Cape Mount Businessman’s Humanitarian Gesture Gains Recognition


Businessman Idrissa Mansaray has been using proceeds from his mining and agricultural businesses to impact the impoverished communities and people in Grand Cape Mount County for some times now, but could not attract the attention of others outside of Porkpah District until December 30, 2019 when the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations of Liberia (COCSOL) saw the necessity to recognize his effort by awarding him with the COCSOL Prestigious Annual Award as “Liberia Most Outstanding Humanitarian of the Year.”

Although many Cape Mount citizens have directly or indirectly benefited from the businessman’s gesture that encompasses road and bridge repair and awarding of scholarships amongst others, they have not been able to create public awareness about such activities nationwide, perhaps due to their incapacity to propagate it through the media.

Therefore, the COSCOL coming out recently to make known what Mansaray has been doing in the closet was a breakthrough for the poor locals to have their voices aired in appreciation to the businessman’s gesture towards them.

“Yor thank you oh, my people.  This man is good to us; he can help us plenty here.  Thank you for coming to tell him thank you for us,” a happy old lady said as she walked in the gathering.

The selection of Idrissa was based on the decision taken by a five-man vetting committee of the COCSOL that went on to vote for selected individuals including Floyd Tomah of Nimba County, Chris Korvah of Lofa, Emmanuel N. Tarplah of Sinoe, and Idrissa Mansaray of Grand Cape Mount—all of them businessmen.

After the vetting, the committee came out with Idrissa having received two votes with the rest receiving one each and one of the voters sustaining.

“Our selection of Mr. Idrissa Mansaray as a recipient of our most prestigious annual award is based on his numerous contributions towards the people of Grand Cape Mount County and other Liberians through provision of job opportunities, construction and rehabilitation of roads and bridges, and scholarship for school kids among others,” said Livingstone Garzeah, Secretary-General of COCSOL).

Livingstone said Idrissa was taken by surprise when they had gone to Porkpah District where the honoree, in compliance with his philosophy of humanity, had called people together to discuss the development plan of the district and county at large.

According to Livingstone, the COCSOL does this yearly to motivate business people whose selflessness continues to impact society.  “We did this in 2018 and honored Odessius Oldpa Karnue who operates the “God’s Willing Business Center” in Nimba County.

Arthur Tucker, a resident of Porkpah District, said Idrissa is always honored by the people of Cape Mount for his numerous contributions towards development projects.  Tucker said Idrissa’s gesture does not set any impression for contesting a political office as may be the case in many instances.

“He has a large Cocoa farm that covers about 2,000 acres of land, and we advise him to not venture into politics so that his investment cannot die down,” said Tucker.

Grand Cape Mount County, though rich in mineral resources including gold and diamond, remains one of the poorest counties in terms of infrastructures.  Besides the Babangida Highway passing through and entering Bo Waterside, most of the roads including the one leading to the provincial capital Roberts Sport are deplorable that they are hardly pliable during the rainy season.  This county also has admirable geographical features (Lake Piso) that if developed would generate revenue for the government through tourism.


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