers with milling machines that would add value to the huge quantities of rice they have produced.

According to the Vice President, the government has so far had several meetings with partners to find solutions to the problems facing the agricultural sector. His hope is that one day soon the country will be able to feed itself through increased food production.

Agriculture Minister Dr. Moses Zinnah, who also attended the program, promised President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Vice President Boakai that he will continue a close working relationship with Liberian farmers and all the country’s partners to ensure that during his term of service, he will put all agriculture sectors on the right path.

Also attending the program was Dr. Walter Wiles, Director General of the Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI).


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