Cape Mount Citizens Threaten Mass Demonstration


Ignoring the ongoing signing of the book of condolence for the late Chief Justice Johnnie N. Lewis at the Temple of Justice, several citizens of Grand Cape Mount Count were yesterday, seen expressing their disappointment and anger over Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor’s handling of the stay order placed on the certification of Senator-elect for Grand Cape Mount County, Cllr. Varney G. Sherman.

Hours to the certification of Cllr. Sherman by the National Elections Commission (NEC), a defeated senatorial candidate, Dr Fodee Kromah of the Congress for Democratic Change filled a complaint against the election of Cllr. Sherman to the Supreme Court.

It was based on the complaint that Justice in Chamber Associate Justice Philip A.Z. Banks placed a stay order on all activities leading to the certification of Cllr. Sherman who is also chairman of the ruling Unity Party (UP).

Yesterday’s incident started when Chief Justice Korkpor informed the supporters and lawyers of Cllr. Sherman to assemble at the courtroom of the Supreme Court where he would deliver his opinion (ruling) regarding the Chamber Justice’s stay order.

“You are to appear at this courtroom by 2:pm on Tuesday, February 3, to attend the final ruling by the Full Bench of the Supreme Court into the stay order matter involving Cllr. Sherman,” the Chief Justice had announced on Monday, February 2 in the courtroom.

He said “the reason is that Dr. Kromah who had filed his complaint against the irregularities during the December 20, 2014, special senatorial election in Grand Cape Mount County has withdrawn his complaint.”

The decision, he said, “implies that there is no more case before us, Justices of the Supreme Court to hear and decide upon. It is so ordered. Matter is suspended.”

  Chief Justice Korkpor’s decision came after the lawyer representing Dr. Kromah asked the court that they withdraw their complaints against Cllr. Sherman, to pave the way for his certification by the NEC.

Unfortunately, while the citizens and lawyers were seated and waiting for Chief Justice Korkpor to come and lift the stay order against Cllr. Sherman, surprisingly the Marshall of the Supreme Court came hurriedly and told the gathering, “Everybody please leave the courtroom because there is no case today.”

When the citizens attempted to ask the Marshall what was happening, he responded, “I don’t want to answer questions. It is an order from my bosses and I must do it.”

After leaving the courtroom, the citizens were heard venting their anger against the Full Bench of the Supreme Court especially, Chief Justice Korkpor

 “It is simply unacceptable for the Chief Justice to treat us Cape Mountanians in this manner,” murmured the angry group of citizens who asked not to be named for fear of tampering with the case that is yet to be decided by the Full Bench.

 “If they don’t want any trouble let them not play with this matter.  How would they deny us representation like other counties?” the citizens wondered.

They went on to say, “We are getting frustrated over the whole issue. We voted for him and we want him. Nobody will change who we have elected. We are again calling on the Chief Justice to speed up with the case. There is no matter before the court. The defeated party has withdrawn his complaint, so what is the case they are going to hear?” they asked.

“Why should they continue to deny us of our choice?  The Chief Justice himself asked us to be here. What is wrong that he had to ask someone else to tell us to leave his court yard,” they wondered.

Some said the Supreme Court should not get involved in political matters. This is a political issue and they shouldn’t have interfered. Even the man has withdrawn his complaint, as the Chief Justice himself has said so why would they delay in their ruling, they asked.

Explaining their plan to stage a demonstration in the county, the group said, they were going back to the county to hold discussions with the citizens about the protest.

They did not say when they would stage the demonstration.

 “We will also discuss with our people about preventing vehicles from leaving and entering the county as part of our protest especially government cars,” stressing,”We are capable of doing so and nobody can stop us.”

“We will even stop our local leaders from leaving the county for any official duties outside of the county to demonstrate that we are tired and enough is enough,” the group vowed.

Cllr. Sherman won the Grand Cape Mount senate with 13, 651 votes representing 61.7% while Dr. Kromah managed runner-up with 3,431 votes representing 15.5 percent.

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